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Morgana Build Guide by Jaymund

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaymund

Morgana Damage Output

Jaymund Last updated on August 13, 2011
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Morgana Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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OK firstly, this is my first build so please constructive criticism only.
I have been playing the game for a little over 3months, and my guild are very supportive so kudos to them for putting up with a noob.

This guide is a little bare I know, but give me time and I will try to expand it.


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Runes + Masteries

The Masteries are a personal preference, and not as such required. But I have slightly changed them to fit my play style, I took the Insight mastery as I normally play with mana dependent champs on my team, and it comes in handy just after/during team fights
The runes again are preference based, however I personally go for Magic Pen, Mana Regen and Base MP.

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Skill Sequence

OK, I have found through using other peoples skill sequences that they just didn't do what I needed from Morgana.

Firstly need to get Dark Binding, it doesn't matter if you are laning with someone or going mid, it is a must.
Next we need to max out the Tormented Soil skill, as this is going to be our main source of controlling a lane. As I'm sure most of you are aware, Morgana's passive gives us spell vamp. Which is a god send early game, as it allows us to stay in lane, longer than our opponent. So the more damage the Tormented Soil does the more we heal. On that note, the placement of Tormented Soil is important as well, I personally tend to drop it between the melee minions and the caster minions so it hits all of them.
After Tormented Soil has maxed, then we need to hit the Dark Binding, when maxed this does a fair bit of damage, combine that with the snare-soil combo, we have an effective damage dealing/healing routine going here.

Black Shield for me is a bit of a let down, as it only prevents magic damage, it is only really useful against other casters, which is why I leave it until last.
Obviously your Ult attack is going to be a game changer in team fights. Your in the middle of a team fight, your tank initiates. Everyone else charges in. You snare the meanest enemy DPS and drop your soil. Pop your Ult now, more damage, wait 4seconds any enemy still in range is going to be stunned and have more damage dealt. If they are on very little HP then they are pretty much screwed.

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Item Sequence

OK this I admit may look very stupid, but please bear with me.
Game Start
Amplifying Tome - Sets us up for the Hextech Revolver

Mana Pot - Allows us to stay in lane longer

Philosophers Stone - Now depending on where you are going to be laning is going to be a major factor. Mid is m favorite. It allows us to be flexible with ganks, gives us a bit of a gold boost as well. As soon as you have enough gold, make sure someone covers mid while you go get the philosophers stone, This allows us to generate gold a little faster.

Tear Of The Godess - Sets us up nicely for Archangels Staff Later

Boots Of Speed - I think this is a given

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity - Gives us a CD reduction on our skills, basically allowing us to fire them off faster, need I say more?

Void Staff - This is vital to the way I play Morgana, it gives us an AP boost and gives us 40% Magic Pen, allowing us to do more damage with our spells, therefore healing us for more.

Rabadons Deathcap - Essential for any AP user

Archangels Staff - Obviously if we have been spamming spells our Tear of the godess should have about 600-1000 bonus mana. Giving us a load of extra AP

Hextech Gunblade - As I mentioned before, this gives us more Spell Vamp, now its upgraded it makes us a little better everywhere. Bit of damage for minion kills. And its Active skill is handy for nuking someone

Zhonya's Hourglass - OK extra AP boost and a sweet active sweetens out the build.

If played right you can end up with a hell of a lot of AP close to end game, and a formidable force for anyone to take on.

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All in all, Morgana is classed as support. However due to the way I personally play her, she is more of a DPS/Support. She is my favourite champ and have acquired some skill with playing as her. I admit I still whiff a lot with her Dark Binding, but thats the whole point of learning and getting better.

This is my first guide, so please be nice and kudos to all you Pro-Players out there. This is a skill, and a hard one at that.