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Morgana Build Guide by lefze

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lefze

Morgana- A beginners guide to Morg.

lefze Last updated on November 23, 2011
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Hello guys, i´m Lefze!
First I want to tell you that this is a guide for new morg/LoL players, but it definetly packs a punch despite all the survivability. But it also works in ranked/High summoner level, as many people play morg as a semi-tank, but you should change the runes and masteries a little if you dont like them. So dont comment negatively on the items/runes/masteries unless you think something could be done differently to make it easier AND more viable at the same time. Also, my intention with my guides is not to get top-rated and get creds but to help others. But voting is still encouraged. I´m writing my guides mainly in school lessons and in the night when im bored of gaming so there might be quite a few grammar/spelling mistakes. This is also because i´m not great at writing english as i´m from Norway.

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Pros / Cons


  • Semi-tank
  • Great farmer
  • No mana problems
  • Superb ganks
  • Nearly ungankable
  • Lots of CC
  • Great shield

  • Carries with banshees is a hard nut to crack
  • Snare is a skillshot
  • Countered with ignite
  • flash can ruin your ult (even after the nerf to flash)
  • People thinks morg is OP
  • needs farm

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Runes are not set in stone. These are the ones I used when I first played morg and still use. I recommend seasoned players to at least try them. For the new players that dont have all rune slots I recommend using the same runes in the highest tier available. If anyone needs an explanation on the function of runes, pm me.

Greater mark of Insight

Obvious choice for every AP champ in the game. Magic pen is important as you will deal x% more dmg. You have a chance of dealing true dmg against champs like Lux when you have completed the build.
Greater seal of replenishment

Greater seal of Replenishment

5 of these give 2.0 mp/5, which is enough when you have teleport. You might think its not needed because its a that small amount, but in combination with your masteries and dorans, its around 20-25 depending on level. This gives you enough mana regen to farm some minion waves when you are veeeery low on mana.

Greater seal of resilience

This is where i think some ppl might think "what a noob...". And if you do, feel free to put in 4 greater seal of replenishment or whatever you like instead. My reason for using these are that mid-game, when teleporting to anothere lane to farm, I usually kill the caster minions in the current wave and go behind the melee ones. Then I wait for the next wave so that they target ME so that they all get into range of my Tormented Soil. This way i can farm a lot easier while pushing to the turret in a matter of seconds. These block some of the damage the minions deal to you so that you wont get too low to push in fear of getting ganked.

Greater glyph of Force

AP per level is great for every ap champ. Its 30 xtra AP in lvl 18 not counting the bonus from rabadons.

Greater quintessence of Potency

Around 15 free AP at lvl 1. These are fantastic! with the other runes, masteries and dorans you will have a total of 35 ap at lvl 1, which is great. Gives you both damage and survivability thanks to spellvamp and your shield.

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Okay, you might wonder why i published an unfinished guide here on mobafire. This is because i want people to comment and tell me what they want to see in the guide and things i need to fix. I hope people understand this and are mature enough to give me constructive comments instead of downvoting me right away for publishing this