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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaszanas

Mordekaiser - Brutal Slicer

Kaszanas Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Defense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Brief Introduction

Few Opening words

So, you've decided to play Mordekaiser, have you? I've seen plenty of different builds and I have been experimenting throughout hundreds of matches; I'm now here to share some of my experience with you. A good way of getting started is copying the build straight away, see how it feels and try to evaluate it. Do by all means experiment yourself and deviate from the build. The more games you play, the closer you'll come to find the perfect build for you.

Theme of build

I've decided that the perfect Mordekaiser is solid TANK Morde ...
so in this build will be alot of HP Defence and Magic Resistance nothing more


The Runes are pretty basic for any Tank there is combination of :
Vitality Marks (hp on level)
Seals of evasions (giving some dodge chance)
Glyph of Warding (giving you some Magic Resist)
And finally
Quintessence of Evasion (Some more dodge chance)


I've tried to choose best Masteries for this kind of Tank and i finally found my way to do it, there you have some Defence Masteries that will help you in better Tanking and some Utility Masteries . You have there some Exp mastery on etc. that will help you in beeing faster feed up with exp.


Good Spells are :

- This should give you some more time to Run/Chase if needed that's also good spell for ganking opponents.
- You can combine that spell with your ulti that will be Super effective and may cause you get an clone under your control.
- This spell is great when someone want to chase you, you can use combinations of Exhaust and Ghost to run effectively.

Mid Spells are :

- That can help you in running faster on closer position, also you can use it to gank effective.

Bad Spells are :

- Why ? Cause you don't have mana ...
- Why ? I think that spell are spell for people who are desperate ... really un-needed in good game ...

The rest of spells are simply not giving you anything ...

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Basically you should stay with normal lane don't go mid ever with meele champs ...

Early Game (1-8lvl)

Early Game is pretty simple try to max the Syphon of Destruction spell, it will grant u super shield, and Regrowth Pendant will give you some Health regen cause you use your health to cast spells.
It will be pretty simple. Harras as more people as you can with your skills, and when the opponent is harrased run with ghost use your Exhaust/ignite and try to use ulti (if you have it)
that should work great giving you some money from kills on early game.
As for items, you need to get Sorcerers shoes as fast as possible that will give more damage from your harrasing spells.

Mid Game (9-13lvl)

You already should have Warmog Armor that will be your Health Blast.
So you can start to be tank now in ganks try to hit as more people as you can to get shield and then you can charge in to the fight ...
So yeah But there is a problem, when you got too much physical damage don;t take Force of Nature exchange it with Sunfire Cape and then take FoN.
now you can farm on minions alot of cash, alot more than on champs, now your goal is to be a tank.

Late Game (14-18lvl)

Now you're pretty immune for all the opponents attacks, get in the center of the fight and kill as much as possible.

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Recommended :

- that will give you some regeneration, you need it cause when you use abilities it's draining your health
- i highly recommend Warmog Armor that will give you a massive shot of health and health regen
- That will give you a mass of Magic Resist and will grant even more Health regen
- Sunfire will give you Armor and some health combined with dealing some magic damage
- Thornmail will give you mega ammount of Armor that will help you to avoid champs like Xin, Tryndamere etc.
- Giving you slow from using your abilities that matter.

All other items i dislike to play with.

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Closing Words

So yeah i gave you my own Mordekaiser build, i think that it will fit.
But remember that if you don;t like to play with this build you can change some things, but anyway i highly recommend this.

Thanks for your time

Good Luck

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