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Mordekaiser Build Guide by ShaggyTurtle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShaggyTurtle

Mordekasier es #1

ShaggyTurtle Last updated on March 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, ShaggyTurtle here, most of you probably don't know me. And by most I mean about 99.99% of you. This is my first build ever and I'm doing it on my main champ that I've pulled off miracles with, the #1, Mordekaiser. This build is usually what I use and just about every team fight I get into, I leave with at least a triple. I have never lost a match with Morde and this build will hopefully help you to accomplish this <3

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Pros / Cons

- Great damage dealer
- Gets pretty tanky
- His shield lets him take no damage if you have it filled
- Ulti the AD carry, wreck everything
- He es numero uno
- Very good pusher

- Blows himself up if not careful in using his abilities
- Susceptible to CC
- Easily focused
- Has low sustain until you get your Revolver

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The reason I picked Greater Mark of Potency, is because of the instant AP that will help you with the creeps and probably snag a first blood kill when the game starts. Greater Seal of Force is because of the late game extra AP you benefit from, and Greater Seal of Strength because you get some extra damage on your Mace Of Spades. Greater Glyph of Insight is in case the enemy team's tank decided to start building Magic Resist, you'll just shred right through it :3 Greater Quint of Force just adds to your total AP and means more damage.

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I know 22/0/8 might seem odd but it actually works just fine. Not really much to explain though, but the extra second off of your Recall sometimes saves you and the benefits you get when Ignite is on cooldown.

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Gives you that extra HP and Armor for more sustain early game and that HP regen helps you get some of that HP you lost casting your spells. You sell this eventually though to make room for the other items you're gonna want.

Kind of self-explanatory. A lot of Morde's I've played against CONSTANTLY died because they would fail to get any Spell Vamp whatsoever. Spell Vamp is what Mordekaiser absolutely needs to stay alive. I cannot stress that enough. Eventually this item builds into the Gunblade
Honestly I prefer these boots over Soc. Shoes just because it lets me spam my abilities faster, I mean the Magic Pen on Soc Shoes is great, but I'd rather have lower cooldowns. That's what the runes are for.

Rylai's is a great AP item overall. +500 HP? Thank you. +80 AP? Why not? A 35% slow? F*CK YEAH

The FoN, the most potent item that gives you Magic Resist. This item adds to the HP you get back from the Spell Vamp. The health regen on this item is crazy good and helps you live longer in team fights and stuff. Honestly I love this item. It's so great. So good. SO GOOD. SO ******* GOOD. SO MOTHER F*CKING ******* GOOOOOOOOOODGHRESJKTuHJTFULKJUYTD. No but seriously, this is an amazing item.

The Hextech Gunblade. Oh my gawd the Hextech Gunblade. There's a reason they've had to nerf this item twice. The Gunblade gives you +20% Spell Vamp and +15% Life Steal. Doesn't seem like much right? WRONG THIS WILL SAVE YOUR A*S TIME AND TIME AGAIN. No but srsly this item is amazing on Morde. The hybrid stats benefit his Mace of Spades very well. Also the Life Steal + Spell Vamp will give you health no matter what ability you use. Really great item.

This item gives you more damage on your W (Creeping Death or Molecular Shield as I like to call it (for those who get the reference I love you forever)) and gives you a nice amount of health so you could be a little more tanky.

"That Morde has a funny looking hat o-- MY LIFE BAR WTF" This item right here will make your damage sky rocket. It's not even funny how much damage you'll be doing after you get a Deathcap. Just a great item in general and will add damage to all your spells and you will get more HP in return when you hit people with your spells.

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Skill Sequence

Nothing much to say here. Just max your E first, then your Q, then W. Be sure to get your Ulti whenever you can though (lvl 6, 11, 16). Your E is your main source of damage and long range poke. Your Q does decent damage as well and is your close up ability. Your W gives you bonus armor and magic resist and gives you a little extra damage. Your Ulti is insane. Gives you health for the damage done to the target, lets you take their soul and use it against them, and synergies amazingly well with Ignite

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Summoner Spells

I picked Ghost over Flash because it just seems to work better on Morde. Flash isn't as reliable as Ghost seeing as if you use it and miss, you're done. Ghost is a lot more reliable to catch up to people in that sense because of the fact Ghost lasts a while instead of being an instance thing like Flash.

Ignite is a great spell. It works especially well on Morde because of his Ulti. Enemy has low health? Ulti + Ignite combo guaranteed death.

These are pretty much the only Summoner Spells you'll use on Morde except for maybe Flash over Ghost but that's about it

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This about sums up this Mordekaiser guide. Be sure to comment and vote <3 Just remember that Morde needs Spell Vamp to survive and that if he gets the AD carry with his ulti, you pretty much get free kills just by sending in your ghost. Hope this guide helps you guys. I love you <3