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League of Legends Build Guide Author xYanYan

Morgana, AoE Rape

xYanYan Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Morgana is by far one of my most favorite champions ever in LoL. She can bring so much to a team that its insane that she has all of this. Morgana brings to her team an AoE stun if done properly with good assisstance from teammates and brings an Anti-CC shield that makes your carries even stronger. In my personal opinion i believe morgana is more of a Nuke champion rather then the support champion that people name her as.

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Really good ratios with morgana
Passive Spellvamp
Anti-CC shield = carries love you
One of the best AoE ultimates if done properly

Easily focused
DPS CHAMPS WILL EAT YOU LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW. Shield blocks magic not physical
Hated because morganas anti CC shield causes rage

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Marks; Magic pen reds obviously
Seals: Mana/Lvl seals. helps your laning phase tremendously and when you need to spam spells in fights
Glyphs: CDR/Lvl or magic resist glyphs, with my build i usually lack in the department of magic resist untill late game which is terrible ;-;
Quints: Hp for moar lane survivability

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Magic pen in the offense tree
utility- you dont need the extra mana, get the duration buff + and the mana regen and usually its good enough

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Summoner Spells

Spells you should consider getting
Flash, Ghost, Teleport, CV, Ignite

IMO i feel that morgana needs that teleport if she gets a solo lane. Which you should because soil will starve your laning partner BAD.

Flash vs Ghost
I feel that flash is a better pick because with morgana, her ultimate relies on her getting inside the fight and getting all the enemies she can with her ultimate. You can ghost in, but then theyll see it and either run away or simply focus you down. With flash you get into the whole fight and can catch all your opponents

CV and Ignite
Honestly i dont like taking CV on morg because of how another support can take it instead. Note: i play my morgana as a nuke rather then a support. Ignite is just there if you want some more damage or to finish someone off

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Why no rod of ages?
Rod of ages costs about 3k gold and while catalyst is really nice in laning phase i just think its a waste of money when you can just rush an hourglass and be even stronger in fights
Sure the hp over time is nice but you do not get the regen from tear of the goddess early and an out of mana morgana is useless. You can take blue and keep it up but id rather give blue to someone else who could use the CDR + mana and i have my own mana supply.

Dorans ring- Health+AP+Mana regen, combined with your passive spellvamp is all you need.

First recall- buy boots, tear of the goddess
Slowly build up towards sorc boots and mejais after that
Once you get your hourglass it makes you a whole ****ton stronger in fights, i will be explaining this in the teamwork part of my build
After that get a rabadons for more AP, finish archangels and get a GA or Abyssal
Abyssal vs GA
Abyssal gives you some magic resis, MR debuff and some AP but the magic resist isnt all that good
GA- Gives you both armour, MR and a decent passive rebirth, Only get this at the end if you are always getting focused.

If you can finish this whole build on morgana youll be looking up to around 800AP with morgana at the finish line.

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Skill Sequence

Lvl 1-6: Q to stop any agressive players/gank junglers, Max soil asap so you can farm up like mad. Get E at level 4 just incase junglers start ganking

7-11: Max soil and then max Q. Q is overall better then E because you get a stronger nuke and the snare duration is longer the more you level it.

12-18: max Q and your shield obviously

If your wondering why i never mentioned R, its because anyone with a brain gets there ultimate whenever its available. DERP

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at rank 3 soil use it to farm the caster minions in the back. You should do this so you can get a constant supply of gold. If you think you are experienced enough, try to use soil around all the creeps to ensure that you can push your lane safely.

Really, do not be aggressive on morgana at all untill you have level 3 soil. If anything goes bad, just retreat from getting harassed and just soil back all your hp thanks to the passive spellvamp.

Auto Attacking as morgana is kinda tough to do early but easy to get the hang of it. if you are having trouble early on last hitting, just move up closer to the creeps so the animation is a bit faster

Morgana vs Enemies in laning phase
These are the champions i feel that can destroy morgana in laning phase
Malzahar: F this stupid malefic visions ;-;
Galio: the anti caster champion makes me sad
Kassadin: So many Q's, and his riftwalk makes me sadder

Every other champion vs in laning phase is quite easy. All you need to do if you have trouble is just pop your soil and you will be getting your farm on regardless

Harassing your opponent:
If your opponent is melee... they will be crying ALOT (except if its kassadin). if they try to run up to cs simply soil near them and they will have to think. Do i take the damage and get last hits or will i get denied? Doing so will let them get weaker and makes it much easier for morgana to kill them or deny cs

For ranged its a different story. Keep your range if you can and if your feeling confident try to punish them with a Q W combo.

Landing your Q: When you play morgana for the first time... Landing that Q is such a pain and it still is a pain to land if your enemy has a brain. Try to play mind games with them or predict there movements. If you would like to learn how to play mind tricks with your opponent, consider picking up karthus because his Q is such a fun harass move imo

If your laning opponent is low and you snare them....
Soil underneath, Flash in, Pop R and E. auto attack and if done right they should be dead

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Team Work

This is where i feel morgana truly shines in team fights. Your best friend in teamfights is if you have an ally amumu. Morgana and Amumu is truly an insanely good combo for teamfights.

In my item build you should always rush hourglass because its quite obvious. To teamfight on morgana, flash in hit your R and then pop hourglass right away. This will cause a ****load of confusion on the enemy team because of them wanting to avoid the deadly stun on morgana. If pulled off right amumu can make your life even easier by snaring everyone, guaranteeing your team easy kills.

When to use R?
Use it if you see usually 3 or more enemy champions in the fight.

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Thanks all for reading xP. Feel free to comment below and ill respond when i have the time