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Wukong Build Guide by Stillsterr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stillsterr

Monkey F*ck Fist

Stillsterr Last updated on November 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quick intro

Welcome to my Wukong build, this is my first build so please comment and tell me how I can improve, this build is undergoing, and is yet to be finished, so please don't be to critical yet, feel free to add me on LOL to ask about any queries ; Stillsterr, thanks, hope you enjoy my build :)

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How I like wukong to be played

Wukong's best role is as a solo top, he needs to have a decent amount of health so he can survive when he uses his ultimate. In my opinion there is no other realistic way to play wukong, other than as a tanky bruiser or off-tank. There is no need to stay strictly to the build, feel free to experiment and see how it can be adapted to suit your style of play.

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Item choice discussion

A lot of people over look a frozen mallet on wukong, and question wether the early damage is enough, but the rune page I have given and the double dorans blade allows enough early damage output. If you are doing really well, and I mean like 3-4 kills up on your enemy in lane, feel free to swap the Frozen Mallet for a Trinity Force, this give you a larger amount of AD, it also gives you AP, crit chance movement speed, a sheens passive and other stuff, but you lose a lot of bonus health from this option. Make sure you only take this if you are truly beating your enemy.
The last whisper is a very very, underused item, on 'spin to win' champs like wukong, it is very effective, another example is on garens spin, the unique passive will give you literally true damage to enemy's, that are not stacking armour. The build says there is no armour pen, that would be because the last whisper gives a % amount, not an actual number. Alternatively, use a black cleaver. If there is no definite tank, or no one important is stacking armour, go for an item that could boost your AD even more, like a blodkthirster. Or if the items you have are not enough, then you could build more health, or more armour.
Another excellent item on wukong is a GA, this allows him to survive that bit extra in team fights, this is perfect for when you have died because you engaged and ult'd and the enemy focus the hell outta you!
Maw of the malmortious is also another viable item against an ap heavy opposition, or a fed ap carry, otherwise I personally don't see much need for it

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Laning phase

Whilst in lane(preferably solo top) try to keep using your combo on your opposition, ie activate q, e on to the enemy, wait for q to land and then activate your w to escape taking minimal damage. Keep doing this until you can either secure the kill or your jungler can gank for a kill or assist. Wukong's early farming is slightly difficult, but the early double dorans solves that problem.
When laning against a duo lane, play relatively safe, keep with in tower range, and only last hit if possible, once you have the double dorans blade, you can be more aggressive, and even start to zone one of the duo laners. It is not necessary to buy gold per 10's on wukong unless you are being really heavily out farmed, as you can usually 1v1 an kill most other solo tops, with a few exceptions (for example; Jax can prove tricky if he is being used by a good player, but once you've hit level 6 you should be able to easily kill him).

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Team Fighting

Wukongs main role in team fights is to throw everything into the air and mindf*uck the enemy. Unless you have a very strong engager such as Malphite, then wukong can fill this role. While the team fight is going on wukongs job is to zone the enemy AD carry and keep them away from your carries (both AD +AP) due to wukongs ultimate and high damage output, this isn't very difficult.