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League of Legends Build Guide Author Retsudrats

Mordekaiser - The unstoppable tank

Retsudrats Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is not only my first build on Mobafire, it is my first guide. So if its short, that is because it is meant to be. There is not much to say about this build or how to use it. Ill make it simple. You will not only have more Health in total with this build then anyone on either team, but you will as well have the most Armor and Magic resist in total out of anyone on either team. Your main purpose, is to tank. You are to be the god of your team and take damage for as long as you can before calling everyone back, and with this build, odds are, you will be the last one standing.


Total Gold - 12,000

Average time w/o being fed - about 50 minutes (your average 5v5)

Advantage - Due to it being a rather cheap build, all items will be achieved rather quickly, thusly, if the game continues after all the items have been bought, it never hurts to buy potions. Ive had over 4500 hp this way. As well, Warmog's Armor is your most expensive item at 3,000.


Gragas - 230 armor 130 magic resist, 3400 health.

Mordekaiser(Me) 210 armor - 239 magic resist(mercury treads) - 4200 health

As you can see, while he takes less physical damage, it is not by a lot, where as he will take a substantial amount more of magical damage. Not to mention the 1k extra health is always a lot better.


Aegis Shield - This will be your first item to build. The problem is, you do not have 2,000 gold to buy it at the start. This is where your mental processing comes in. Based upon the enemy composition you will either get aNull-Magic Mantel or aCloth Armor, as well, no matter which item you pick, never forget to pick up aHealth Potion.
Boots of Speed come next. There is not much to say here. Boots are always changeable in every game. If the enemy has a lot of CC, I recommendMercury Treads, if they don't, but still have a lot of magic damage over attack damage, then get those. If you can't catch up to the enemyBoots of Swiftness orBoots of Mobility. Last but not leastNinja Tabi for those times when you need just a little more avoidance against those pesky physical damage dealers.
Warmog's Armor - This is probably what makes your build so great. Not only was it reduced in its overall cost, but its stats were boosted, making it by far one of the better items in this build. For starters,Giant's Belt should be the first item you get to build your Warmog's. Not this is still early game, if anything, before level 10 if you aren't soloing.Ruby Crystal orRegrowth Pendent can be bought in either order. Once you get your Warmog's Armor, its time to really start farming those minions and last hitting those champions if you can. This increases your health, as well as your minions.
Randuins Omen - This will be your fourth item, and is by far better then theThornmail. Why? 10 armor is not much of a lose, but 300 health, along with that 25 health per 5 is a huge gain. But what is even better is the cooldown reduction and the added effect that Mordekaiser lacks as compared to most tanks; a CC. This gives Morde a slow, whether it be the enemy hitting you, or the active, Mordekaiser now has a slow. Not to mention its an AoE slow. What more could you ask for in an item for Mordekaiser? To start off, getWarden's Mail, this can be built from either of its two items, so its your choice, but I recommendChain Vest for the fact 45 armor, is better then 8 health per 5. After Warden's Mail get yourHeart of Gold, or, since Randuin's Omen is already going to be relatively cheap at that point, get the Randuin's Omen if possible.
Force of Nature - This is fifth, though in all honesty, Randuin's Omen and this could probably be switched in the order to build them. No reason to get armor first, if the enemy has 4 magic dealers and 1 physical damage dealer, but that would mean giving up your only CC. Force of Nature give you a great deal of magic resist, as well as a lot of HP per 5.Negatron Cloak comes first in the build, and the twoRegrowth Pendents afterwords. Magic resist is far better then HP per 5 in my opinion. There is not much else to say about this item once your get it, other then the amazing health regen, no more needing to recall.
- Is going to be your last item. While many may say it doesn't fit, I say other wise. 30 magic resist is grand, and gives you the balance for your overall damage reduction. Not to mention the CDR withRanduin's Omen allows you to cast everything sooner, meaning more shield, and more pets. Lets face it, with 4200 hp, your pet, even with the slight nerf, still gains a great deal, and thusly, that is one more unit for your team who can tank towers. or dish out damage. Personally I never have the chance to buy the two items to go into Spirit Visage, but that is because its a cheap item. Though for starters, getNull-Magic Mantle, since magic resist is better then 8 health per 5.
Guardian Angel - Is a possible replacement for Spirit Visage, though you lost the CDR, which comes in handy, and 200 health. As well, if you died with 4200 hp, odds are 750 won't help to much, though with being as tanky as you will be with the extra armor and magic resist. 750 can turn into 3,000 in the end because of how little you take. So its up to you, though remember, it does cost about twice as much as the Spirit Visage. A super con to this is that, your enemies know you have it, and will most likely target/gank you when you revive.
Elixir of Fortitude - Get this every chance you can after all your items have been built. This gives a great deal extra of HP, as well as some attack damage for that there Mace of Spades.
Elixir of Brilliance - Get this every chance you can after all your items have been built. This gives a decent amount of AP for all your skills, as well as some more highly needed CDR.
Elixir of Agility - Get this after you have built all your items and have obtained the other two Elixirs. This will give you a boost in your attack speed, which will allow you to cause more damage, which is nice with the added Attack Power from the Elixir of Fortitude. Crit means almost nothing on Mordekaiser, but it never hurts.

