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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Niightmare X

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Niightmare X

Mordakiser is numro uno

Niightmare X Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Mordakiser is numre Uno

Hello there my name is nightmare X i play on the Eu west Servers my grammar is not amazing so you wont see capital i's all the time but i hope i dont sound like a ****** with some herpy derpy **** being said.

So this guide will teach you how to play the GODLY mordakiser.

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Why play morde isnt he uselss?


Hes Op as ****.

The Recent buff to more has brought him back into the game before i found it very difficult to cs without being destroyed by some of the top solo tops or mids (Udyr Talon Etc) now after the buff buffing his Iron man passive from 30% to 35% helps him a ton in lane and also buffing his Siphon of Destruction making the damage increased to 70/115/160/205/250 from 65/105/145/185/225 now im deystroying thoes udyrs talons and skarners although the buff looks smalls it really does make the diffirance.

I would like to say i am not a uber 1400 elo player. im a avg player who plays lol for fun and wishes to become greater at the game and make guides for chars so i dont have to scream at people for being idiots.

This guide is also inspired by Dyrus and Vman7 for their guide on the old broken as **** mord sadly that guide hasnt been updated and decided to make my own.

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Pros n cons

Mord as all champs has pro's n cons ill list as many as i can think of now.

Pros:- One of the top farmers in the game,Insane burst,Can hard counter some mages,His ultimate if used correctly changes GAMES,Broken as **** late game,Tanky,Can carry extremely hard if fed,imense dot dmg from ultiamte and ignite,Sounds like a ****ing boss,Uber skins,Easy to play,Mordeaksier is numre Uno,

Cons:-Melee Mage,Gets analed by the carry in pokewars,if behind will strugle untill you farm hard or get ks's,Lanesticks Deystroys mord if fiddle plays aggresive.

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Had to put it in for people who dont understand the name of my guide :)

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Ok 21-0-9 this is what i take most of the time if im going against a lane i think i can win if im against a difficult lane i take 21-9-0 taking the Type of Defense i need against the lane and Health.

The reason for one point in spell vamp and not improved buffs is because Red / blue buff Suck *** on mord 1% spell vamp isnt much but it can make a diffirance.

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The Ultimate

Oh dear probably THE BEST ulti in the game see that fed to **** graves (Flash Q e r d An enemy has been slain)Yea hes your pet go rape their team with him the ghosts do OBSCENE DMG i have hit a ez for half his hp with a fed Gangplank Sadly the ghosts cant use abilites but passives do work still (Caitlyn headshot Tryndamere's battle fury) and so on so if your 45 mins into the game jus ULTI THE CARRY AND SMASH THEIR HEAD INTO THE FLOOR GOING JAJAJAJAJ HUEUHUEUHUEHUE And lol as you 3 shot their team going I AM NUMRE UNO LOLXDSORANDUM

If you are not at the Level or in a game where your not playing Glorius meta game simpily go for the Character which will do the most auto atk dmg Jax Renekton nasus

There is also nothing wrong with ulting the ap mid if the carry died before you could ulti Dw atleast thier dead just ulti what ever you can Excluding supports or tanks and u got dat team fight you hear me YOU GOT DIS.

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so yea as i was saying Items their situational Somtimes u will want regrowth pendant + hp pot somtimes armor + 5 somtimes the gd ol boots n 3 Revolver is a must if your wining your lane and farming like a boss get rabadons if your geting a bad lane go revovler into sheen into rabadons after rabadons get a sheen for more Q dmg then Gunblade for EVEN MOAR Q DMG then we want a Lichbane for again EVEN MOAR Q DMG now we have LOTS OF Q DMG and LOTS OF E AND R DMG we need some spell pen
Get voidstaff 50% spell pen = OP The last item depends on your team GA is allways good late game. Somtimes you wont need it and want to get some specific stats like armor or more dmg... if you want more dmg get another rabadons Gunblade's stats arnt to good now after the nerf but its still good.

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Your Goal

you want to get farm you want to get kills you want to win.

Farming so you can be built more is never bad cs is SO IMPORTANT IN LOL 12CS = 1KILL 1KILL = 300G
Thats alot. so if you farm well you will have a good advantage against your lane apponent.

Farm your *** of push your lane and win your game in all parts early mid and late ward your bushes cause people dont call ss sometimes it happens and also dem junglers coming at you.

Mords Burst is Op so get jungler ganks

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Ranked Games

Mord is Decent in arranged 5s ranked or normal 5s and solo que

But he is Decent. Not amazing as Guardsmanbob says Its beter to pick a top champ which isnt played to well compared to a Not so good champ played well this dosent mean mord is bad but it deffinatly means theres beter picks for Example Why pick mord for top compared to Cho gath Jax Tryn Skarner yorick Udyr and others.

Same for mid why not Pick malzahar Leblanc Kassadin Morgana Zilean And others

If your more of a player that plays for fun mord is your ****ing champ just lol your as of going hueuhuehuehue derp herp dribble dirbble dribble

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Arnt you forgeting somthing?

Thats Right Comment and Vote! It helps me know where i can imrpove my guide or Guides for future refrances what you enjoy what you think i could explain beter and more!

Thx for Reading and have fun making People CRY WITH TEARS OF YOUR OP BURST ANNIE BRAND BURST OP? FK THAT **** IM MOFO MORD.