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Diana Build Guide by skymeister

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skymeister

Moonlight Sonata - Diana OP Guide

skymeister Last updated on November 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Summoners, My name is Kaleibyte in League of Legends. This build is to help others who want to or already use Diana to get her speed up and ability power as well which to me is the perfect combination. I hope you guys find this guide useful and i hope to see a challenge on the fields of justice from another fellow Diana player.

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Greater Mark of Insight - I use the Greater Mark of Insight of course to help get that early game kill by using its penetration which really helps if the opponent lacks all defenses.

Greater Seal of Resilience - I of course use these runes to help protect myself by having a bit of armor for those melee users of course.

Greater Glyph of Warding - Using this is for pretty much the same reason I use the Greater Seal of Resilience except for those fellow AP users.

Greater Quintessence of Potency - Im sure you can guess this is used for that nice AP boost in beginning of the game.

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My masteries show that I intend to be nothing but an all out hard hitter. That what I go for I have runes and items that make up the difference in my defense zone.

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Doran's Ring - I only get this at start game because it helps to get that early kill.

Sorcerer's Shoes - They help you get your speed up and of course get that extra magic penetration to get that quick kill.

Abyssal Scepter - I get this to up my AP and Magic Resistance to protect myself from AP hitters. It's ability to lower nearby enemies Magic Resistance by 20 is always a beautiful addition. (After this purchase i sell Doran's Ring)

Rabadon's Deathcap - I obviously get this for the incredible AP boost it adds to your numbers, with its +140 AP and and 30% AP increase add-on. For AP users this is a must have.

Zhonya's Hourglass - This is also another must have when using AP champions for me it gives you that little bit of protection against melee champions and another large AP boost which tied in with Rabadon's special ability helps a lot.

Lich Bane - I use this for the movement increase, and its extra AP which with its special ability helps out incredibly.

Phantom Dancer - i dont see this one too often in AP users, but i found it incredibly helpful at this point youve already got high AP stable defenses and a good amount of speed around 415 well this shoots it up to a good 440 zone which is incredibly nice also increasing your attack speed its just that perfect in game item if you want that pretty little quadra kill.

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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence just get Crescent Strike up as fast as you can, alternate through the others and of course do your Ult right on it's schedule.

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Summoner Spells

When playing mid one of the best things you can do is keep your distance and Diana is good about doing that when using her spells. Whenever your up against an enemy you can hit your enemies with Crescent Strike and then activate your Pale Cascade using your ult shoot towards the enemy then activating your Moonfall to insure the enemy doesn't get away then slamming them with your lunar rush once more, its bound to make them stumble at least a little bit.