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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fey Reaver

Mordekaiser, General of the Damned

Fey Reaver Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build gives great is amazing to go against the enemy team. If played right, Mordekaiser should start outleveling everyone and be an unstoppable force against the enemy team. He does amazing damage when he is a higher level than others and the items in this guide give him amazing survivability.

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Beginning Game
Make sure to get mid if you want to reach Mordekaiser's full potential. Always try to farm ghosts when they are up and keep trying to poke your opponent with your abilities while simultaneously farming minions and keeping your shield up. If you take a solo lane and it turns out to be 1v2, it is very hard to survive if your opponents know how to zone you. If this happens, have your jungler help out. Mordekaiser is focused by ganks because of his ability to push through minion waves so be careful of overextending. Because of this, do not forget to buy wards to prevent any ganks against you. It will take more than one person to kill a good mordekaiser. Next, like to get both Negatron Cloak and Chain Vest when I go back so that I have high resistance (50%) and are less likely to be killed in a gank. The armor decreases tower damage to you greatly so don't be afraid to tower dive someone with low health. The next time you go back, finish off with boots and start finishing FoN.

Mid Game
Try to take down entire minion waves in order to push down the tower. If you get the tower down, move to another lane to help your teammates push and keep rotating until you have most of the first set of towers down. Finish off Force of Nature and Randuins Omen and you should be very hard to defeat. Make sure to stick with teammates though because heavy CC from the enemy team can take you down even if you are very hard to kill.

Late Game
Always try to take out the physical carry with your ultimate and ignite combo in order to take control of their ghost. A physical damage ghost is surprisingly over powered and can take down the entire enemy team easily. Try to initiate often and make sure your team follows since it should take a while to take you down. Finish getting Rylais and Guardians Angel and your survivability and ganking power improve greatly. Rylais stacks with all your spells and slows the full 15% when you use any of your abilities so try using your ultimate to catch up when chasing someone. Combined with Randuins, the CC can help your team win battles. Your last item can very but I usually go with Warmogs.


A good game will have over 300 minion kills. Ask your team for help to focus the enemy melee DPS in order to gain their ghost and use it against the enemy team. Hold alt and click to control the ghost and have it damage enemies and towers as well as tank towers.

My first game with Mordekaiser in a while. Too bad the other team was not that good but it will have to do for now. I was 6 levels above most of them and could take the other team on easily.

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The runes I suggest are:
Marks-Magic penetration
Glyphs-Flat cool down reduction
Quints-Flat Health

Magic penetration marks are great when combined with sorcerer's shoes to penetrate the base 30 magic resistance. I choose them to help deal a bit more damage with Mordekaiser's spells.

The health per level is a small benefit to help with those situations where you escape with under 100 health. All health helps and it benefits against everyone rather than just melee dps if you were to get dodge seals.

The cooldown reduction will help as you start off with 14% CDR. It may not seem like much but the time it shaves off your spells may save your life. It can mean using one last spell to get enough shield to survive, or using your ultimate to gain health back or kill someone.

I use flat health quints in order to gain the same edge when I use health seals. Starting off early game with a bit more health than everyone else helps, especially when a Doran's item is not first.

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I use standard 9/0/21 masteries. The small benefits all add up to greatly help with Mordekaiser's abilities. All of the masteries help to compliment Mordekaiser and the abilities he possesses.

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Starting items
These will be a regrowth pendant and health pot. These will help stay longer in lane since Mordekaiser's spells use health when they are used.

First Time Back
Next, armor and magic resistance help greatly to prevent damage against you. It will take more than one to take you down after you get these.

Boots are really personal opinion and who you are up against. If the team is full of cc, go merc treads. They help more than you may think. If the team isn't very good, sorcerers boots are amazing in helping with extra damage. Boots of Swiftness are fun to use in chasing down enemies as well. These are the three I recommend to use.

Final Items
Force of Nature is great for the health regeneration that Mordekaiser needs so badly. It will definitely help keep your health up while in lanes. Next, Randuins Omen is great for survivability as well as using against the enemy team to kill them or escape from them. Rylais is a must have item for even more health and a great amount of spammable cc. Finally, Guardians Angel and Warmogs just make you an unstoppable force unless focused down.

Other Potential Items
You may try getting a Void Staff and Abyssal Scepter instead of Guardian's Angel and Warmogs in order to tear through magic resist. This does great damage at the cost of a good amount of survivability and is only recommended to those who are not dying often.

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Skill Sequence

Iron man is an amazing passive that stacks well with tank Mordekaiser. Armor helps to keep your shield up and it is great when tying to tank towers while minion waves are incoming. Definitely try to be around a group of enemy minions in a fight in order to keep your shield up by hitting all of them with spells while simultaneously hitting the enemy.

The mace of spades is more for farming than it is for killing. Using it to last hit three minions at a time is easy to do when you combine it with your other spells. If the enemy is in range, use it on a minion and it can hit him as well since it does damage to several targets.

This is an amazing ability when around minions. Position yourself between caster minions and melee minions while using this ability to benefit the most. Your shield should go up a good amount and you can last hit minions easily.

Siphon is an amazing ability to use against minions and champions. Its AoE damage is useful to hit anything in your way. As you use the ability more, you may learn to stretch how far you may actually use it to hit someone. I always try to use it to hit minions and the enemy at the same time. When the opponent is alone, poke with this ability often to whittle away their health.

Your ultimate is one of the best in the game. You can gain a great amount of health while simultaneously taking away the opponent's. If you gain the ghost of an enemy, it will help fantastically at killing the enemy team and pushing down turrets. Use alt+click to control the ghost in order to tank turrets and do great damage to the enemy team.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a must have. Mordekaiser has to be up close with his mid range spells which requires the use of ghost. The ability to chase down enemies or, rarely, run away from enemies is amazing. Combined with a well placed Randuins, you can slow the enemy team and be in their face with your abilities.

Ignite is amazing on Mordekaiser. It stacks with his ultimate to help take down a single target. This will help greatly if the enemy team has a healer. The ability to use ignite will help ensure a kill with your ultimate and gain you the ghost that turns a 5v5 fight into a 6v4.

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In the end, Mordekaiser is amazing at surviving and has the ability to take on the entire enemy team when in good hands. I highly recommend this build to all those who try him.