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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author N O R I S K S

Mordekaiser, BOOM HEADSHOT

N O R I S K S Last updated on August 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The Reason...
...for this guide is that I see a lot of Mordekaiser tanks nowadays, and very few damage Mordes. The potential of Morde to be a carry is always overlooked, even though he has great damage and survivability (especially near creeps/teamfights where you can siphon a whole team). The thing about this guide is that in a Warwick sense, Morde is still very tanky in this build. I've seen damage Morde guides where people make him ap so that his shield is constantly up from his spells. I find this partly silly because usually it will be up if you are playing smart. With this build Morde will be able to destroy players, minions, and towers without losing a drop of blood. *NOTE* Morde should not be THE tank on your team if using this build. (*NOTE IN A NOTE* Morde should never be your best tank anyways)

Masteries, Runes, and Summoner Spells oh my!
First off, whenever making a champion you plan to damage with, it is always nice to go in the defensive or support trees to make up for what you won't be buying in items (some disagree with that, but I believe a balanced champ is a good champ). For this specific build, I go 9/21/0 to maximize being able to stay in lane early. CD reduction and magic pen really help for his shield always being maximized, and make you a threat early in the game. Dodge seals and flat health quints are just pure survivability, both of which make him able to push into ganks, making him a very dangerous lane partner (or even 2v1). Cleanse is a must on Morde for the simple fact that he stays alive in team fights by using his spells. Stuns are your worst enemy as Morde, so make sure that when you are making a risky push or maneuver to have it up. Second, I choose exhaust for the simple fact that Morde has no slowing abilities, and this makes a great 1v1 tool as well when you catch someone off their guard. Mix this with phage/frozen mallet and champs won't be able to run as effectively.

This build is centered on Morde being able to make up for the life he loses with his spells and by getting hit. Having a lot of lifesteal on Morde makes him impossible to kill 1v1 or even 2v1 alot of times. Being able to keep using your spells while auto-attacking like Morde can makes him a huge threat, early, mid, and late game because he can rebuild his shield and regain hp at the same time. One thing about this item build is it is very expensive, so last hitting minions or getting champ kills is required to do well. The good news is, Morde is great at both! To get these items it is best if Morde is in a 2v1 lane due to a jungler or after level 4-5 always going to clear out your jungle of its minions (besides blue or red, they are a waste of time moneywise for how long they take to kill). The idea is to get as many last hits as possible by using your siphon and mace of spades wisely on minions, especially if you can kill groups at a time (which you will be able to). To start get a Doran's Shield and if you want, a health pot (I personally forgo this, to each their own). Next get your tier one boots and the Emblem of Valour. Decide after this to get dodge boots or merc treads, whichever fits the team you are fighting (I personally usually always go merc for the cc reduction). Frozen Mallet is next. Fully build it then build the rest of the Stark's. Next you have options. Either build a survivability item (Force of Nature or Guardian's Angel are both great choices) or, if you are doing well, move on to a Bloodthirster. The game really should be winding down by now, but if it keeps going I enjoy the Gunblade because it allows for even faster blowing up of champs. At this point it should be gg or bg, depending on how you played it.

Simply start off by last hitting creeps (usually single ones at this point) and keeping a comfortable amount of health. Only use siphon and mace to a) build your shield b) to last hit. Don't spam to push your lane yet. Once your siphon is up to 3, you should be taking down waves so fast you are able to move back into the jungle while the other team pushes (if you are 2v1 while someone jungles don't be the *** to go steal from him). Play aggressively in that you want their minions pushed so to pressure their team. By six you should have a champ kill, and if not, made one of their teammates go b.
By now you are a farming machine. You can easily out level your mid if you play your cards right. Also, their is no reason for you not to have the most minion kills on both teams. You can start playing like a wrecking ball, letting people push forward, kill all their minions in 1 or two spells, and then continue on to them while they are defenseless. You should have a tower down in a short time. Champ kills only get easier and easier here. Play aggressively while maintaining map awareness. Also, you can start soloing dragon, blue, and red.
Go in second after your tank or try to be sneaky, coming around the back during team fights. Use your ultimate early to make you more survivable and go crazy on their champs. Do not back out during team fights, you survive by killing and constantly attacking/casting spells. Save your exhaust for when a phys champ starts attacking you, not in the beginning to catch someone. You will see a nice dance of your life going up, then your shield, then your life, etc.. Either way you should be pushing hard on their team, making them scared to even come near you. Being lateral (moving from one lane to the next) can make sure that your opponents are constantly under a minion swarm. If you get a kill with your ult, move to another lane and get an easy tower downing. Remember, hold alt :D.

This build is not for everyone or for every team comp. This is for when you need a dps/tank that can stay in the fight and you already have your cc covered. DO NOT CHOOSE MORDE IF YOUR TEAM DOES NOT HAVE CC ALREADY. He seriously lacks it and without cc you will lose, simple as that. Overall my favorite build for Morde, making him a wrecking ball of hot lead that crushes champs, minions, and towers alike.