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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Naroku

Morgana Dia, The Fallen Goddess (Updated)

Naroku Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my First mobafire build, so i chose to speculate on the build and character i use the most. Morgana was the first champion i played when i started league of legends. her versatility to become a nuke/mage or a heavy support class is amazing. and this can be done with nearly the same items and build. in this sheet i will explain my build, and why i chose the path i take. the most important thing that all summoners MUST remember is. the game has many variables to it. so every match will be a little different. sometimes you will be able to take mid, other times, your going to have to support a lane and help another champion. i personally like playing a different roll each time, but the optimal plan is to take Morgana middle, and be the ultimate harassment tool. i hope everyone will use this build, and try it out. once again its my first time so be gentle =)

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There are many arguments about what runes to use, and why they are chosen.
I chose these particular sets of runes because i need a harder hitting Morgana beginning game, during the end game items and playability will determine stats more-so than runes.

Greater Mark Of Potency - 9 of these will give you 5.30 AP at level 1
Greater Seal OF Clarity - 9 of these will give you 16.1 mana regen at 18
Greater Glyph Of Force - 9 these will give you another 2 AP at level 1
Greater Quintessence Of Potency - 3 of these will give u 16 AP at level 1

i chose these runes because having this much AP at level one, in match with the build, will allow you to harass a middle lane or anywhere you are soloing by huge amounts. by level 4 your tormented soil will be taking out the back row of creeps alone, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

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The mastery build is nothing special, its a typical 9/0/21 build that gives the extra magic pen that helps with ulti's and for a hard hitting dark binding.

i chose the greed talent for the extra cash, no one can deny a little extra money, it always helps, especially for an expensive build like this.

i will explain this a little farther, but i chose the cripple talent for an increased magic pen for wen i need to nuke a champ, using multiple slows with Morgana makes a nasty amount of damage fly towards your enemy.

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Boots Of Speed starting out with these and 2 mana pots allow your champion to move faster, i have tried many builds using Doran's ring, and even 2 of them. but i found having the increased mobility at start is much more effective for controlling a lane.

Mana Potion i take 2 of these with me at start for obvious reasons, 1. you can stay in a lane longer, and being a mana heavy user at the beginning of the game these will allow you to make your laning opponent retreat a lot faster than if you did not have those potions.

Ionian's Boots these are obtained for the CD reduction, now most people will argue that the magic penetration Sorcerer's shoes are better, but i have used them both, and having the CD reduced sooner than later, allows for a faster Tormented Soil, along with faster Ultimates. these reduction can mean the difference between death, and a triple kill.

Arch's Angels Staff this item is obtained for the wonderful mana regen and on top of it, the non unique passive AP buff is nothing short of amazing, that extra AP mid game helps all moves, and no one enjoys taking a 2-300 Dark Binding to the Face.

Zonnya's Hourglass i love this item, plain and simple, your ultimate is not something to get health back or to push someone away, it is to be used to nuke a player in use with ignite, exhaust, and a binding, using these altogether will destroy anyone, now add in this passive ability and you have yourself a great last stand item, along with a great group initiating move, pop ultimate, use this passive and your good, let the confusion on the enemy team begin.

Ramadan's Death Cap i love how this item looks like the harry potter sorting hat... but back to my point, since the zhonyas item split, this is a great twin to the hourglass, the increased AP with the staff and other items, makes this item your ace in the hole. get it, use it, love it.

Death fire's Grasp this item is absolutely amazing, its inexpensive, the CD reduction is second to none, and the active just makes the day worth living, using the active along with your other stuns and lock downs will just make an enemy implode upon themselves. it CAN be replaced with another staff or even a ryals if needed, but i chose this 99% of the time, unless i really need that much health.

the last item for your build is parley situational. i either get a riyals scepter for increased health, or if im really trucking down those lanes, and the enemy team isn't doing so hot, another staff will just give you some Nitro in your tank. this item is based purely on the current situation, and 50/50 its either item.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is really easy, obtain all 3 moves from the start, getting dark bind for a gank, or TS if you plan on going mid, and want to start harassing right off the bat. maxing out dark binding along with TS and black shield last, its great, but more of a team saver than yourself

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Summoner Spells

i chose Exhaust and Ignite, purely for my nuke ability with ultimate and stuns, giving me the edge, throw in a death fires grasp and your opponent is raging, try it out =) you just may like it.

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All in all this build is just what i use, not intended for anyone to be a pro Morgana overnight, you must learn to skill shot effectively and use them depending on your personal situation. the best thing you can do, is try it, modify to your own needs, and show those opponents that Morgana is a force to reckon with.

Please comment, rate and enjoy. once again this is my first build on league of legends, and it took me 7 months of playing before i was comfortable writing this, soon ill have a few others for my champions that have yet to be mentioned.