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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Willibe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Willibe

Mordekaiser the Tank is 'Legandary'?

Willibe Last updated on February 7, 2012
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I would like to announce that Mordekaiser is still viable to play and still a lot of fun. To be honest, I like the changes they made to him because it makes him more challenging as a player and it gets rid of the fact that Mordekaiser should EVER tank because he’s not a tank. Personally I only see one way to play him now and that’s to go straight up ability power.

My win rate this week is around 75-80% which is awesome! The games I lost were because people expected me to tank when they should of read the patch notes. I would try games without a tank or games where I was forced to duo lane with someone and this is a fail idea. I will cover all this as we go on, but first, I would like to go over the patch notes.


Iron Man

Iron Man is the reason why Mordekaiser is different than any other champion. The ability to charge up a shield that will soak damage instead of your health points is amazing! This passive has saved my *** so many times and I have won many team fights keeping this ability up. It's important to understand that this passive is based on how much armor and magic resist you have. In other words, the more armor and magic resist you have, the harder it is to get rid of your shield. This is key to being successful with Mordekaiser.

Mace of Spades

Mace of Spades is lighting up your mace and smacking someone in the face (wasn’t trying to rhyme lol) I like to use this ability to deal a bit more damage to my enemy champions or farm and charge up my shield a little more. If you hit the closest minion to you, it will send a shockwave of three bits to the next three nearest targets. Try to use this to your advantage by hitting enemy champions with the aftershock if all they do is kite you. It deals the most damage when charged up and smacked on the enemy champion.

Creeping Death

Creeping Death is your defensive ability, but can be used to deal damage the same time. Shards of metal surround you giving you increased armor and magic resist while damaging opponent around you. Even if you’re not colliding with the enemy just yet, the increase armor and magic resist will help you a lot if you’re focused. You can also throw this onto other allies that are being focused if they need the extra armor and magic resist. Remember that ALT + W will apply this baby onto you instead of clicking.

Siphon of Destruction

Your ranged harassment. This ability should be maxed first. Harassing with this ability at level 1 is poor, but once at level 2, the damage is noticeable and if done every 6 seconds it will diminish their health. Every six seconds, run back into the minion wave and attempt to hit the enemy champion and minions together.

Children of the Grave

I personally think this is by far the most important ability to learn how to use and to understand. It deals damage and heals over time. In WoW terms, it’s a DoT and it’s HoT on you (pun intended lol). There are two methods of using this ability:

-Using it for survivability purposes
-Using it for having a ghost pet


If you’re using it for survivability purposes and need hit points throughout a battle, I would throw this on the tank of their team. Now why in God’s name would I ever do that? Because Children of the Grave takes a % of health from the target which means the more health a target has, the more health you’ll damage off your target. The best kinds of characters to do this on are on tanks. Plus, most tanks don’t go down easy and the duration of the ability is 10 seconds. Every second means more health for Mordekaiser. If you need all the health you can get, you should apply it to the tank because you’re doing the most amount of damage to a player who normally stays alive the longest keeping your Children of the Grave ticking for health.

Ghost Pet

If you’re using it to get a ghost pet, then you’re looking for an extra champion to play with as your pet. This ability is your ace in the hole where you get a pet to attack and defend for you. If Children of the Grave is on your target upon death, you receive their ghost as your new teammate for around half a minute. By taking down one of their champions changes the scenario from a 5v5 to a 6v4 which is really nice. This ability should always be used first and then followed by an ignite. You want the healing effects from your ult while you’re taking damage so it should be cast first plus the duration is longer than ignite. Here’s a list of what are the best choices for using this ability on.

Best Characters for damage (Ranged Attack Damage)

- Ashe
- Caitlyn
- Corki
- Ezreal
- Kog'Maw (AD)
- Miss Fortune
- Sivir
- Teemo (AD)
- Tristana
- Twisted Fate (AD)
- Twitch
- Urgot
- Vayne

Good Characters for damage (Melee Attack Damage)

- Akali
- Irelia
- Jax
- Kassadin
- Kayle (AD)
- Lee Sin
- Master Yi
- Nocturne
- Olaf
- Pantheon
- Renekton
- Shaco
- Sion (AD)
- Trundle
- Tryndamere
- Warwick (AD)
- Wukong
- Xin Zhao
- Yorick

Anything else not listed is Tank or Ability Power oriented

Out of all honesty, it’s good to get a ghost no matter what because it will help in any shape or form. If a burst caster such as Annie or Brand are really fed and killing your team fast, focus them. No they’re not AD character, but it’s best to get rid of BIG threats toward your team. It’s not a total waste either. By having their ghost, your AP increases by 20% which helps a lot for AP Mordekaiser.

How to Use Your Ghost

I have seen many Mordekaisers that don’t use their ghost at all and it sickens me. I have played different characters and watch my ally Kaiser have a ghost and it just sits there like a rock, does nothing… I’m going to have to assume it’s because not many people know how to control it and use it. It’s very simple really, all you have to do is hold in the ALT button, then click where you want him to go or where to attack. It may take some practice to get good at switching back and forth, but once mastered you will become such a better player. Anytime I have a ghost and there are no casualties on my side, I run straight to the closest turret and deal as much damage as I can with it. There’s something VERY important to keep in mind. Whenever your ghost deals damage to another champion (and this includes Creeping Death on it) the turret will focus Mordekaiser. To keep this from happening, just keep Mordekaiser outside the turret’s attack range and you won’t ever be the focus.