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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Mordeman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mordeman

Morde the destroyer of squishies

Mordeman Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Mordekaiser, the best off tank, AP carry, 1v5er in the game. this build is my build that I use as a general build. you do not have to follow this build completely to be successful but this build was created and tested in ranked games. this build is an all around tanky build that makes you, mordekaiser nearly unkillable. this build is aimed to get maxium effectiveness on your first game as morde. also you never want a duo lane. this can end very badly for you and your team because morde needs the solo lane so he can dominate the lane and get farmed up for late game. Without the solo top or mid (if you cant solo top in your game) you will fall very far behind and will have to play catch up the entire game. and we all know that playing catch up is not fun.

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Under construction

This build is still under construction and I am open to suggestions, this build is still being tested and improvements will be made as the build is improved.

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You start out with a regrowth pendant for sustain in lane because your abilities cost health. You can also start dorans shield but it takes longer to get force of nature that way. After force of nature you get tier 1 boots because with the force of natures speed boost you can still get around the map. You then build a rabadons to add to your damage significantly. After rabadons you build a warmogs to give yourself greatly increased survivability and even more health regen. A fully built warmogs combined with the force of nature and a baron buff will give you 23 health regen every half second. Finally you finish your boots and build a rylais for extra health and damage. Finally you build a banshees veil to be almost unkillable. If you are already doing enough damage then switch out rylais for a guardian angel.

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Skill Sequence

I use this skill sequence because if you max out your siphon then you have harrass and a way to farm minoins. not only that but mordes shield needs constant damage to stay full strength, so use skills often if you are getting heavily harrassed. try to stay passive untill you hit lvl 2 when you have your 2 dmg spells. when you hit lvl 6 wear your oppenents down so that you can use ignite/childern of the grave to get a kill. chase if u need just a little bit more damage to get a ghost. once you have a ghost use it to help kill a turret. always remeber that flash and ignite ARE YOUR FRIENDS. if you need to ensure a kill use flash ignite/childern of the grave and watch them die. even if you are getting ganked by their jungler you will have a ghost to add to your total damage out put and will usually shun most people from trying to 1v1 you.

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Runes & masteries

your runes are aimed to get you fed early game so that you can scale well in to late game while letting you absolutly dominate the laneing phase by being resistant to harrass while wittleing your opponent down for a lvl 6 kill. your materies are aimed to give you ap with out buying ap items and giving you extra magic pen. the AP that you have WILL be affected by rabadons death cap. use this to your advantage!!! Build the rabadons early and watch the heads roll as you succesfuly 1v5 their team.

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when farming you need to let their be a mass of minons then walk to them use your e then your q and then your w on your self. a good morde has the most cs from the start of the game. mordekaiser is the best farmer in the game use this to your advantage. losing top tower is not always a bad thing, in most game when the other team takes my top turret my creep score just skyrockets and is so high that I dont even need kills to get gold i can rely on just farming alone. once again I can not stress enough that YOU NEED TO FARM!!! if you choose to go for kills and not farm you will not be nearly as effective.

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Team Work

In a team fight you should always tell your team who you are going to focus so that they can deal damage to them to let you get a ghost faster. oncce you have a ghost it will be 4V6 instead of 4v5, this fact can give you very good odds at winning the ight esspecialy if you get an AD carry as a ghost. teamwork can decide a team fight and sometimes even the game. If you have lots of kills but your AD carry is just getting assists let them get some kills so that your entire team can be at the same gold lvl as you (with out your farming of course).

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Unique Skills

Morde is renowned for being able to 1v2, 1v3, and even with the right build 1v5 succesfully. all it takes is for you have your shield up and keep it up. with this build it gives you a maximum strength of 510 about. thats like 510 extra hitpoints that you can regain useing spells!!

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when ever I use mordekaiser I go this build simply because it is widely effective. once again though, this build is not the bible, you can change it. Useing this guide will make you an all around good morde player. I have used this build and only lost because my team mates completely didnt grasp the concept of NOT FOCUSSING THE TANK. other than that, if you have a team with half a brain they should understand that a 6v4 is better than you 1v4ing them while your team focuses the tank you should do very, very, very well for your self. And please dont believe the noobs that tell you that morde is any easy champ they are ust jealous of your godlyness as a champion.