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Morgana Build Guide by yogurt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yogurt in depth guide

yogurt Last updated on August 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I played Morgana a long time ago....but ultimately stopped due to her inability to farm because of her weak,slow auto attack animation. Her "w" skill was a great farming tool, but she was not a viable champ in my opinion because she was completely dependent on her skills to farm. The recent update however improved her auto attack animation, allowing her to farm with ease with or without her skills. Because of this, I definitely see her as a viable champion and expect to see a much larger amount of Morgana players. Also this is my first guide, so give me good feedback:).

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Summoner Spells

Flash is essential to Morgana, keep it no matter what. Ignite is useful for early game kills but after that holds no real purpose other than disabling healers like Mundo or Swain. In my opinion the only other viable summoners are ghost and clairvoyance. Ghost can be useful to close the gap for your ultimate, but is not very necessary for escape. Your Black Shield stops all slows and disables, so simply running away will work most of the time. Pick up Clairvoyance if either team has a jungler and nobody else has CV on your team...obviously changing your masteries to pick up improved CV.

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Runes and masteries

Standard caster runes and masteries...take hp quints to give me some early survivability and also take full advantage of my passive spell vamp. Not much to say about that.

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Skill Sequence

Taking Dark Binding first allows me some great early CC in case of a lv 1 jungle fight. Also I find her tormented soil to be rather useless till leveled to lv 2 or 3...overall using lv 1 tormented soil will only drain your mana and you wont yield too much damage. I take my Black Shield at lv 4 usually...but if you find yourself laning against an aggressive alistar, bltzcrank, or caster I will take it at lv 3. If you are laning against someone with no CC or magic dmg, and you see no risk of being ganked, feel free to take Black Shield at lv 5 or even 7 to maximize your dmg output early. Maxing Tormented Soil first allows you to farm like a boss very easily. I max Dark Binding second for maximal dmg output.

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I take Doran's Ring me great early survivability and combined with my mana regen runes...almost endless mana. I will usually stay in lane as long as possible, due to my spell vamp and crazy mana pool. On my first trip back I prioritize Catalyst over Booots, finishing it as soon as possible. If I am unable to finish it, I will buy a health and mana pot, giving me the survivability to finish my Catalyst and Boots on my second trip back. Next I go for Rod of Ages. I make it my goal to finish it before the 20 min mark, usually I will get it around 15-18 min in...this way I take full advantage of the passive effect. If I am playing against a caster or CC heavy team, I will start with a sapphire crystal, 1 hp pot, and 1 mana pot, or 2 hp pots depending on the situation. By doing this I am able to get catalyst much faster, picking up 2 Doran's rings before geting a very early Banshees Veil. This item allows me to block spells without needing to use my Black Shield, allowing me to instead use it on allies in need. Having Banshees early will decimate the other team. After Rod of Ages, I buy 1 more Doran's Ring and Sorcerers Shoes. I make it my goal to get Needlessly Large Rod after, giving me crazy dmg output. I will ALWAYS build this into Zhonya's first, which I will explain in a later section. Next I pick up Rabadon's Deathcap. After this it's all up to you. I have never actually made it past Rabadon's as this is a very expensive build. Build situational tank or ap items depending on you and your teams needs. You may notice this build is very difficult to must farm like CRAZY. I end up with the most farm in all of my Morgana games, with the exception of those stupid Tryndameres, Master Yis, or Teemos. Finish this build and you can pretty much take out the entire enemy team:).

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Laning Phase

As Morgana, my goal during lane is to simply farm farm farm. I will always try to take mid or solo top. Morgana can be successful top lane in both 1v1s and 2v1s as she can just sit back and use Tormented Soil to farm. From lvls 1-3, I will only farm using my auto attacks. Using Soil at lvl 1 will not deal very much dmg and will drain your mana. I will however start using it if my opponent is being aggressive and starts pushing the lane back. Once it's leveled to lv 2 or 3, I place it directly over the caster minions and use autos to last hit the melee minions and casters if my Soil is unable to kill them. Many Morganas will put their Soil in between the melee and casters, hitting all 6, but I find that strategy very hard to perfect because it only works when all the minions are perfectly positioned(getting that slight curl on the caster minions). Even if you are able to land this Soil every time, your lane will most likely be pushed very far up, making you a very easy gank target. I like to keep my lane neutral or even slightly in favor of my opponent because of this. At lvl 6, you can pretty much burst down any champion at half health. Land a Dark Binding, Soil, Ult, Shield youself(if neccessary) and then just follow your opponent as they attampt to run away, throwing autos in and even ignite if necesary while they are stunned from your ult. Most of the time I get the kill during the initial burst of my ult, but if should still be a fairly easy kill. Continue to farm and repeat this combo whenever you feel it will work.

