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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bishoplarue

Mordekaiser, Carry Tank

Bishoplarue Last updated on November 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Mordekaiser build and guide. This guide will offer you a look into the way i play morde and how i build him.

1. Pros/Cons
2. Summoner Spells
3. Masteries
4. Runes
5. Items
6. Gameplay

Before i begin i would like to state that this is a guide for a coordinated team composition build wether its a normal game or ranked. Playing morde thinking ur a full blown carry, OR a full blown tank is wrong with this build, u will be a "carry/tank", meaning u are capable of dealing a significant amount of damage but lacking "insane" dps, and u will be able to stay in a fight and take some punishment but lacking the ability to tank an entire team. I also do not wish to attempt to explain what to do if u are playing against or with idiots who cant hold their own. Lets just assume that going into the game u are up against and with capable players who know what they are doing.

Amazing farmer
Amazing harassment
Low cd's = constant damage
An ulti that MUST be feared
Good chaser with Ryjals
Excellent 1v1

Lacking any real escape tool
Hated and likely focused
No burst damage

Summoner Spells:

Exhaust: I find this to be a more useful than ghost. With no other cc this makes up for that a bit plus making u even more of a threat 1v1. However if your team has 2 or more exhaust already, then ghost is fine.

Ignite: Every morde should have it. not only does it help with the fact u cant burst someone down in 3 secs so any extra damage is nice, but it might be one of the best combos with an ulti like morde's in the game.


These are pretty straight forward. 9 in offense for extra magic pen, and 21 in defense for the tanking aspect of your game, and since u don't go full tank with items, i find it to be a must.


Marks: Magic pen marks might be the most important runes for morde. Since u are stacking MP every extra bit helps.

Seals: Health per level seals i find to be the best defensive set of seals i could find for morde. Since u do not get an items giving yourself dodge i think dodge seals would be a waste, and any kind of seal for extra dps would be a waste on morde since he is almost pure magic damage.

Glyphs: I go with magic resist per level glyphs cause quick ap burst champs will be your most feared opponents. This helps with your shield too so its a double bonus. I find that flat MR is less effective cause early game your shield is not worth much anyway as u are easily focused down if u get ganked by 2 or more. I have considered cd reduction per level but since u dont get any cd reduction items i am not sure if its worth it.

Quints: Flat health quints i think are a must since u want to get a regrowth pendant to start. It gives u the health to be just that tiny bot more tanky during that laning phase plus give u that jump on eventually building your FoN later. However since morde farms so well money wont be an issue as much as other champs so getting more magic pen would be viable with your Quints and starting with a dorans shield instead for the extra health.


The most important part of your item build is knowing what to get and when to get it. Your core build will always be: regrowth pendant/sorcerers shoes/haunting guise. These will give a large head start on anyone on the opposing team building magic resist. But the main focus here is making every time u hit with SoD or stand next to someone with CD on u it does as much damage as possible to squishies. Also keep in mind that this extra magic pen will cause your spells to hit minions harder equaling a larger shield more often for u.

The next item is purely situational. Get the FoN if the scariest part of their team is ap burst. Get a SC if they have a few dangerous melee dps. If they have 2 or more ranged carries that are eating u alive, get a thornmail. At last if nothing on their team is super dangerous, even if they are a solid team and doing well, as long as they dont have someone that is fed or farmed a lot and has advanced in items too quickly, get a ryjals. However i will say this this with ryjals, if u decide to get this items this early, u are labeling yourself for the next 10-15 mins as much more of a carry than a tank.

Once u have decided on your third finished item u need to think on how best to help yourself. If u got something that has no bonus health, then u will be lacking in that department and need to upgrade quickly. Since this means u have yet to get either a sunfire cape or a ryjals yet go ahead and get a giant belt. u still have plenty of time to decide which to build that into. I find that my decisions on these item purchases rests largely on whoever on my team is the "true tank" and what he has at this point. If he is behind on items i will go more tanky first off to be more of an initiator, if he is already kinda beefy i will lean more towards my ryjals and abyssal scepter. Just remember to always be aware of what the enemy team has bought.

Gameplay: Early game
Either going 1v2 or 2v2 in a side is what i always do. You are not a pure carry so let someone else on your team go mid. Going 1v2 means they have no jungler so if able puch their tower constantly, just never engage them at their tower unless they are really, but if they are smart they wont stick around for u to tag them with that one last E spell and then toss an ulti on for an easy kill. If they are a tough pair to deal with and break your shield a lot, then play at your tower and just save it from damage. A 2v2 is fine too since u can clear the minion wavse alone your teammate provides the constant threat of hiding in a bush ready to pounce if they try to edge up a bit too close. Save your ulti for a kill. Never use it for the life steal to stay in the lane longer, or if ur getting ganked and have a very large chance to die, its just a waste. Smart players fear that ulti of yours all the time and know that if they get too low on health u will zerg them with everything u have to get their ghost so having that threat is even more reason why morde dominates a lane.

Mid game:
Honestly i don't think morde is ever at a weak point, but if he does, its mid game. Unless u are fed already or just have an insane amount a farming compared to the enemy team, u are at an in between time with your items. You hit hard with your 48.5 magic pen and decent health, but have no real tanking capabilities yet. Even with a fully charged shield it can easily be brought down with a 2 shots from someone that has a spell at rank 4-5 already. At this point all u want to focus on is pushing towers. If u already took down your lanes tower then just have someone else on your team play defense and soak up some exp and farming while u push the other 2(first priority is always mid). All u need at this point is just 1 kill while pushing and having their ghost will result in a tower 4 out of 5 times at least. I most or all of their team is defending the lane ur in, then your team should be pushing elsewhere, unless they are stupid they must go defend leaving u to again relentlessly push.

Late game:
You should have 4-5 items by now and being the great farmer u are put up some wards for your team. Your role is dependent on what items u have obtained but your goal in team fights is the same. You can initiate if u want but if ur not really tanky with items u need to take the initial barrage and then back off. Either way your ulti is to be save for for the first carry on their team that your team attempts to focus down. If u get their ghost early in a team fight its game over for the other team. At that point its basically a 4v6 against them. Remember that if the other team is focusing u its way more beneficial to be using your E spell on as many minions as u can rather than tagging 1 or 2 champs with it. Charging your shield for 600 health and letting your team wail away at them is much better than doing that bit extra damage to champs.

That concludes my guide. I know i could have been maybe a bit more thorough but i am lazy and most good players can figure a lot out for themselves. This is a guide to help people understand the way i like to play morde and hopefully it works out for most of u all. Thank u for reading and enjoy.