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Build Guide by praeclarus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author praeclarus

Mordekaiser, Master of Heavy -****ing- Metal

praeclarus Last updated on August 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Mordekaiser - The Master of Heavy -****ing- Metal!

General question: What is the Mordekaiser able to do? What does his spells and his passive force him to be?
In the following I will try to focus on these questions considering his abilities. I have to apologize for some sentence-constructions. I'm no native speaker. ^^ But if you find failures or got better formulations for me, post a comment and I'll have a look at it. ;-)
For those, who want to have a small introduction to Mordekaiser, my summary first:

- huge tankability the whole game
- anoying good creepstats
- early lane domination with harrassment
- does not need any mana, just needs hp/hp-regen
- aoe-dmg

- no disabling spell
-> no help for team-mates in danger
-> no gankability
- medium armor and low magic-resistance
- medium dmg-output in cc

aoe - area of effect
HP - healthpoints
reg/regen - regeneration
DD - damage dealer
dmg - damage
AS - attack speed
crit - critical strike
LL - life leech/life steal (no difference)
MS - movementspeed
resi - resistance
lvl - (champion-)level
xp - experience
AP - ability power
ulti - ultimate spell (lvl 6)
fb - first blood
CD - cooldown
imo - in my opinion

His Job:

Mordekaiser is first of all a tank. He farms like hell and it's really hard to harras him and make him leave a lane while he himself harrasses the whole lane with his aoe-spells.
This is based on his passive 5th spell Iron Man, which creates a shield for Mordekaiser based on 25% of his spelldamage dealt. His spells cost healthpoints to be cast, so the key in Mordekaisers lane domination is a good HP-reg (-> Regrowth Pendant) which makes him almost invulnerable against most lane-enemies even in the early game.
On the other side, Mordekaiser has to be a tread in the late game, not just surviving for the longest time, but also deal enough damage, so that the enemies are forced to target him, too. So you need to build some items which increase the amount of damage you deal.

The summoner's spells:

I'll take an eye on the most common spells for tanks. Imo the other summoner-spells are not worth being discussed for Mordekaiser.
Exhaust blinds the target and slows the MS by 40% for 3 seconds (additiv to 10 magic-resi- and armor-penalty with mastery Cripple).
It's a good summoner spell for some survivability and for chasing enemies, but the most important effect is the 100%-blind. This gets really important in clashes to disable the enemy's DD.
Casting Exhaust on escaping foes to kill them before they get out of range is also a good opportunity, but the spell lacks in survivability-issues, because you can also cast it on one foe, if you try to escape and another one may just hunt you down. That's why I prefer Ghost.
Ghost increases your MS by 32%(40%) and ignores colision for 14(15,5) seconds (with mastery Haste).
It's a very good spell for your own survivability to flee from fights, when you are low HP or to hunt single enemies and to haste to important places, for example to farm huge creepwaves, fast gathering for ganks or clashes aso.
Heal heals 140 + 20*champion-lvl HP to you and allies around you. I like that spell and used it often, because in early, when your regen is not huge yet, you may have some problems against good harrassers (like Heimerdinger), so healing grants you the possibility to stay on lane, farm and get xp or to save buddies' ***es. ^^
Teleport allows you to teleport to an allied unit or tower within a few seconds casting time.
This is an all-around spell, good for fast lane-switching or getting back to the lane from base. If we focus on Mordekaiser's potential, we wont take this spell, because we are no good ganger anyway and we don't need to switch lanes for farming, because we just go into the woods, when lane is pushed until it's pushed back again.
Ignite damages a single target over 5 seconds for 50 + 20*lvl, ignores magic resistance and decreases regen and healing by 50%.
Imo this spell is important to improve the Mordekaiser's ulti and sometimes grants the fb.
Flash teleports you instantly to your cursor's position with short radius (about half a screen). This is kinda usefull, if you want to surprise your enemies, for example in ganging them or to escape over cliffs. Mordekaiser has no own disable-spell, so imo ganging is less effective and Ghost becomes more usefull for hunting/escaping.

The items:

The most important part of a guide is the choice of items, you equip your champion with. No other buff can replace a well chosen item. There are different builds for Mordekaiser in mobafire. Some try to deal as much spell damage as possible, some others give Mordekaiser a huge dmg-amount in cc. I dont want to build him as a pure DD, because his spells don't support this. To increase you health regen, you should always take some healing pots with you.

