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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omni1167

Mordekaiser The Heavy Metal Skull Smasher

Omni1167 Last updated on August 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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OK so this is my first build. Mordekaiser has been one of my favorite champs since i first started playing. He has great survivability and does great damage. He can also solo lane against most champions (Try to avoid Heimidinger and Zilean if your gonna solo, it might just be me, but i find them to be 2 of the hardest champs for Mordekaiser to fight especially Zilean). This build tries to focus on making Mordekaiser a tank who can put out a lot of DPS.


So for the build I went Utility and offense because the defense build has very few things that seem useful especially for a tank that doesn't use mana. The 6 extra armor and magic pen seems quite useless so is defense mastery and harden skin. The extra health is nice but isn't worth wasting points on worthless skills to get the 60 extra health (you can just get health runes to make up for the health). Ardor effects atk speed and ap, the atk speed is useless on mordekaiser since your mostly using your siphon of destruction but the extra ap is kinda nice since it does increase the damage your spells do. Tenecity is really nice, but not worth getting since it requires 20 points in defense and only like 10 points worth of stuff is even useful on Mordekaiser. Utility seems to be the best choice to go whether your using Mordekaiser as a tank or dps. Utility provides a lot that can benefit Mordekaiser, but your choice in what skills you want are Very limited. CD reduction allows you to cast siphon and mace a lot more and keep your shield up and put out damage, it provides health regen which is a must since your attacks cost health, and the movement speed can help with chasing and fleeing.

Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I've chosen are ignite and ghost. Ghost is great for fleeing or chasing which can get you a kill or not die. Ignite along with children of the grave is a great combo doing more damage than expected, can help land the kill if you seem to have a habit of using Children of the grave a little early and having the enemy run away with about 100 health ignite will stop that from happening. Also it helps prevent them from healing through your children of the grave. Other summoner spells you may want to use instead would be flash or exhaust. I don't see flash being better than ghost unless your near a wall and just use it to flash over it to get away. Exhaust isn't a bad choice over ignite, if your not afraid of them healing out of your ult or you not weakening them enough, since it slows them down weakens them allowing you to hit them with an extra siphon and mace before it wears off. If you choose one of these over ignite or flash, obviously put the point i have in deadliness in improved exhaust and the point i have in ghost into blink of an eye.

Rune Build

Quintessence of Fortitude - (does provide less health than the health per lvl, but the difference isn't to significant and these can help you out more early and mid game than the health per lvl).

Greater Mark of Insight - (provides magic pen causing your spells to do more damage)

Greater Seal of Vitality (health per lvl is much better than the fortitude seals since you break even at lvl 13)

Greater Glyph of Celerity ( cd reduction per lvl reason for this over flat cd reduction is same as the seals of vitality. CD reduction along with the these runes means way faster spell casts and you'll get your ult up faster, which means if you take someones soul more often which can help tank towers.)

Item Build

I start off with regrowth pendant since the health regen recovers the health you use when you use moves. I know some people start with dorans shield, which i find to be a waste and your better off working on Wormogs armor from the start since it is kinda costly as a first item. When i recall for the first time i usually get my speed boots and 1 of the 2 items left to build wormogs. Once you get your wormogs and spell pen boots start working on force of nature with than and wormogs your health regen is ridiculous. Next i get raduins omen, which has a built in exhaust which is really nice and one of the reasons i dont get exhaust as a spell. Usually i don't get past randuins, but when i do i get 2 sunfire cloaks since with those plus your creeping death spell you do a ton of damage to any nearby enemy (watch out for towers cuz they will atk you if a champ gets hit by your cloaks.

Based on your situation you may want to get mercury treads if the other team has a lot of cc and banshees veil worked in at some point to fight against a heavy caster team. If you think you are gonna do good in the match grab Leviathan over Warmogs Armor due to it giving just as much health at a cheaper cost, but still take a regrowth pendant as your starting item.



OK so in 3v3s you want to solo lane. Why because you can out lvl the enemy easily. while once you hit about lvl 4 or 5 jump back and forth between the top jungle and your lane because mordekaiser can drop jungle creeps in a second with his 3 spells allowing you to hit 18 by the time the enemy solo laner hits about 14 give or take a lvl


You can do mid in 5v5 but usually there are others who are better for the job in a 5s and since you cant really jungle you might as well lane top or bottom. If there is a jungler on your team TAKE THE SOLO LANE since you can drop a group of minions in a second and hold your own against 2 enemies quite easily.

End of Guide Tips

Children of the Grave steals health

If an enemy is hugging a turret toss you creeping death on a minion, preferably one of the strong minions to do some damage to them.

Your Soul minion benefits from your mace of spades spell

He can win a 1v3 with children of the grave if he can drop the enemy targeted with it fast enough

Mordekaiser is pretty damn OP if played right and is a big KSer