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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Chaosprincess

mordekaiser build for the ones that hate yi and so

The Chaosprincess Last updated on August 30, 2010
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okay for the rune build
i did some armor pierce cause its handy, i did cooldown reduct since my kaiser doesnt use spirit visage cause i get nature thingy its handy, and the extra gold is for gettin a lot of items ASAP

my item build some say nooby but trust me its a yi killer for noobs its a dps killer u can solo other tanks and well ur magic resist is around 150 early game meaning that casters like fiddle or morgana do litle damage on you.

u get either mercury threads if u need the slow taunt and so reduct, or get swifdt boots for fast combat movement since yi will be faster if ur dieing mobility boots are useless

thornmail before guardiana ngel means damage against dps like yi or xin zhao

then guardian angel making u have another life and if u have a nice kayle or zilean on ur team kinda doubles it meaning u have 3 lives

frozen mallet is for all those guys who finally get ur invincible late game when there are creeps so they cant run away.

sunfire as last completing the thornmail for having an aoe.

this all meaning that the average yi buildwill deal maybe have 300 attack damage u have almost 300 armor yi has armor pierce making u have around 150 armor left, if yi has 300 damage he gets a litle less then 100 damage on every attack he does on you correct if mistaken, and then another 40 for sunfire. he maybe happy to kill u ur guardian angel activates u use exhaust his ult ends and u win ^^

im open for comments so plz comment, i use this build cause its ownage :D