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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Alfredounit7

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alfredounit7

Mordekaiser - Ranked Build and Walkthrough

Alfredounit7 Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Mordekaiser Build Breakdown

Mordekaisers early game has extreme damage potential. I Play Mordekaiser Mid because he hits like a truck to squishy champs mid, and if your top your most likely going to be up against an offtank AD such as Renekton or Riven, etc. So try to go mid with Morde although you do outrange most of the Solo Top champs.

For starting items, I usually go with boots and 3 health pots, Its standard to keep you in lane for a good amount of time and easy to recover from a gank with a pot or 2. Alternatives to the starting boots and 3 pots would be a Doran shield starting item or a Regrowth Pendant with 1 pot. This gives your a great amount of health regen which virtually negates the effect of your Health costs on spells. To avoid these health costs, try to sprint your hextech in 1 buy. Without your hextech your basically a suicide bomber. Killing yourself slowly but doing extreme damage to everything around you. So buy that hextech as soon as possible and for early game, you want to harass, but make sure you get your farm. Mordekaiser easily outfarms any champ in the league with his 'e' 'q' combo.

After your hextech try and build your rylais, but If you can afford a needlessly large rod for a huge damage booster, go for it. If your having trouble sustain in your lane with just the hextech, go for an early regrowth pendant if you didn't start with one already. Otherwise follow my build like planned and you should be A-OK.

Alternatives to Guardian Angel and Sorcerer Shoes could be a Thornmail over GA for an AD heavier team, or Merc Treads over Sorc shoes, if your simply getting eaten apart by enemy CC.

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? Common Questions ?

Q: Why Hextech Gunblade over Will of the Ancients?
A: Hextech gunblade gives you the same spell vamp as a WotA and it gives you some AD for your Mace of Spades (Q). It also has its own Active effect which is another huge slow that may be critical for a teamfight. The lifesteal is a minor addition but it does help the flow of things with your Mace of Spades. So what do we gain? An active effect, same Spell Vamp, AD, lifesteal, and what do we lose? A few AP that is negligible.

Q: Why don't you build more AP items Abyssal Sceptre and Void Staff are Pro!?
A: Simply Unnecessary. Mordekaisers Damage is enough at the ending amount of 470 AP or so. You already have 10% magic pen from your masteries as well as your MPEN from your runes and the MPEN on Sorcerer Shoes. The longer morde stays in a fight the more damage he can do, so why not build tankier towards the end? If you can survive long enough to get a ghost on the enemies AD carry or a Fed GP or Tryn, you can do some Extreme damage to your enemy team with Children of The Grave.

Q: Who does Mordekaiser get countered by?
A: Sadly any ranged ad can simply destroy Mordekaiser if they know how. Don't let Mordekaiser get near you and whack away even if he hits you once with his Siphon of Destruction, His metal will get shreded almost instantly.

Q: Who does Mordekaiser destroy in lane?
A: Quite honestly everyone can be destroyed by a good Mordekaiser. An almost safety measure I take when picking Mordekaiser for ranked is if I see an enemy champion like Ahri who depends on roaming for kills most of the time, Mordekaiser defeats their purpose because he pushes the hell out of his lane to enemy tower while he wait for the next wave to come to him. In this time where your lane is pushed to enemy tower, you not only can go to wraiths, but you can assure that your enemy lane partner can't roam and is missing out on some cs because the tower is eating it from them.

I hope these few Q and A's were helpful for you, and Best of luck to future Mordekaisers with my build/Guide.