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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Kitsuneh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kitsuneh

Mordekaiser, Spell Vamp is for Victory.

Kitsuneh Last updated on July 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Edits. Because I take constructive criticism well, not ragers~

[Edit 1; July 22nd]
All right, so my first edit to the build was the order in purchasing. Even though in lots of games I manage to build my Warmog's before anything else, this isn't always going to work. If you are fed enough to go ahead and do so, then by all means, feel free, but since that doesn't happen as often as the latter option, I've switched up the purchasing order. With this order you'll be able to run faster and deal more damage before you ever have the Warmog's, but either way works.

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Introduction and whatnot~

Welcome to my guide on Mordekaiser. This is my first guide, so don't be too harsh on it, I'll work out everything that needs worked out later. Also, I'm not so great with all the parts of the editor and guide builder, so I'll just let everything flow together for now and fix it up later when I have more time to look over everything.

Basically, I have built a Mordekaiser build that I have grown to love, and decided that I would share it with the rest of you, though I'm unsure if anyone will actually like it. I've ran this build in 3v3 and 5v5, and it works well in both, so without further adue, onto the guide!

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Runes, things I neglected until recently.

The runes I have chosen were actually for a different character at the time, but I've come to find them useful for Morde as well. The magic penetration allows you to fight better against those pesky tanks that build up magic resist (duh..). The armor is for obvious reasons, to beef yourself up a bit more without having to buy too much armor yourself, and the cooldown reduction runes.. The cooldown reduction was actually the main part of a different character, but I've found that the runes work well on Morde too. Since his skills are his main way of gaining his armor and getting health from the spell vamp, having cooldown reduction actually doesn't hurt at all. I have also worked out the masteries to have the cooldown reduction there as well.

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Masteries, better with more pages!

The masteries are kind of all over the place, but only to benefit the playstyle of this Mordekaiser build. 8/1/21 allows Morde to have his Exhaust and Ghost cooldown reduced by quite a bit, his skills to have additional cooldown reduction, both the summoner spells to have their related buffs from the masteries, and to get other nifty stuff. Not to much to say here, you can fine tune the masteries as you like, but I've given you what works out the best for me!

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Items, you just can't live without 'em.

All right, so this is where it starts to get a little tricky. The items that I've posted above are what I MOST GENERALLY get. These are not always the case. Hopefully you don't just read the top of the guide and conclude that that is what you're going to build as Morde. Of course, a lot of people do that, but anybody who is actually reading this will come away with a way better Morde build.

The first few items are completely necessary. They are what I ALWAYS get. Everything up until the the Deathcap is what you should always purchase, and in that order, on this Mordekaiser build. Morde is easier to take down early game with this build, but once you get your Warmog's you shouldn't die too often. Once you have your Deathcap, you're going to start working on items that are entirely situational.

The two items that I most frequently dispute over for Morde at spot five is either Thornmail or Spirit's Visage. If you are facing a heavy melee team, of course you're going to want to go for the Thornmail, but if you can get away with leaving that off of the list and getting the Spirit's Visage, you can heal yourself for far more with the spell vamp while also gaining some magic resist. If you want to run with high ability power, but need that extra big of armor, go ahead and switch that out for Zhonya's Hourglass. I've never strayed from my last item being the Hextech Gunblade, but you may have to if your team ends up relying on you to be more of a tank. Even if you stick with the Gunblade, you're likely to be able to keep yourself alive for quite a while in teamfights, due to the massive amount of spell vamp that you will have and the magic damage you will be able to dish out while also keeping your shield up.

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Skill Sequence and the How-to on using them.

The first thing you're going to want to do is keep your shield up. Always try to enter team fights with your shield up, always. If it's a 1v1, you're likely to be safe to just attack them, but it's always nice to have that extra hp, right? Every fight I enter I start of by either using my cone, or by using Creeping Death. Either way, you're going to be using both in a short period of time, so order doesn't really matter. When you run into a team fight, make sure to throw your cone onto as many people as possible. If you're the main tank/fighter, always place Creeping Death on yourself. It's okay to be greedy. ^^ Mace of Space I don't max out because it doesn't do enough early on and doesn't charge up Morde's shield as fast as the cone does once maxed out. Siphon of Destruction (cone) can be used on a ton of minions to quickly and easily build up your shield, so make sure to max it first. Creeping Death is just nice to have. Early game you can throw it on your own minions to damage enemy minions while also giving yourself some armor/shield.

Children of the Grave I use sparingly. I always see Morde's instantly run into fights and throw it on someone, but I think that that is rather a waste of such an awesome skill. Having an extra character fighting along side you is always a benefit, so use your other skills first, and when someone is less than half hp, throw it on them and pursue them. You're likely to get the kill and win yourself a pet that you can throw at turrets to tank for you and your team when minions just aren't quite there yet.

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Summoner Spells, and why I chose them.

Ghost and Exhaust. First of all, with the buffs that they get from the masteries, they become even more deadly/evasive.

Ghost: This spell can be used two different ways. When you're low on hp (which is likely to never be so..) you can run away. If someone is low on health and is running from you, well, guess what? Your getaway spell just turned into a pursue spell.

Exhaust: This one can be used the same two ways. Low on hp? No worries, this will slow them down and allow you to have a better chance of getting away. On the other hand, if you are ready to duke it out with them and they are dealing just tooooo much damage, throw this on them and you'll eat them alive.

I see a lot of Morde's use ignite, why? I don't know. Personally, ignite is just not my spell. Mordekaiser's ult does enough damage over time itself, so you really shouldn't need ignite anyway, but I guess if you really want that kill and really want to do that extra damage, grab yourself ingite, but remember you're giving up two spells that can be used multiple ways to benefit you and your team.

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I guess this is the end?

The scores aren't so great, but the victories matter! I'm relatively new to Mordekaiser, so thanks you for looking at my guide! ^^

Well, this is mostly what I have to offer. I don't really know what else to say, but good luck and have fun summoners!