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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blacksoul178

mordekaiser , The Iron Man!

blacksoul178 Last updated on June 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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WARNING: This Is Not A Lanning Build, This Build IS Meant To Be Played SOLO!!!!!
For Best Result, Use In TT

one of the most common thing youll hear using this build :
GG Mord Carry

Summoner Skills:
Ignite:with ult , its like free kills early in game
ghost: good for running out , tower diving , etc, i realy like it cause i have the habit of being reckless with mord and jump in like a ****** whenever i can :)

siphon of desctruction: all the way till max ASAP, godly for farming , and survival

mace of spades : 2nd most important skill (other then ult) as it will allow you to destroy waves of adds(along with siphon) easily hence pushing faster, and getting more gold ( more gold bad ? hell nah :P)

children of the grave: well yeh... pretty much is an overpowered ult

creeping death: pretty useless early in game , thats why i max it as last skill and dont put a point into it before everything else is max, yes it gives defense and damages nearby ennemies , but not even close to as much as mace or siphon, also pretty useless in 1v1,2v2

How to use the skills:

mace of spades has a pretty decent range , so you can often use it to hit mobs and make it bounce to heroes, other then that , in 1v1 or team fights , this skill is golden !

siphon of destruction , is your main skill , you will spend your time spamming it , for every target it hits, your shield gets a flat ammount of hp + 25 % of your damage

children of the grave: there is 2 ways to use this skill , if you dont realy get targetted , then i suggest igniting/ulting , one of their top dps to burst him down as fast as possible , and that way you will get a good pet to follow/kill stuff and tower dive for you

the other way , wich is more usefull in 5v5 , is to set your ult on the ennemy tank ( lots of hp ? means lots of damage and healing received !) this will make you about invincible for 8 seconds, along with your shield wich gets boosted extremely easy with siphon/mace

creeping death , i usualy use this skill when farming mobs, or when initiating a team fight , extra defence and aoe damage is always good

how to play mord:

Right out of the gate

Buy a rejuvenation bead, and 4 health pots
play mord semi defensive (depending on your teammate), try to farm as much minnions as you can while harassing the ennemie team ( mace and siphon)

this should go well , and you shouldnt have any problem surviving at this point unless your reckless/dont know what your doing.
at 1100 golds , go back to town to get spirit visage

early game

Your early game starts when you get your spirit visage, play a little bit more aggressive (if you can) but dont risk nothing at this point , your still a slow runner and one mistake could give you a 0/1/0

your next stop , at town should be at ~ 1300 /1750 golds , at wich point you will buy a pair of ninja tabi's and start building warden's armor

mid game:

you should be about lvl 7-8 at this point , your lane tower should be down , and you should probably have 1-2 kills , (more if youve been ganking, but not suggested if your partner doesnt know what hes doing, is bad a defending a tower, real wins come from destroying towers, not killing ennemies)

start ganking , at this point you can go in pretty ******ed and not care about much , as long as theres minion near you , you will survive about anything

next stop : 1740 gold, or more, wardens/heart of gold(randuin's omen)

late game

at this point , your indesctructible (not realy but any casters will run from you) gank , push towers, make sure your in the team fights, remember your a tank ,and one of the most hated characters so you will be focused down alot, this is were your ult is game breaking, put your ult on the ennemie player with most life (to mord, an ennemy tank is like a big health potion) and your team will love destroying the other team while you take all/nearly all the damage

Items , The Tough Part!

as were now in late game , you have 3 items, randuin, spirit visage, and ninja tabi , you got about 40% magic resist and approximately 150+ armor with rundin .you should be roughtly lvl 13

what to get next ? and how to know wich one in what case ?

its realy simple,

if the ennemie team is hard on the physical dps, thornmail is the way to go (if its a full phys dps , your whole team should have it , but i wouldnt count too much on that) thornmail will kick you up to ~ 296 armor , wich is 74 % physical damage reduction, AkA you dont die so fast anymore

if your team is having problems pushing towers down, starks fervor is the way to go. why stark ??? 40 % attack speed, + 20 % to teammate, along with a nice 30 HP/5, (ok make that 37 with your spirit visage) also , theres a nice -20 ennemie armor,(yeh i know , if you check my 2 other builds , im a fan of stark:P) and yeh... in 1v1 , mace of spades hits for roughtly 300-400 , take 20 % of that as healing received, with a 3.52 sec cd mace

if the ennemie team has alot of range, kiters,runners etc (ashe, teemo , tristania, yi) i suggest to go with the frozen malet , that slow it has on , will get you kills alot easyer then you ever thought you could get, and that 20 damage+700 hp , is a pretty sexy bonus

if you get fed , these items should be your final build , all around ,

Tips :
early in game, red lizard buff will greatly help with ganks ,

also , dont worry if you waste your ult on an annemie and he doesnt die , it happens alot, and you will need practice to learn when to send it along with ignite, see this on the bright side if you fail on casting it , your ult maybe saved you from getting mobed, getting destroyed by the turret or just another hero

dont be affraid to use ghost to catch up to your group/lane partner if you died or if you backed, the cd on it is relatively low, and, you should be strong enought not to need it to run out of a fight,

well thats about what i can think about now , but i might add some more if i think of anything

please feel free to add ConStruCtive Comments/tips and rate the build