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Morgana can farm very well, has great lane stay, and is pretty hard to kill in lane, allowing her to gank fairly often. Call for the gank before you run in....communication is key for ganks to be successful. Try pinging the target rather than just typing it out, nobody can miss a ping:). If you can initiate with Dark Binding and land it..good for you...follow up with Soil and ult if needed. Most ganks however will be on a target who is pushed up or is in mid-lane. Minions can easily get in the way of your Dark Binding, plus because you are probably side by side or behind your target.... they have many directions in which they can dodge your Dark Binding. I find it most effective to lead with my ult....Soil when the stun is activated and then Dark Binding to ensure a hit(missing Dark Binding will probably let your target get away and make you look don't miss it!). If you are attempting to gank two targets...try to land your ult on both and get both stuns off. Communicate with your team who you should use Dark Binding on to ensure 2 kills.

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Mid game

Around now you will start to see mini team fights for dragon or small ganks. As Morgana, you should try to stay near your teammates to help pick up kills or help them escape. If a lane needs to be pushed, try to get there. Morgana can farm lanes very fast around lvl 9 and 10 with her maxed Soil. Also try to kill jungle camps very often because you will need gold to finish your expensive build. Simply click along the wall to position yourself inside the creeps and use Soil to hit all of them. Auto attack the stronger wolf or wraith and they should all die at the same time. With your passive spell vamp you will be unharmed. Against golems, position yourself in between them and alternate auto attacks to kill them both at the same time. Blue Buff is not much needed on Morgana, but if nobody else on your team wants or needs it....take it. This will allow you to spam Dark Binding freely to harass or check brush..also the cooldown reduction can be very useful in fights. For the most part though, during mid game I find myself in a single lane farming, joining my team and helping pushes whenever needed obviously. My primary goal is to be constantly getting gold.

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Team Fights

By now you hopefully have a pretty respectable amount of farm and have also helped your team out...but now is where I feel Morgana truly fights. If you have maybe gotten a few kills, died once or twice, and have good farm, you will probably have both rod of ages and Zhonya's. If this is the case, you can feel free to engage in a team fight. Communicate to your team that you are going in and try to position yourself in the middle of the enemy team to hit as many targets with your ult as possible. If needed, flash in to close the gap. If the enemy team has a lot of CC, pop Zhonya's right after your ult to ensure the hits. If not, feel free to test your opponents. Most of the time they all scatter in different directions fearing the stun. If that is the case...feel free to walk around auto attacking and try to hit all chained targets, throwing in a Dark Binding on a desired target if you are confident it will land. If they turn on you and start attacking, simply pop Zhonya's and laugh as they waste their efforts. After the stun, land a Dark Binding on a desired target such as a mage or AD carry and put Soil under them, or place it under 2 targets if they are close enough together. Place a Black Shield on your most resourceful allie such as a mage or AD carry. At this point your team has ran in and just scored an ace! If however you are slightly behind in your build or are engaging in a very early fight and don't have Zhonya's yet, try not to be the engager. Allow another teammate to start it. Most of the time I will Black Shield them as they run in to ensure a successful engagement. If not needed, save it for your AD carry or heavy dmg dealer. If they are in no real danger and you are a experienced Morgana player, save Black Shield for a teammate who is about to be stunned or knocked or pulled, etc. After the fight has been engaged, land a Dark Binding from afar on a desired target such as a carry or mage and put Soil under them. DO NOT USE DARK BINDING TO KS A LOW HP CHAMP. This will just be wasting your Dark Bindings full power and may result in a lost fight. If you cannot land a Dark Binding, ie. tanks are blocking your path or there are minions in the way, put Black Shield on yourself, walk into the fight(or flash) and use your ult. The other team will not be able to stop the channel time because of your shield and you can easily land a stun on multiple targets. During the end of the battle, help root players escaping with Dark Binding and use Black Shield whenever necessary. Morgana excels in team fights and if executed right, she can help ace an entire team with ease. Avid use of Black Shield can prevent several deaths on your own side, allowing you to dramatically win fights and be able to push a tower or go baron.

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Follow this guide and you should be a master Morgana player in no time. This is my first guide and it only took about an hour to please comment on anything I should change or add.Thx