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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lintho

Morg of DOoOoOm

Lintho Last updated on June 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This morgana build is going to be simple, and easy to achieve simply because her ability to farm is amazing and she can really put out some serious damage these days. (I apologize, while doing the skills they got messed up somehow and the site wont let me fix it. Ideally you want to have your soil 1/2 ranks above your binding, but dont fall too far behind on the binding)

Ill start with summoner spells:
You need, Ignite + Clarity

Ignite = Having improved ignite is very nice because it gives you a +10 ap bonus which really is great for morg. All the ap you can get the better it will be, especially now that her dark binding does full dmg on impact. Ignite is also great for that guy that just gets outta your binding/pool with a slivir of hp, ignite him and peace it.

Clarity = Morg isnt exactly mana efficient. Yes, shes a caster, yes you can get mana regen for her, and you'll have the masteries, but if your aggressive, and wanna make moniez, then your gunna go through mana fast. Get clarity, use it at the right time. (IE enemy thinks your oom, gets u into a pinch, CLARITY, pool+binding = spell vamp + dmg, tables have turned) This will also help if your partnered with, preferably a shaco or a pantheon, if shacos blue rune falls off you can keep his mana up, and if pantheon doesnt get a meki, but goes for pure dmg, u can keep his mana up as well.

Masteries = 10/0/20 PEOPLE WILL SAY GREED WTF!!! But seriously, its 1 spare point, and the passive gold is nice to have. Especially when your in a 2v1, and the only thing you get to farm is the creeps that make it to your tower. No one should ever turn down free gold.

RUNES = Idk if i really have to explain this. Morg is about AP, thats about it. She doesnt need spell pen that much (like kat) because her damage isnt exactly bursty. You'll get enough spell pen from masteries+boots+voidstaff. You get people shackled on soil, and they take dmg over time. Max out your AP.

ITEMS = Dorans ring + 1 hp potion first, the stats/mana regen +10 ap = awsome, its a perfect item to help you stay in the lane and with ignite burned youll have over 20 Ap at lvl 1. Thats a ton for that level. Try not to use the HP potion early, use your spell vamp if you have to.

At 1100, get your sorc boots then start saving for the mejas (You'll love how fast you get stacks when your in team fights)

Your next item after mejas should be a ZHONYAS, yes its very expensive, but you can farm 3-5 creeps at a time. And if you get a few ***its, even kills, you should have the money in no time. This ring was MADE for morg....example, team fight. Let it start, dont blow your load too early, let your tanks get in there, about 2 seconds into the fight, when everyone is clumped, black shield yourself, ult, and follow them. THEY WILL FOCUS US, get to half hp, blow zonyas. BAM lots of stunned really hurt ppl. If you started your ult w/ them at half hp, you will penta kill. IT HAPPENS! (AT 18 w/ this build your ult will do 1700 dmg and STUN!!!)

At this point, if your team is doing well, and you feel confident in your binding/soil ability go for a VOID STAFF the extra pen will be great for you. If your team is strugln, and you see the enemy is gunning for you, get a rylai's the extra hp, and slowing effect with your ult will help you alot.

Either way, you need to have these items Mejas and Zonyas being your core items. Once your at this point, the game will prolly be over and your ability to support your team will be unmatched. For a 6th item, its really up to you, ask yourself if you need suvivablity or not, but if your like me and wanna just rape hard, get an Abyssal Scepter, its just gunna but hurt the enemy some more.

If you have shaco in your lane, or someone else that can burst hard (and will probably have exhaust) get binding first, and try to get them to use a clenase with it, so he can exhaust and kill (he will most likely get blue rune first then come down to you) so make it look like your gunna tower hump (DONT GO IN THE BUSHES ALONE) if your with people who cannot burst at lvl 1, soil first, for getn that back row of creeps farmed.

REMEMBER !! Soil does dmg the second u put it down, so u can use it as a nuke if someones run'n away, drop it right on them, it will do dmg, and they're run'n through it. Ive caught yi's tryn to escape into bushes, soil quick, he dies.

Early game, your job is really to farm up money, and defend your tower. Harass when you can, use your ignite when they're low maybe they'll burn an ignite, and if you have a good lane mate, get some kills. Dont be overly aggressive, a good melee enemy will shred you. Yes you have black shield, use it WISELY. If your lane mate is a moron, dont keep spamming shield on him. You'll go oom fast and thats mana you could use to farm.

MID GAME! You should have your zonyas almost done if not done by now. CHUG BLUE ELIXIRS!!!! anytime you have 300g layn around and your not near finishing an item, buy an elixir. IT HELPS SO MUCH. Look for team fights, try to not to engage, prep areas for your ulty, GET ACTIVE AND DO WORK!

LATE GAME. Your enemy now hates you more than anything in this world. Anytime they try to nuke someone down, you save with shield. ANytime they arent hiding behind a creep wave you binding/soil (with 400 ap, thats 90% of their hp gone) oh wait what creep wave, your soil drops all 6 in 3 seconds. Have your team get aggressive, dont be afraid to dive their towers YOU HAVE ZONYAS (just dont be an idiot about it)