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Morgana Build Guide by ThEx1xAnDxoNlY

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThEx1xAnDxoNlY

Morgana isn't a Support Champion

ThEx1xAnDxoNlY Last updated on February 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Morgana is a wonderful champion capable of being a must have support or a strong dominate force. in this guide i will show you her more powerful side giving you my tips and tricks to being an unstoppable force.

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in my runes i pick up flat magic pen marks, flat mana regen seals, and flat ability power glyphs/quins. this rune setup works well with my build because it gives you an early lead in ability power. (44 ap at level 1)

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for my masteries i go standard 9-0-21 picking up one level deadliness at the first rank in offense and one level of good hands in utilities. at the second rank of utilities i max out awareness so i can get ahead in levels and put two points in expanded mind just for the extra mana early game. going down the tree i take all three points of meditation and grab greed for the extra gold. i finish out my masteries by getting quickness, intelligence, and presence of the master.

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Summoner Spells

because i play really aggressive i use ignite and flash. don't forget to use ignite! a lot of times ignite is all you need to successfully get a kill. i run flash because it can put you the middle the if a team fight or take out of the danger zone. a good tip is to flash in pop your ulti and wait and see if zhonya's is up. if it is you pop so you don't die.

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like i explained before i like to start this build strong so i grab amplifying tone and a mana potion. i build this to a kage's lucky pick to help me speed up the process, this later finishes in a deathfire grasp. next i buy boots of speed. before finishing the boots i get another amplifying tone and a mana potion or two, then normally i build sorcerer's shoes but sometimes you may need mercury's treads or ninja tabi depending on the champions you are against. this second amplifying tone builds a hextech revolver then a will of the ancients. i get will of the ancients early because it helps with survive-ability, dropping tormented soil on a farm restores a good chunk of health. it also grants allies 30 ability power when nearby so in team fight with other mages your enemy will feel the extra damage. now i start my rod of ages with a sapphire crystal so i don't need to buy any more mana potions. depending on how much gold i have or if i need a little more damage/health i either finish the catalyst the protector or buy a blasting wand. the next time i recall i finish the rod. now i go back and finish the deathfire grasp and buy meki pendent and amplifying tone. if i have the gold i straight out buy fiendish codex and save for deathfire. deathfire grasp has a unique active which deals magic damage to target champion equal to 30% of their current health (+3.5% per 100 ability power) with a minimum of 200 damage. this has a 1 minute cooldown. now i save for a needlessly large rod and finish it in a zhonya's hourglass. zhonya's also has a unique active that places your champion into stasis for 2 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions. it has a 90 second cooldown. this is good for after you ulti in a team fight or if you get ganked by multiple champions. the armor also takes away some of the bite of attack damage champions. nearing your end game i get another needlessly large rod and put this one into a rabadon's deathcap. this item add a flat 140 to your ability power plus 30% of your total ap stat.

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Adjusting The Build

if you are at mid against an ad champion at the time you buy boots of speed also buy cloth armor or instead of the boots if you don't have the gold for both. later in the build after you finish hextech revolver get ninja tabi boots. it will help you stand you ground and harass them more. also if you are facing a champion with stuns/slows/taunts/fears/silences/blinds/immobilizes buy a null-magic mantle and mercury's treads. the tenacity reduces the duration of these effects.

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Skill Sequence

any chance i get i want to go mid as morgana. the champion im laning against really effects the skill sequence. first i always get her dark binding to harass the enemy. next i get tormented soil and use it to control the other champion. if they don't want to stand in it to last hit creeps then they are missing gold and if they are far enough away they wont even gain xp. your next level is based on who you are laning against. if they are also ap and you are having trouble i would pick up an early black shield to absorb some damage. her shield also covers stuns slows and anything else magical.(if you are trying to shield yourself from a stun the shield has to be able to block all the damage the spell would do if the shield pop you get stunned)

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Team Work

in team fights try to stay unnoticed so they are not moving away from your bindings. this morgana is slightly tanky so after you hit a binding move in drop soil and shield a teammate if you need. then try to ulti as many of the other team as you can because if they take the full duration of soul shackles it stuns, giving your team many easy targets near half health. the weakest one will most likely be killed so just auto attack then. your binding and soil should be up so hit the second weakest with the binding and soil. the worst that play style should do is just getting one kill for you and the best would be a possible double kill with three assists.

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if you go mid(which you should want to) don't try to auto attack minions. just last hit them so you get the gold. keep yourself in positions that you can hit the champion with dark binding. once you get tormented soil you really want to drop it on the back caster waves while trying to get the champion. this will keep melee attackers off minions giving you the creep advantage. once you hit a binding drop soil so if they walk back the will walk thought it. if you do and they walk forward click them and auto attack then. if that gets them low enough pick up the kill with ignite.

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Creeping / Jungling

morgana doesn't jungle but a tormented soil leveled three time can jungle wolves, golems, and casters. at this point you can also kill creep waves with just soil. i like dropping soil on creeps and walking away or past them because i don't need to stay close to gain the xp. tormented soil makes it possible to farm and control your lane.

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bottom line moragna is not a hard champion to learn, but it does take a good player to be a good morgana. if you cant skill shot champions with dark binding you are hurting your team. also try to keep her ulti off cooldown, only use it when you can catch two or more champions. the rotation i would use my bailities in would be to bind them then drop soil in early levels. once you have your ulti there are two ways to pop everything: if you need it put up your shield and hit the easiest to kill with a dark binding, then drop tormented soil. the soil drops magic resistance so quickly follow it with your ulti. if that doesnt get you a kill then hit them with ignite. the other way is to bind them and ulti, near the end drop tormented soil(drop it so if the took a few steps back they are still standing in it by then your binding should be off cooldown and if you hit them before the soil fades it should kill them, but if not then a few auto attacks while they are bound should still kill them(or just ignite)