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Morgana Build Guide by Sylphest

Morgana, Fallen From Heaven and Exiled From Hell!!

Morgana, Fallen From Heaven and Exiled From Hell!!

Updated on June 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylphest Build Guide By Sylphest 7,788 Views 0 Comments
7,788 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylphest Morgana Build Guide By Sylphest Updated on June 27, 2011
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Chapter 1


The reason you get this item is flat out, its amazing. and if you play her right thats 160 Ability Power, and a great bonus for having 20 stacks, if you play correctly you are going to find 20 stacks very fast and its going to make you that much more power-full

This is a must have item the fact is your not getting void staff, and magic pen. is ever so important, with your Marks runes of Magic Pen. and these shoes, i find it to be more then enough to get 80% or more of my damage through to the skin, if you find that you are slow, and not keeping up with your opponents for your ultimate, think about using boots of swiftness

This item is another core item due to the fact that Morgana is so Mana intensive, that you have more then enough Mana, also as its passive it gives you 3% of your total mana back as Ability power, which then in turn that 3% adds to the total so when your zhonya's ring's passive kicks in.

Void Staff
The reason i core this item more then most other items, is cause it will help you to kill more easilly your oppennent and gonna make your Zhonya's that much more effective, and ivreases your ability power even more through Archangel's this is why its a complete must have on morgana.

this is straight forward, with Morgana its god, it makes her so strong, and gives her a 3rd escape mechanism with stasis.

Using this item, add to all your inventory gonna make you a real killing gonna be sure to do always 80% - 90% of your full dommage and kill even more easy.


Early game
What your going to do is take mid lane. cus of course this is were morgana shines, creep control. your going to use your puddle when the lane minions are at half health or less only untill rank 3, once your tormented soil is rank 3 then 1 soil will take the back row minions down from full health ensuring you have steady economy, but your also going to want to harass the other champ in the lane, one snare + puddle with your rune page will take 1/4 to 1/2 health away from 70% of the champions. some will even be over aggressive giving you a free kill after some harassing if you are smart in how low you let your health get for baiting, because remember you are alone in the lane, so you need to bait your self but never ever over extend, if your going for the kill make sure there are no missing champs so that when your 1 hit from death after killing that trist. that you can make it back to heal and buy with out that pesky olaf coming in from the bush and true striking you to death.

one of the easiest ways to kill harass with Morgana is to hold your creep ground, but also act weaker then you are .. i sometimes achieve this by purposefully missing my snares barely and such, that will give your opponent a false sense of superiority over you, member... even baddies land snares.. and this is the theory your playing off, so after you do "snare" them / puddle them back off make it look like you are scared or timid to attack them, this will also make them think your a bit of a baddie, then when you KNOW the damage you can do, and know your kill is 100% set your self up let them get a shot or two on you, and when they jump you 1v1 snare / puddle / ignite then auto attack to death, if you plan it out your kill rate will be 98% some times there is a flash or something that happens and most will forget about it and they will get away. AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU CHASE SOMEONE EVEN IF THERE 1 HIT AWAY IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WERE THE OTHER 4 CHAMPS ARE remember you just were in a fight you have damage on you and are very vulnerable, you may not get a kill that time, but guess what ? you did not die either, honestly 0 - 0 - 0 to me is better then 1 - 1 - 0 .. why ? cus you DIED

Yes Morgana is EXCELLENT at ganking, one of the best AP gankers in the game in my opinion, the way you effectively gank with morgana is easy. one you want to push the minions to the enemy tower back off yo your tower,find wich lane has an enemy on / close to your tower and always assume river bush's to your north / south are warded, go through you forest coming out to he river at the half way mark sit in the river bush, your going to run in and ultimate both of them, snare the one of your choice, i always go for the easy kill ( lowest health) and puddle him, once hes dead the other guys JSUT coming off of stun, if done right, and far enough up your snare will be back up intime to hit him at the end of the side brush to get the second kill if you cant or he cant be stunned / slowed, then do not even try remember you job is to not die !

Now gank's can go wrong, if that olaf / malzahar lane you are ganking decides to focus you and you find your team mates backed off or your taking to much damage your going to want to snare the most damaging to you and escape to you're tower, again remember the goal of the game and Morgana is to NOT DIE, people will yell at you for backing off, but if you die for staying, you will get called a feeder and hated more ? So just back off, do not die, and you will win as Morgana

This is where Morgana is at her highest potential, you are a blend of initiator and caster, you really do wanna get into the middle to pop off your ultimate, i mean whats better then 2 or more enemy's in a team fight being stunned for 2.5 seconds? oh wait... your team smashing there faces while there stun. if you get a good stun off during a team fight that is organized, 1 or 2 kills are a guarantee, now if you snare and puddle the right person that's 3 people dead guaranteed now its 5/4 v 2 and your chasing them down and ACE.

Team fights go very bad, very fast. this is where you come into play ! What you are to do is stay towards the back cast your ultimate and let the stun pop off, why you ask ? Thats 2.5 seconds of free run time... takes 4 seconds to happen, black shield stopped that slow cc they cast at you so you have made 4 seconds worth of time across the map, now u get 2.5 more seconds + your snare of escape, you ARE the whole teams oh **** button.

I hope you enjoy my Morgana build ! she is my main, and i love this angel, shes powerful and in the right hands... very very deadly as i have proven.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylphest
Sylphest Morgana Guide
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