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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xaonaught

Morgana is good...and stuff

Xaonaught Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21


I have found some info saying that the max CD reduction you can get is 40% if this is the case then you get absolutely all of this through the items and masteries so don't bother with the glyphs of CD reduction get the AP ones instead.

This build gives you pretty good damage output both early and late plus some survivability, the slow from rylais is lovely with your w and lichbane adds some lovely bonus damage later game.

I tend to start with the meki pendant but you may want dorans ring or amplifying tome. amp tome and meki alow health pots which is nice.

feel free to switch item orders around or even switch for something else


MP marks cause duh, magic penetration is great
H p lvl a small health bonus early and scales nicely.
Health Quints, you can also grab health per lvl or MP but these give lovely early game bonus
CD p lvl glyphs, as i said above if the max CD reduction is 40% then dont get these get the AP ones if the max is not 40% though feel free to get these


Offence 9
CD reduction
all pretty standard mage stuff

Defense 0
if you could just grab random things then extra health and ap would be great as it is don't bother

Utility 21
Some gold
mana regen
reduced summoner spell CD's
and extra xp

tormented soil is a great farming tool and can out zone pretty much anyone grab and lvl it up first regardless (if you have a lvl one team fight and havnt gotten a spell then grab your trap buts thats pretty much the only time you wouldnt get ts)

dark binding is a skill shot so is a bit tricky some times, get it second so you can outlane people better, late game make sure to land it on a champ, its wasted on minions
also it can go through walls

black shield is pretty cool, in the build i have it empty till really late but take it whenever you need to have it, if you are being ccd early then get it, also if laning against a caster you may want it early aswell, it has some cool uses and in combination with ghost makes a great getaway, also can save other people (pull off badass moves like walking through a veigars event horizon)

soul shackles, you ult get it whenever you can, has a slow and damage + possible stun, pretty good

summoner spells
with black shield its a great escape or even chase down
(coolest combo was when i was running from blitzcrank, put on shield and ghost, rocket grab gets my but the shield stops it and i just keep running (the animation just had this long rope thing connecting us for a second i was cracking up))

flash can be used to position or escape (can use to get ult on whole team or get out after ult)

try to get mid as it gives you the best opportunity to work your magic (literally)
at lvl 3 tormented soil takes out all the caster minions by itself ( if you dont have much ap when the minions get stronger they may survive)
if you are against a caster you can get black shield earlier but not at the expense of tormented soil (take it instead of a seond lvl in trap or after tormented soil is lvl 3)
tormented soils aoe is larger than the space that caster minions generally take up so if the enemy champ is around place it so it gets them aswell, otherwise place it between the caster and melee minions so it gets both, if they are silly enough to stand there you get the first and anywhere up to all the hits of tormented soil before they get out, another trick is to wait until there melee minions get low the pop tormented soil and follow with you skillshot trap, they wont be expecting it cause they think that the minions will be there to block it and you get to unleash the pain
you ult has a slow so it can be used to chase people, the best use is to get all the enemy champs with it and flash out (or use zhonjas if you get that) if you stay in range then they get the same damage again plus a stun so it can be really great, use your q to make sure they stay in range, even if you dont kill them you can probly get them to waste flash or something else
if they are faster than you even when slowed by your ult and rylais (which is a pretty core item in my mind as it has good ap plus some lovely health and a great passive) then pop ghost and chase them till they die
you ult can detect nearby enemies, watch the icon to see if there is someone on the other side of a wall or in the brush or stealthing around
unless your oponent is pretty bad or you are awesome then you probly wont get many early kills, but dont worry, if you play a good haras game then you can have them having to port back all the time or play it really safe which in the end can be better
if you are not mid and you take trap first then you can probly easily get first blood or first blood assist

other items
if you are killing there faces every time they spawn then you can get mejais
rabadons deathcap is also great so thats also a possibility
zhonjas hourglass is great too

pretty much any of the large ap items can be sub'ed in for other stuff

i generally dont but you can stack dorans early and it can work out pretty well

also grab elixers of ap whenever you want they provide a nice boost and can sway the tide

So yeah guys hope you like it please vote up