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Mordekaiser Build Guide by TheMoonk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheMoonk

Mordekaiser AP/Tank - You only have to click once...

TheMoonk Last updated on May 19, 2012
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23/7 2011
- Change a mistake in "Laning with Mordekaiser" where I mixed two things.
- Added some text in "Summoner Spells"

19/5 2012

- Changed the items alot!

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Hi guys, today I'm gonna write my first guide here on Mobafire. Unfortunately I'm not from an English speaking country so my English isn't the best. But I think that after you have read this guide you will be a little bit smarter about how to play Mordekaiser, but to really get this build you have to read the whole guide, not just look at the items. Okey let's get to work!

So as I said this guide will be about how to play Mordekaiser in a 5v5 game. I'm gonna explain how to play him as an AP/Tank, with at lot of endurance and hell of a lot of damage! Even thou Mordekaiser isn't the best AP char (because of his low AP ratio) he will be able to do a lot of damage because of the long time he can hang on to the fight, and therefor attack multiple times!

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Pros / Cons

Pros/Cons with Mordekaiser:

- His shield makes him very strong.
- One of the best farmers in the game
- His ultimate ( if played right) can turn an teamfight into a win in 1 second.

- He has no CC.
- Early game he will almost kill him self with his abilities if you don't play him smart.
- Not a good initiator of fight.

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When i pick runes i try to think of what I'm buying as first item in the game, and since we are starting off with an AP item (and continues with offensive boots) I like to get defensive runes.

So this is how i do it:
Marks: Armor
Seals: Armor
Glyphs: Mag. Res. per level.
Quintessence: Magic Resist

That will give me a good advantage earlyagame and let me focus on my first AP items.

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In masteries I try to mix up AP with tank so i will get a good mix.

I start off with the most important masteries in Offensive 1 in Cripple, 3 in Archmage's savvy, 4 in Sorcery and finish off with Archaic knowledge.

In Defensive masteries I take 3 in Resistance, 3 in Hardiness, 3 in Harden skin, 3 in Veterans Scars, 3 (out of 4) in Evasion, 2 in Defensive mastery, 3 in Ardor (gives me some AP) and finishes of with Tenacity.

This leaves me with 9-21-0 and a very good mix off AP/Tank masteries.

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Skill Sequence

Fist I'm gonna explain Mordekaisers abilities for you so u know what I am talking about, and just make sure you know what you are doing while playing Mordekaiser.

Iron man (Passive): 20/25/30% of the damage Mordekaiser deal with his abilities is converted into temporary shield. The shield decays 3% every second.

Mace off Spades: This is and ability which will strike the enemy with such an enormous force that three projectiles will bounce of him and hit hit three other enemies.

Creeping Death: This ability will cast a metal cloud on an ally that will give him increased Armor and Magic Resistance. It will also deal damage to all enemies who comes close to it.

Siphon of Destruction: Mordekaiser summons maces that will come up from the earth and deal damage to enemies in front of him. And for each enemy hit he will gain additional health to his shield.

Children of the Grave: This is Mordekaisers ultimate, this ability will steal a percentage of the enemy's health and if the enemy dies, while being marked by Children of the Grave, their spirit will get enslaved by Mordekaiser. He can now control the spirit just like a pet (Hold "alt" and right click).

My skill sequence is quite normal, except for the fact that I don't spec my Mace off Spades until level 8. I will explain why:

The Mace off Spades is an attack where u must come close the the enemy to hit him with your melee attack (or get lucky with the bouncing projectiles), so there is a danger of getting killed of the enemy is, for example, a strong melee champion. So I always wait with this ability until i have got some HP, and are on my way/have got a Giants belt.

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Summoner Spells

As summoner spells i pick Ignite and Exhaust.

