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Wukong Build Guide by Folkz10

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Folkz10

Monkey Ownage

Folkz10 Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Basic Info

Hi Guys here's Folkz10 with a build for the latest champion on the league, Wukong, the Monkey King!!

With this Build u should get a super damage early game, a suberb survability in mid/late game, and a GODLIKE champion in the super late game!

My masteries are 0-21-9... Wukong needs a LOT of that 21 ponts on defense to increase is survability to combo with Decoy for a super chance of not being kill!

The Build sequence is Dorans Blade > Merc's > Phage > Trinity > Force of Nature or Sunfire depending on the enemy team (Note: if the enemy team goes 2 AD's, 2 AP's and 1 Tank go for a Bunshee's Veil here) > Bloodthirster > Atmas Impaler and Infinity Edge... with this build u should get the amount of 385 damage in the end and a LOT of survability...

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Abilities sequence

Well guys has u can see i maximize Nimbus Strike first has it is ur main source of damage early on and also a great chasing abilitie, follow by maximize ur late game damage,Crushing Blow, and finally ,has always u must do it, power up ur escaping mechanism!


In a Team fight u must wait ur tank to iniciate the battle, but if u see the tank is far away of the battle and u can win with the present members U SHOULD BE THE ONE INITIATING IT!!

For startin up the fight go on the enemy team with Nimbus Strike, Follow up with decoy, and then Ciclone them into the air... this should leave u in a confortable position since u shouldn't take much damage before u cycloning them!

Ciclone can lead to devastating combination has u knock enemy's into the air ur team can follow up with AoE's ulti's that will completly destroy ur opponents (Aoe's like Kennen's, Fiddle's or Amumu's ultis)!!


After a team fight if u can see some opponents running away don't start paniking calling them luckers... just use Ghost if they are far away follow with nimbus strike and finish with devastating blow since they will not have much live after a large team fight


In early game Wukong rocks laning, just remenber... HARRASS, Wukong is a char that isn't that much farming dependent, just go Harrasing ur opponents and go for the kill when u see u can do it, EVEN IF U NEED TO TOWER DIVE OR KILL STEAL IT, U MUST GO FOR EARLY KILLS

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Start with a Doran's Blade for the Boost on Damage and health. this will help at harrasing ur opponents, and getting FB easy!

I always got back to base at lvl 6 now u should have money for merc's and for Ruby Cristal ftom here on ur defenses are harder to penetrate with will give u a stronger survability while u steal do a lot of damage!

When u can buy Phage and Sheen go back and do it, from these point ur mana problems early game are gonne and u can almost always spam ur abilities.

Get back again for the Trinity itself, this itens rocks on wukong cuz it has a bunch of bonuses and the sheen passive thats great for the Nimbus > Auto-Atack > Crushing Blow > Auto-Atack combo that will give ur opponents a hard time.

Now its the most important part of the build... the TOP defensive iten... u have 4 itens that can feet u and u must choose one depending on ur enemy's. these itens are: Sunfire Cape, Bunshee's Veil, Thornmail and Force of Nature.

Sunfire Cape is the iten that will lead to a stronger damage in the final of the game has u'll buy a Atmas Impaler these combined with the armor given by both itens will make u a total monster agains a 3+ AD team...

Bunshee's Veil is probably the iten that u'll build more often has it's the iten that is for the equilibrated opponent team ( 2 AD, 2 AP, 1 Tank), this gives u more mana, hp for ur atmas boost and Magic resist!

Now thw two itens that u'll build less times: Force of Nature and Thornmail... These itens are both for a Full AD team (Thornmail) or a full AP team (FoN)! BUT DON'T FORGET IF U'RE HAVE A HARD TIME WITH SOME FEEDED ENEMYS U SHOULD BUILD ONE OF THESE TWO ITENS IN STEED OF BUNSHEE'S OR SUNFIRE SINCE IT PROBABLY WILL HELP U FINISHING THEIR SPREE'S!!

Now ur damage itens... Bloodthirster and Atmas Impaler. has soon has u buy the Bloodthirster u MUST start farming minions to boost his damage and lifesteal, this is the time when Wukong really needs to farm! After that increase ur Armor and damage with the Atmas Impaler, has u have already bought a HP iten (Trinity) and probably build another one (Bunshee's or Sunfire) Atmas will be a powerfull weapon for the Monkey!!

Infinity Edge is the last iten u should build and u may be asking why i don't build it sooner... easy... if i build it sooner it will cost my life manny times has i lack the survability of the previous itens!

Infinity should turn to GODLIKE mode with a crazy amount of 380 Damage and a super Crit Chance combined with a tremendous Survability!