Items 1-3:
Regrowth Pendant:
Regrowth Pendant is very usefull as the first item you get. Doran's Shield is recommended and gives you 120 additional HP and +8 armor, but regens +8HP/5sec instead of +15HP/5sec. With this regen, you may spam Siphon of Destruction the whole time without losing HP.
First of all, you can use Regrowth Pendant in crafting Warmog's Armor, which is one of my key-items in the build.
Sorcerer's Shoes:
Sorcerer's Shoes are one option for your ms-increase. They increase your spelldamage with +20 magic penetration. This is nice for more lane-harrasment, creeplasthitting and improves your shield very well. Also recommended: Mercury's Treads give you +25 magic-resi and decrease the length of negative buffs (not dmg) on you by 35% and Ninja Tabi with +25 armor and +12% dodge chance.
Heart of Gold:
Heart of Gold is a part of Randuin's Omen and gives you some HP, armor and 5 gold each 10 seconds. If you want to build Randuin's Omen anyway, you should get this as fast as possible to benefit from the bonusgold as much as passible. ;-)
Haunting Guise:
Haunting Guise improves your spell damage like Sorceror's Shoes do and increases your health with another 180 HP.
Warmog's Armor:
This is the most important item in my build. HP and HP-regen are nescessary for you as a tank. Especially the HP-regen is important, because it grants you enough capacity to spam your spells as soon as their CD is gone, so you can always get your shield up again and even solo big creeps in low lvls.
Warmog's Armor gives you everything you need to stay in combat, usually longer than anyone else and this gives you good options to push lanes, destroy towers without being harmed by opponents and deal much dmg with your spells in the meantime.

Items 4-6:
There are different possibilities for items and it depends on the opponent champions, which one is recommended. I'll show you my favorites with their functions. All are nice for slots 4-6, imo. Another Warmog's Armor is also nice. ;-) The 6th item may replace Haunting Guise and if you got enough farm, you may sell your boots to get another item, maybe Phantom Dancer to get some more ms in exchange.
Randuin's Omen:
Randuin's Omen gives you +300 HP, +90 armor, +25HP/5sec-regen, a unique-passive that decreases your abilities' CD for 15% and a chance of 20% to slow for 3 seconds an attacker's MS and AS by 25%. It also gives you an unique-active spell, which slows the targets' MS and AS by 35% for 2 seconds (+additional 0,5sec for each 100 armor/magic-resi, CD 60 seconds). The CD-reduction is imo an important issue to keep Mordekaiser's shield up and increase his tankability and the active gets kinda usefull in team-clashes or hunts.
Phantom Dancer:
I use Phantom Dancer to increase my amount of dmg dealt with high increased AS (+45%) and crit (+30%) aswell as my tankability with huge percentage (+20%) of dodge-chance. Also the movespeedincrease of +15% is marvelous! I really like this item and build it almost everytime.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter:
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is usefull in team-clashes. It gives you +500 HP, +80 AP and passively slows for 2 seconds a spell-targeted unit by 35% (15% for multiple targets, which usually happens with Mordekaiser's aoe). The AP increase slightly the dmg of Creeping death (+15%/+12), Siphon of Destrcution (+40%/+32) and Children of the Grave (+0,1%dmg/sec each 50 AP).
Force of Nature:
Force of Nature gives you +76 magic-resi, +40hp/5sec regen and unique-passively restores 0,35% of you maximum health every second. If you plan to build 3 Warmog's Armor and Force of Nature, you may regen about 400hp/5sec combined with an amount of about 6000 hp.
Hextech Gunblade:
Hextech Gunblade gives you +55 dmg, +45 AP, +15% LL and +12% Spell-Vampire, which makes your spells free! You also get an active ability like Exhaust to deal 300 magic damage and slow the target by 50% for 3 seconds (700 cast-range, 60 seconds CD, without blining), which gives you the option to hunt enemies down, if your ulti wont kill for sure. With Phantom Dancer you may deal more dmg in cc.

Less recommended:
Frozen Mallet:
Frozen Mallet is the single-target alternativity to Rylai's Crystal Scpeter, because it grants you 35% slow for 2,5 seconds, +20 dmg and +700 HP. Imo not my first choice, because with low CD on spells, we can easily slow groups of enemies with Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Guardian Angel:
Guardian Angel's most important ability is, to revive you with 40% of your HP and mana after death (once every 5 minutes available). It also gives you +68 armor and +38 magic-resi. Imo, you wont be able to tank a second time and deal enough dmg so that your ressurection is not important. You would just die and then die again, because prolly noone of your time is still alive, when you are back again. ;-)

The mastery:

Usually not every player who wants to play Mordekaiser is already lvl 30, so we should take an eye on the masteries. The following skill plan should give you the best buffs considering your summoner-lvl:
1. Haste
2-4. Perseverance 3
5-8. Awareness 4
9-11. Good Hands 3
12. Hardiness
13. reskill to:
1. Haste 1
2-4. Perseverance 3
5-7. Deadliness 3
8. Archmage's Savvy
9-12. Sorcery 4
13. Archaic Knowledge
14-17. Awareness 4
18. Utility Mastery
19-21. Good Hands
22-24. Quickness
25. Utility Mastery
26-28. Intelligence
29. Greed
30. Prensence of the Master