Iron Man - Your passive, and the thing that grants you almost all your shield. This is what makes Mordekaiser Mordekaiser, and as well makes him very tanky. Unlike in previous patches, the passive now starts low, roughly 20%, and 30% by late game.
Siphon of Destruction - Is your first skill, no matter what. This will help you harass your enemy beyond all means, and if anything, make them mad. And even if you run low on health early game, you have that health pot to stay around even longer. This is also your best farming technique.
Mace of Spades - To me, this is the second skill, and from my experience, this targets champions over minions. So hitting a minion means the enemy will be hit if they are in range. So that means even more harassment, something that irritates everyone since Mordekaiser does a tone of damage over the length of early game. It is as well good for farming like Siphon of Destruction. It also resets your auto attack. ^_~
Creeping Death - Something that makes you even more tanky, and can be your third or second skill to obtain. A bonus is, if casted upon yourself, you receive a bonus to your armor/magic resist. Though something cool is, casting it on a minion, best used against a tower. Toss it on a minion or teammate, and watch your shield skyrocket. Something to harass the enemy champions at their towers without the need to be hit by the tower. This is also a better then Sunfire Cape(s). At max level its 80 damage a second, two Sunfire Capes for a short period of time.
Children of the Grave - I don't think I need to say anything on this. With the new remake of it, it takes a little more precise timing, but you deal half the damage instantly, meaning they could die the moment you cast it, giving you a pet instantly. Get this skill when ever you can, as its going to be needed throughout the entire game.

Even though I made the Skill Sequence, its your choice of what you get. Children of the Grave will always be taken whenever its available, Siphon of Destruction first and probably needs to be leveled to max after you obtain the other two skills. Make sure to always get one point in all your skills with Siphon of Destruction first before you start leveling anything else up. Outside of that, level them up as you see fit.

Greater Mark of Resilience - You need armor, your a tank, and the more you have early game the better. These are the second best Armor Runes in the game.
Greater Seal of Vitality - The best Health Runes in the game, come level 5, these are as good as the ones that don't stack per level.
Greater Glyph of Warding - The best Magic Resist Runes in the game in my opinion, the more Magic Resist early game, the better you can farm.
Greater Quintessence of Revive - Possibly what will get me called a noob, but I don't care. You are the tank, and you need to be dead for as little as possible, assuming you die in the first place. Having 3 of these add up to a higher percentage then the mastery when maxed out.
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness - Its come to my attention that if you don't wish to use the Greater Quintessence of Revival, that it can be replaced with these to have an equal effect. These allow you to get back to the fight faster after respawn, so it saves times, and is a constant effect. A good alternative for if you are confident enough to never die.



You need that final mastery in Defense. Why? 4% damage reduction, which means you now take even less damage, not to mention, you get extra resistance from the first few masteries. You take 0 in Utility cause the only one you would need their is the reduced time dead, but your runes cover that plus add a little more. 9 in Offense, to give you that just a bit more dps to help you build that shield up. The 4th point in Offense is debatable, if you use exhaust then keep it in that mastery, if not, put it in the crit mastery.

Summoner Spells
Exhaust - Gives Mordekaiser a CC, as well, with the mastery, reduces the enemies armor and magic resist. Allowing your teammates to beat them to death. Not to mention the 100% miss chance.
Ignite - Your best, if not mandatory summoner spell, works wonders with your ulti, allowing you to dish out even more damage to make sure they die and you gain a pet.
Ghost - Possibly the best combo when it comes to Ignite. Ignite has a smaller range then your Ulti, so using ghost to catch them to ignite or even attack them with Siphon of Destruction is always a good way to get a kill. Not to mention its a fine get-a-way.
Teleport - Your the tank, you need to get from one side of the map to the other, so whats the fastest way to do that, teleport.
Fortify - A little added tank spell when it comes to defending. In my opinion works best with Teleport, allowing you to push the enemy away from one tower, while teleporting to another to defend that one. A great way to save a tower, allowing your teammates just enough time to get to it, push, or to stop a back dooring enemy.


-A god among tanks, only late game though due to the nerf.
-Far superior in Health, Magic, and Armor Resist
-Survivability Late game.
-High DPS with a pet
-Cheap and effective tanking build, all items obtained before anyone else.
-High movement speed, almost 400.
-You can tank the obelisk, don't believe me? Make a practice game, I bet you can take over 10 hits.


-Very little DPS w/o a pet, lets face it, your a tank, but your Mordekaiser.
-K/D/A Ratio may not be what you want it to be, but your a tank. You should make up for it in Assists.
-Shut down early game, the build is still viable, but you wont be a god till late game.
-Will die atleast 6 times before you become useful
-Due to nerf you are now bad in a lane even with a skilled partner. You will now need to tower hug more often.

Notes: Dont play Mordekaiser unless you are willing to put up with constant deaths early game. While you may not intentionally feed, you wont hit your shield cap until mid/late game. Even with hitting a mace of spades, a siphon of destruction, and creeping death, it will be hard to generate shield early game. So expect to tower hug, or die. Solo laning is no longer possible, and harassing with a partner is no longer viable cause you cant exactly extend that far or it means certain death. Until your shield rate is 25/30%. Come late game, you will once more be as OP as you use to be. Assuming you dont get raped to hard in the beginning because of the nerf. :/

I do apologize if its hard to read due to the item icons, I tried to make it has easy to understand by giving both the names and images. If there are enough comments, ill change it as needed.