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Morgana Build Guide by Nacaruu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nacaruu

Morgana, Because stunned girls can't say no.

Nacaruu Last updated on December 28, 2011
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Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tooltip.


(for any abbreviations you don't understand)

Okay, now that that's out of the way. Greetings guys. I'm here to explain to you the AMAZING character of Morgana. How I build her. How I play her, and how come I feel like some people are doing it wrong. (That was a little rude and I'm sorry) There is a reason behind every thing and I really want your criticism. So if you're going to down all means..Down vote. This is the first guide I've ever wrote so some help would be nice on how to improve it.

Also I play Morgana both as solo mid, solo top, solo bottom, and with a lane partner, and do well with a lane partner, I will explain later on in the guide, Enjoy.

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Well I don't really know how to make this look fancy like in other guides so for this I apologize.

You do some INSANE damage.
You can farm creeps like it's nobody's business.
If you know how to team fight, you can get an assist on a pentakill, or pull the penta kill off your self with your Ulti.
Her shield can make or break a team fight

Squishy, more squishy then a gummy bear.
Requires skill in the use of skill shots.
Her character learning curve lies, she's awkward to play if you're a new player.
Using her shield requires a LOT of Timing.

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The reason I went with 21/0/9 Is because of the brute force you get behind it, as well as some extra mana control, not to mention when you're solo, even if you're NOT solo, not every one knows how to get "wardy" as I call it. With the use of wards, and the skill tree increasing their'd be surprised how ungankable Morgana can be. There are of course OTHER Viable skill tree's to go into. For example. If you'd like go with 1.5% extra damage then you could always take away prolonged buffs from barron, and blue, and go with the extra 1.5%. Or you could forget about the Unity tree, and put your points towards health and surviability With some extra armor and Magic Resistance.

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Main rune set

Greater Mark of Insight
We take these nine marks because More Magic Penetration the more damage you do, More damage you do makes you viable in team fights.

Greater Seal of Force
I take this instead of MP/5 Seals because I'm terrible at mana management, and like to PEW PEW more.
Greater Glyph of Force
No matter how you build. I HIGHLY recommend you take these runes over any thing else. No questions asked. You get so much more ability power out of this then any of the other runes you can buy that aren't Quintessence

Greater Quintessence of Potency
We pick this up because the FLAT AP Makes a difference early game. Not to mention 15 AP at the start of a game in addition to the 2 or 3 AP you'll be making every level. You'll be a killing machine.

The only other runes I could suggest taking over any of these would be the Mana per 5 Seals. And that's only if you want to replace Clarity, or you're good at managing your Mana.

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Summoners Spells

I take Clarity because I'm NOT claiming I'm pro. I AM HORRIBLE at managing Mana. And Clarity saves my life in some occasions.

I take this because nothing sucks more then being hit by Morgana's R, Stun, then Q stun, then W, then ignite.
Other Summoner Spell options you could take are:

I like flash over clarity when I run my Mp/5 seals because you can get out of sticky situations. Other then flash I can't think of any good summoner spells to take that I didn't list above.

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Skilling Sequence

Alright, In my opinion there are many Ways to do it. the one I show with the build is an example of how I do it, However, I think that Morgana's Skilling Sequence is 100% situational, except for the first spell you pick up. Which should always be her W. Other then that, if you find your self being stunned, or CC'd a lot..Obviously you should go with her shield, and level it accordingly.
If you're fighting against Ranged, or attack damage, Pick up Q and W first. Her Q takes their health down a lot..and if it's maxed first. W can do more damage, cause the stun lasts longer.

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Morgana 101 (Her Abilities, and how to use them)

Soul Siphon

This is her Passive. AS she levels she gains extra Spell Vamp, which makes her passive, quite strong.

Dark Binding

A skill shot, that if you manage to land it will do Damage, and make it where the person can't move for a small amount of time.
Tips and tricks:
  • Try to aim it where they're walking towards, if they walk in a straight line they're ****ed, don't bother with it if they run in zigzags unless you can time it right..or you got a cool down to worry about

  • Also be careful, because this can also hit minions. A smart person laneing against Morg will hide behind their minions. Easy way to counter is to push them away with her Tormented Soil, but then you can't use it on them right away if you manage to land the skill shot.

Tormented Soil

The Ability really says it all. You pick a place to drop it, it does damage over time

Black Shield

Again. The Ability really explains it's self. It shield you from MAGIC damage. (Like Ability Power Champions abilities.) It also makes you immune to crowd control effects, like slow, or stuns.

Tips and tricks:
  • Try to time it right, don't be greedy with it. Use it on other people then your self, you will often find you pick up assist kills on your opponents.

  • You can't use it when you're silenced or, stunned already. HOWEVER. You can use it when you're slowed, and it will break the slow. For example. Gangplanks ult just come down ? Black shield that and run away.

Soul Shackles

Ahh, yes. The Ulti. Probably one of my favorites in the ENTIRE game. And honestly, can earn you a pentakill. Granted, I don't suggest it. This ability latches on to any one of your enemies you're near. Does damage, and then after 3 seconds of still being near them, does more damage, and STUNS them.

