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League of Legends Build Guide Author D9GEvokiller


D9GEvokiller Last updated on August 5, 2010
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- Notice, I wrote a book so unless you plan on reading it all don't comment saying things like "omg you wrote so much, I'm not going to read all that lawl noob".

I recommend starting with the regrowth pendant in health regen under defense.
You may not be able to afford anything else for awhile but if you play smart and defensive using 3 skill at the start you can hold off a lane solo even vs 2 other summoners.

3 skill is important to learn first and as quickly as possible stacked with magic penetration because it is your main way of obtaining your passive shield build in the quickest means, and with the pendant recovering your hp very quickly while keeping your passive shield up you can hold the lane 1-10 levels without having to go back to base, and if play a defensive stance you can feed a good 2500+ gold before needing to head back to town.
If you do need to go back to town I recommend getting sorcerer's boots to help your #3 skill damage increase.
AP build does increase its damage but since your main build is health and regen you don't have room for a proper AP build so any penetration will help much more than 40-100 AP.
Once you have your sorc boots work on giants belt for your first armor set, than your 2nd armor set sunfire cape.

When you have warmogs armor your health and regen, you will notice will be much greater.
Now you can work on sunfire cape, once you have sunfire cape stacked with a good health regen and health base increase, you will notice that you have over 2100+ health by level 12/13 now this is where you become strong mid game at farming minions and monsters, and you are nearly unkillable unless ganked and stunned/snared.

Keep farming and and get a mallet, than frozen mallet, now you are able to do push with your team.
Taking skills like ignite and ghost you are now extremely deadly with a frozen mallet over 3k health and a weapon that slows targets.
Harass enemies with skill 3 trying to catch minions in the cylinder.
Keep your 2 skill shield up when everything is cluttered together, I.E minions and enemies surrounding you.
With 2 sunfire capes and creeping death you are doing 100+ magic damage per second to anything near you building up your passive shield farming and creating assist kills without even knowing it.
By this time if the game is dragging on for 40+ minutes with fair sides and team play from both sides.
You are getting 15+ assists and with your AOE skills and frozen mallet you are mass slowing anything in your way. This is very dangerous if you have other champions in your team with slow and crowd control. This is where you shine the most.
When your team jumps into battle drop ignite and ulti on the main target, that person will die within seconds if your team organized to kill him/her.
once you have ur minion from your ulti, you carry the team hard scoring multi assists and kills while keeping your passive shield up.

This is where cooldown buffs/runes are important.

for your 6th item, you can either get force of nature if ur vs champions that use a lot of AP.

Or get Altma's impaler for extra defense and a good 100 damage boost based on your health.

Trinity force or Phantom Dancer are also very good if you have the gold for them, the quicker you are the more deadly you are, and with 5k health and over 170 defense you'll get away from most ganks as long as your not stupid :).

Boots of swiftness instead of sorcerers boots is a good idea also if you are against all range/assasins.

but skilling 1 point in utility for ghost usually makes up for that if you use ghost only in getting away from enemies and not being greedy to chase.

Ulti and ignite should be more than enough to take care of runners on low health.
Save ghost for emergency get away.
This way you will have the least deaths.

Having 21 points in defense or utility is pointless, your main defense is your passive shield. You don't need utility your already one of the strongest minion farmers in game, you don't need mana. The only benefit I see in utility is cool down, but that is a waste of mastery points that you can replace with runes.

I recommend all of those items though.
The two items that can be switched around is the boots and force of nature.
Trinity force, atma's impaler, blood thirster, phantom dancer, are also well suited.
Depending on what you need a bigger boost of.
This champion is very universal.