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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackLabel77

Morgana - Heart Of The Devil

BlackLabel77 Last updated on January 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well in my opinion Morgana is one of the BEST ap champions in League Of Legends , she can snare with her (dark binding) , she can protect her mates and herself at team fights initiating some attacks with (Black Shield) , she can also stun 1-5 enemies with her (Soul Shacles) and last but not least, she can gain health with her passive (15% spell vamp).So in my opinion Morgana is very useful at team fights and if u try hard and listen to my advices u will be very useful for your teamates!!I will tell you everything i know and sare every single secret i have in order to help you learn playing with this interesting Champ (cause Morgana is my life)!!

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Lets start with chapter (Runes).So if i were you i would use Ap per level runes in order to reach 85 ap at level 18 and almost 5 ap per level.This will help your champion to be more and more stronger and SIMPY CRASH every enemy at late game.

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There arent many things to say about chapter: (Masteries),so starting with OFFENSE i think that magic penetration,ap per level and 10 ap when using ignite spell are the most suitable for Morgana.Secondly i dont use any DEFENSE masteries to Morgana cause she siply doesnt really need them... Finally,UTILITY i think that buy updating ur mana,mana regen,speed,COOLDOWN REDUCTIOM u will be slightly better and more useful to your teamates.So its (10-0-20).

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Skill Sequence

I suggest u to unlock as a first ability ur tornament soil in order to kill some creeps and farm some early money .Then try to get your Binding to level 3 in order to be ready and when u unlock ur ultimate (level 6) ull be able to attack and get an easy kill.Then try to level up ur binding to its maximum level ( 5 ) and cause much damage to your enemies when using it! Then improve ur soil to level ( 5 ) in order to use it after snaring ur enemies with binding or farming more money by killing creeps! Finally, i believe that keeping Black shield for late game would be very useful at team fights cause in my opinion u dont really need it at early game.

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Summoner Spells

Take IGNITE in order to help u kill enemies when u are cding or u dont have mana and ur enemy dont have enough life to survive.Also i think that ignite is very useful because it gives plus 10 ap which is very useful ate early game.
Take GHOST to survive when u dont have enough life or to hunt ur enemies easier and snaring them to get easy kills.

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Ranked Play

This is the most interesting part!! Here ill say every secret i keep deep inside me and i want to sare with u.
Noone bans Morgana at ranked games and i think thats a big mistake cause she is VERY useful at team fights and she can gank enemies impresively well when straking with her Binding from distance.
First of all,u should always take mid or solo lane in order to level up and take some money if u want to melt some faces at later game.
Secondly,u should always wait level 6 to attack untill then play defensively and try to obtain some money with tormeint soil.
Third,when time to attack comes and u are 6th leveled u should rapidly use ghost, Black shield and run close to your enemy,strike first with your ultimate soul shacles in order to make ur enemy run away from creeps so u can use binding + soil and ignite giving u an easy kill.
Fourth,when comes to team fights always try to use Black shield to help ur teamates and yourself to survive through Stuns,Taunts,Snares and Slows
Fifth,try to use ur soul shacles when there are many enemies around u in order to (slow,stun) them all and get Triple,Quadra,PENTA kills!!
Finally,WATCHOUT when u want to gank an enemy usually ur teamates are waiting for ur binding to catch him ... trying to use it in front of him when he is running to survive increases ur chances to get a good shot !!

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Laning Mid

VLADIMIR: Try to stay away from him cause he can easily devastate ur life using transfuction which heals himself but at the same time harms ur try to keep a safe distance from him at early game cause if he gets fed he is a disaster for u.Secondly, when u try to kill him u should always mind to use soul shacles first and when he tries to survive using his pool spell try to catch him with binding exactly when he stops beeing lequid in order to prevent him from using Ghost or Flash to escape.
ASHE: When u are playing as Morgana u should never be afraid when laning against ashe in mid!!Ashe is a ranged fighter try to stay away from her or use Black Shield in order to avoid her arrows.When u want to attack her try to let her push a bit and when she comes close to your turret use soul shacles and Black Shield(to avoid her ultimates slow),then try to catch her with binding and...(mission accomplished)
ANIVIA: In my opinion Anivia is the most difficult champ to play against in mid lane.She can stun u easily with her flash frost and add some more damage with her frostbite which is a powerful attack when combined with flash frost or Glacial storm (ultimate).Try to play defensively against her and always move in order to avoid flash frost but when you cant do this try using black shield to initiate her stun.Her passive ability transforms her to a stealth egg for 5 seconds and regenerates all her mana and hp which makes it so difficult to kill her at early game.Try to call for help when possible in order to gank her and kill this OP bird.

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I hope ull like my Morgana build because i really love her and i want to see more people using her both at Ranked and Normal games. Try to make some comments and tell me ur (opinions,questions).

Thank you for watching my Morgana Build,