Tips and tricks:
  • Try to open with this ability. For example. Hide in brush, come out of brush, Use it. Stun them, Hit them with Q, then use W, then Ignite. And if they don't die you shouldn't have wasted your moves on a tank.

  • Try to use this on some one chasing you. It will make them think TWICE about continuing the chase. Master Yii is funny. because he thinks he can kill you. Run. Ulti, and follow the steps above, you will find a dead corpse of master yii next to your dancing body.
  • Phoenician wrote:

    Have you considered the use of Zhonya's Hourglass invulnerability while ulti-ing in a teamfight. I've found that it incredibly useful in a teamfight to the extent where I pick up Zhonya's before Rabbadon's in most cases. This person has mad SUCH a good point, and has actually improved My Morgana Play Style.

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The Moment EVERY one wants to see. Builds.

I'm not going to make this one look too fancy because there's no real point in it.
The build above is HOW I like to do it.
I start off with Kage's Lucky Pick well technically it's the item that buys it later, but pick this up first, and then get boots. Trust me. I've had games where I didn't pick this up, and it ruined me, and games where it's made me the highest gold farmer, because of all the creeps I killed in addition to all the creeps I killed.

Then of course you HAVE to get boots, even if it's the petty brown ones. A slow morgana is a sad morgana. You can get what ever boots you prefer, however. I suggest the boots with +20 MP, or Cool down reduction.

I pick up the "Death Cap" when ever I can, and follow it up with Will of the Ancients. Because the extra spell vamp, and ability power helps a ton. Then I get Void Staff, which makes you a NUKE MAGE WRECKING BALL. If you find your self getting focused, Pick up The "Hour Glass" for armor, and the ability to not be touched for 2 seconds. When you have no more items to get finish of Kages pick with the staff it creates, because the 35% damage you can do extra by clicking some one you just stunned, is freaking ridiculous.

Of course there are many other builds. In a bot game A BOT GAME. I bought only Archangle's staff's. I personally don't find use for this item, unless you stack more then one. You will often get yelled at for doing this in normal games. But if you can pull it off, it doesn't matter as long as you're having fun.

There are MANY items that can help out Morgana. It really just depends on your play style. Mine is getting a nuke mage ASAP..and the fastest way to do that to me is Kages lucky pick. I'm telling you this is the key to the build, at least in my opinion.

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Laneing Phase And Team Fighting.

Well, this depends on what lane you're in.
If you are solo anything, then here is what you should do.

Farm the hell out of creeps, and harass your enemy. Do this by doing the following.
Use W on creeps, as well as the enemy if they get to close. If it's Cait, Make her cry with your skill shots, and laying W down on her. If it's an AP champ, then simply out play them. Morgana is one of the best gold farmers in the game. Her AOE damage is ridiculous, and she can push away almost any enemy. However. With AP Champs make sure you pick up black shield to avoid being counter harassed.

NOW if you HAVE a lane partner, try to get with an AD champion. Two AP's in a lane is a bad idea. I like to hide in the brush, and farm gold by killing champions, while my AD carry, or AD tanky DPS farms minions. Hide in brush, Q, W. they will back off and turret hug mostly, this is when you need to buy wards, when you start getting aggresive, this way you don't get ganked, and you can counter the gank with a kill, or better, a triple kill.

IF you get out laned, here is what you do. REMAIN CALM. Don't get mad. Honestly. I don't know any one who plays a game mad and wins. Turret hug. Because if they like to turret dive, they get stunned, and hit by turret bullets, and those hurt even the strongest of tanks when they have no where to go.

When you team fight now how to focus fire.
I've been in games where every one focuses the tank because they think he's a threat. Tanks in this game are nothing more then a buffed minion. They can't do a lot of damage usually. Only make you attack them. You as morgana can counter this. Let YOUR tank Initiate, and use your shield on them, run in ulti, run out, run in Q run out.
This is all you can do with your high cool downs, but if you do it right, you will be more help then you think.
Even when your laning you have to know who to focus. Who is farming the most gold ? who can do the most damage ? Those are the two you want to focus on.
Also, one last thing for laneing, If you are doing well, solo, or with a lane partner, go help out the other lanes. BUY when you are solo, make sure your lane can sustain the missing length with out you there. For example. Don't go help a lane if your turret is a few hits from being destroyed, UNLESS your team ABSOLUTLY needs some help, and they're getting wrecked, if that's the case, go help them, and try to run back before your turret is in any serious danger.

Believe it or not. This game is NOT about your kills. You can get TOTALLY WRECKED in a game..the enemy team having 60+ kills and you only have 10 kills, and you can still win it with team work. because when people get a lot of kills they get cocky and die. TEAM work wins the game, not your kills.

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Closing, it was a wonderful time wasn't it ?

Thank you guys so much for reading all of this. I hope it helped you at least in some way.
Leave me comments on how to make this guide better (I'll fix the item chapter, later I promise)
And don't bother calling me a newb for my build, or trolling on this. IF you don't like least tell me why, and a good reason behind it. It works for me, so I thought I'd send it out there for others to try.

again. Thanks, and Goodluck Summoners.

OH, one final not. I see a lot of people forget about elixers in end game. YOU CAN BUY THESE With no space left in your item slots! it will just add a nice buff to you!