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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sawrik

Mordekaiser - Rocking it out in the jungle

Sawrik Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

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Before you start trolling saying "Morde ain't a jungler..." Read this. He's an amazing jungler. Great for ganking once you get the red buff, and you can help your team out with A. Giving out the blue buff or B. More slows with your awesome cool down reduction. This is still a tank build. This jungling build is available for all levels, but it really helps if your level 30.
Remember if your just randomly playing morde and you don't have a jungler, just do it for the sake of being an effective team.

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Creeping / Jungling

To start, just head to the golems. But heres one important step. Make sure to not start jungling until everyone is on the map! People will know your jungling when you have smite. This will really matter when your playing ranked, not as much in normal games.

Start out at the golems, initiate with a normal attack, and use your W when you do, and pop a potion. When the golem your focusing gets below 500, smite it and just hit it until dies of course, no ignite required.

You will level up if you have the experience mastery, if not go to wraiths still, doesn't matter. if you do hit level 2 off golems get your E.
Head to wraiths and initiate with your E, and when they get close or you get close, pop your w and if you do it right, they should die all at the same time.

After the wraiths head to wolves, initiate with e of course, pop your w, easy stuff. You should level after kill the wolves, get your q and head to the blue golem. Make sure to have ignite and smite. Pop a potion if your mid or low

At golem, initiate with your q, then e, then pop your w, pop a potion. Then use smite then ignite in sequence. While the ignite is not neccesary, it keeps you at higher health and makes it less of a close call. After kill blue golem, head back to golems (No smite required) And then head back and buy your ninja tabi. Which will help you with lizard.

After going back you do not need any potions, but you may need your ninja tabi. Now head to lizard. Lizard will need to be smited, but not ignited, it just helps. Lizard is easy, just pop all your skills on him. Then after that head to wraiths, wolves. If you see a gank, go for it

PLEASE NOTE DO NOT GANK WITHOUT RED BUFF OR RYLAIS UNLESS THEY ARE INSANELY LOW. Diving is easy with morde, with his shield. Also note do not be selfish, please help out your mid or solo or even your lane with two people if they need it. You should stop jungling when you feel the need to. Morde is a insane early game person, dealing a lot of damage with your rushed rylais, then your damage fades late game, and you become an invincible tank.

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Pick up advanced smite of course, by sacrificing tenacity because it's not that effective as morde. Max ardor because its great early game now. You absolutely need the jungle masteries. I personally hate the defensive mastery because it's useless later game. Do not take it.

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Summoner Spells

Why ignite and smite? Ignite complements your ult so much. And smite is necessary for this jungler. Other stuff you can take is teleport... Heres a trick place a ward near the enemys golem or lizard, teleport it, and smite to steal and run away. You can also take fortitude in extreme cases if your selfish and want to stay jungling and a person for a lane is missing. So you can have a insanely strong tower... or you could protect yourself.

Ghost is also insanely effective for morde, I usually take it with most of my junglers because you get to towers fast, good kser, good for running away, good for not letting someone get away.

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You do not have to follow this for this build to work, in fact for most tank builds I have no idea what i'm going to build until I see the other team.

Heres my reasoning.

Ninja tabi - Great if they have a lot of dps, and is awesome for jungling. If they have a lot of cc or casters, Don't feel shy to build your cloth armour into a aegis and buy merc treads instead of tabi.

Rylais - MORDE, Y U NO HAVE CC. Since he has none, give him some. This give so much hp and a slow, why wouldn't you take it? It helps your team out so much, and makes people rage from being slowed so often.

Sunfire - Really good armour, helps out for a little dps, and helps out being a hybrid tank instead of just being a dps tank or mag resist tank.

Force of Nature - Movement speed is pretty awesome, in between lanes you heal a lot. The main reason I get it is because it's such a good item with a lot of hp and it gives magic resist.

Banshees - "WHY THIS IT GIVES MANA MEANING ITS BAD FOR MORDE" My response is that it has an awesome passive for a carry or tank. You basically eat one spell, which actually can help you a lot because I don't know about you but you usually wait for your team mates to pop it off like if your malz or ryze. It gives a lot of hp and mag resist. If you really don't wanna get it get a guardians angel.

Thornmail - Don't you hate tryndamere? Or a fed yi? Or maybe even a insanely fed xin? Well thornmail stops a lot of this with it's immense amount of armour and the passive.

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Team Work

YOUR THE TANKKK. How do I initiate? Well if you have a better initiator like malphite, throwing your shield on him helps a lot. Then you running in. But if your the only tank Initiating is running in and throwing your ult on someone. IF your team is smart, they'll try and kill the ulted person. Try to throw it on their carry. I once lost because my friend kept getting focused because of mordes ult and he had a frozen mallet, noone could get away. Try and stand in the middle of things so you get focused, and not your carries.

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In conclusion

Being an awesome early and mid gamer dealing a huge amount of damage, then late game you soak all the damage up, mordekaiser is insanely dangerous and hurts your face... a lot. Please comment, and rate. I will update occasionaly, and maybe post a video.

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Special thanks

To Kelick for play testing. I told him morde could jungle.