Ignite is maybe not the core pick of summoner spells for many Mordekaiser players, but there is an very easy explanation: Killing enemies on your own that are behind their turrets becomes extremely easy! In lane, you just harass your enemy until they have a little bit less then half HP, then u strike them with ignite, then your Ultimate (To be sure of getting the kill you can finish of with a E, or start with it). With that combo you can almost be 100% sure to get the kill.

Exhaust: I pick Exhaust for the logic reason that Mordekaiser don't have any disables, and this will help him ensure a kill, or to get out of an fight easy.

Alternative spells that will work on Mordekaiser:

Ghost and Flash are really good spells, and if you want to change them with Exhaust that will work just fine! They will fill the same purpose that Exhaust do.

Spells that you shouldn't pick:


Spells that you should get lifetime prison if you pick:

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This will be the hardest part, because I cant tell u exactly how to build your Mordekaiser.

The first build (in the top of the page) will only be good if you meet a balanced team (half AP and half AD).

So I gave you three different Mordekaiser builds.

The first one

for a balanced enemy team.

The second one

for an heavy AD team.
- [h3) The third one[/h3] for heavy AP team.

I didn't wrote down wards and pots later on to the game, but I think you can figure out that yourself.

But why do I insist of doing Mordekaiser as a quite heave AP champion, and not focus more on tank-items? Because of the simple fact that if you do more damage, the enemy team will have to focus you early in a teamfight, and since you are a tank, they will probably loose the fight. You will also have a greater chance on dealing with 1v1 situations.

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Laning with Mordekaiser

So how should you play Mordekaiser? Should he go top/bot/mid? Should he farm a lot? Be aggressive? Calm down I'll explain for you.

Mordekaiser is a champion that can go both mid and top and still be as good.

When playing Mordekaiser you should really focus on farming, since Mordekaiser is really good on that. Last his minions with your E and Q, and hurt then with your W. And getting good items early on to the game will give you an great advantage.

Top against ranged enemy: When meeting an ranged enemy (like Kennen) you should be quite defensive, but don't let them push you around and get you low earlygame. Stay in back and just harass them with your E as often as you can, try to hit some minions with the strike so when he counter attacks you wont take damage.

Top against melee enemy: When meeting an melee enemy (like Shen or Nasus) you should really be aggressive and dont let them farm. If you want to harass them without getting to close use your W and put it on the second minions in your minion wave, he will walk up the other minions/the enemy champion and dealing damage to them. So why the second one? Because the first minion always gets focus first by the enemy minions, and therefore die quick. And that would be a waste of that ability.

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Using Mordekaisers Ultimate

In this chapter I'll talk some about Mordekaisers Ultimate: "Children of the Grave"

Children of the Grave: This is Mordekaisers ultimate, this ability will steal a percentage of the enemy's health and if the enemy dies, while being marked by Children of the Grave, their spirit will get enslaved by Mordekaiser. He can now control the spirit just like a pet (Hold "alt" and right click).

His ultimate is, as u can see, a very good ability! Not only will you steal a great amount of the enemy's HP, you will also get his spirit if he is killed.

But it's not just an "Imma-press-R-and-win" button, you have to choose your target and timing carefully! For example:
There is a teamfight and your team is wining, take a look at the enemy AD-carry. Is he low? Good, now put your ultimate on him and do your skill combo (Q E W) and chase him. If you're not sure if he will die only from your ultimate cast your ignite to finish him off.
Now u can turn back to the fight (which your team is hopefully still doing good in) and release the anger of the other teams AD-carry on themselves. This is a 100% win situation since suddenly it's a 6v4 fight!

But as I said it just not to click any champion you want, ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS do your ultimate on the enemy AD-carry (if there is no AD-carry, do it on the enemy with highest DPS). And you also have to make sure the target doesn't have a spell shield activated. For example: Nocturnes Shroud of Darkness, Sivirs Spell shield.
And don't, for god sake, put it on a target with a Guardians Angel!

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I hope you learned something in this guide. As you leave this page please leave a comment and rate the build!

Thanks everyone, and stay tuned as I will update the build every now and then!