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Morgana Build Guide by RoastKilla778

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RoastKilla778

Morgana - Not All Angels Are Good

RoastKilla778 Last updated on July 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build here on mobafire, so good luck to me :D
I've done amazingly with this build as pure support, ap carrying, or even both. I hope that you have amazing games with this build, as do I.

Please leave positive support, as well as having some friendly tips on how to improve my build

Your friendly neighborhood fallen angel, RoastKilla778 :)

DISCLAIMER: I will not take any responsibility for horrible games you get for this build. However, if you use Morgana's 10 inch ***** to f*ck the other team doggy-style, feel free to mention my build :)

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You passively gain spell vamp from 15% all the way to 35%

In my opinion, easily one of the best passives in the game. During early to mid game, this can help you stay in lane much, MUCH longer than everyone else.
Deals damage, as well as shackles your target to the ground.

First point goes in this if you're first blood hungry in a duo lane. Even if you're mid, you can still harass, even at level 1. You prevent your opponent from farming minions as well as getting them low, building up for a kill.
Enemies within the area constantly take damage, and their magic resist is reduced.

Once you're level 2, get your point into this. Just in case you're mid against someone like Karthus, Ashe, Anivia, etc. you can use this to farm minions, as well as taking advantage of your passive which lets you stay in the lane much longer. Just put this in between the melee minions and the ranged minions, and you're good to go. Just keep in mind that this can't kill minions at all at level 1, so use this when their HP is down about 1/2
Puts up a shield on you, or an ally which blocks magic damage, as well as cc. (Stuns, slows, etc.)

Once you're level 3, you can use this to block spells and CC. Such as Karthus' Wall and explosion, Ashe's Volley & slow, Anivia's Stun, Twisted Fate's Red/Gold card, etc. Use this when you know that the enemy champion is going to unleash their magic combo on you. Perfectly timed, you can escape their CC, as well as absorb some of their damage which lets you retaliate, or just run away.
Deals magic damage, slows, and then even more magic damage, as well as a stun.

This can easily help you get kills. Q>W>R>Auto Attack until stun>First Blood.
However, if you don't stay within a certain range, your ult won't deal its secondary damage and stun.

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This is my all around spell caster rune page.

Magic Penetration Marks are great during any phase of the game. Early, mid, or even late game, this will help out a lot for harassing champions, as well as minion farming.

Flat MP Regen Seals help you get more bang for your buck from your masteries. A good replacement for this would be Flat MP Seals, since a % of your mp is added to your AP, this can help you get a little boost in your damage output, as well as being able to use a little more spells on your enemies.

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs are amazing for spellcasters, or any other champions in general. This helps increase your Q+W spam for some epic harassing.

Flat AP Quints significantly increases your damage output early game.

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Pros / Cons

+Excellent minion farming early game
+Amazing Ap burst
+Awesome shield. Blocks CCs and magic. If it blocks ad, then that would be even more op :D
+You can get first blood easily if your first point is in your Q
+You can easily 1v1 most champions in game. Q>W>E>R>Auto Attack>R's Stun>Q>W = Kill
+Great early and mid game

-Your sister is hotter
-Mana hungry
-Item dependent for kills. No items = No minion farming = Your team loses
-Team dependent. You can easily die if your team doesn't help you out.
-Morgana has a penor
-Requires perfection with skill shots to get kills
-People easily focus you if you get snowball items such as mejai's soulstealer, or if you're just doing well in general.

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Summoner Spells

Spells You SHOULD get

Your E, Q, and R easily make you amazing support champion. CV helps you be even more supportier (If that's a real word. If it's not, then they should make it a word). Before the minions spawn, at around 0:10, CV the steps at their spawn pool. This should help you get an insight on which of your champions should go where. Once you get in lane, CV the Bushes to check for champions. If they're there, barely get within range with your Q, attack, then run away. If they're smart, they'll leave the bushes. If not, use your Q to your hearts contempt. Your lane partner should also get the message to attack whoever you shackled.
Mana hungry, Mana hungry, Mana hungry. Use this whenever you're low on mana. And if you're on a voice chat system like skype or vent, get your clarity mastery. If you just clarity someone low on mana but they're going back to base, then you just wasted a clarity. Skype/Vent helps you clarify when to use this on your teammates. Some people don't bother to get clarity with the argument of being "useless late game". Let me explain why I get this.

Early game: Helps you spam your skills to harass your enemies, as well as helping your duo lane partner stay in lane more if they're low on mana. If you can use this properly, you can significantly increase your lead in kills, giving your team the edge late game.
Mid Game: By this time, you should have your archangel's staff which should help with your mana regen. However, it is still possible to find yourself OOM (Out of mana) as well as your teammates. So just pop this and you're good to go to fend off ganks. You can use clarity to bait as well. Your opponents will play aggressively thinking that they can get a kill if you or your partner are low on mana.
Late Game: Team fight heading in the wrong direction because your tank or burst dps teammates are low on mana? Use this and it can turn the tide of a fight.
Since Morgana has mobility problems, this should easily help you escape their team's burst dps, such as Xin Zhao. Some people use this to turret dive, but since your Q and W have amazing ranges, you don't even need to get within range of the turret to kill someone behind their turret.
For some reason, people escape with BARELY any hp. This should help getting those kills early game, as well as getting kills late game, since it applies true damage.
Your turret getting pushed but you're at base? Use this. Your teammates pushing a turret and your opponents are at some other area? Use this. You see someone going to gank your teammates because of a ward? Use this and tell your teammates to get him as well.

What I don't get

Fortify: You're not a tank.
Revive: You're not supposed to die in the first place.
Rally: trololol
Heal: Your passive solves your HP problem.
Exhaust: Let your burst dps get this. You have Q and R.
Cleanse: E Plox
Ghost: Flash is better
Smite: Use this please. Jungle Morgana ftw <3

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I go 9/0/21 getting the important things such as magic pen in offensives masteries, and MP regen in Utility. Other viable options would be getting the clarity mastery. However, I would ONLY get this if I'm not in solo queue, as well as being on some kind of real-time chat program like skype, or vent. Duo laning with Jarvan? Xin? Sion? Any other kind of mana hungry champion? Your clarity mastery easily solves this problem.

I get the CV mastery just in case of ganks.
Say you CV the bushes without the mastery and you don't see someone.
If you have the mastery, that's an extra 4 seconds. In 4 seconds, their whole team could appear in one bush. Better safe than sorry, right? :)

Neutral buff master for blue buff. CDR and MP Regen? Yes please. But longer :D

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General Build

To start off, get ato help you stay in lane. 7 MP/5 to help you abuse your skills a little, as well as farming minions with your W to get some gold, and using your passive to get some of your HP that you might have lost due to some poking by your opponents. When you have enough gold, get aas well asTear of the Goddess helps with your mana hunger problem, as well as building up for an Archangel's Staff. We get Sorcerer's Shoes for Magic Penetration and movement speed. This can help you get more kills, and if you get the movement speed mastery, you can escape burst champions easier.

By the time it's around mid-game, you should have aas well as afor your Rabadon's Deathcap. If you haven't been doing so well in your farming and have been out laned, Make sure you still get a Rod of Ages, and then a Giant's belt instead of a Needlessly Large Rod. A Rod of Ages helps you stay in lane longer because it gives HP, MP, and Ability Power. And a Giant's Belt gives you more than plenty of HP to survive.
By the time you're well into late-mid game, you should have enough gold for a Rabadon's Deathcap, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and an Archangel's Staff

"I've gotten every single item you told me to get. What now? D:"
Wanna build your sixth and final item? Welcome to a hell called Late Game.

Optional Items

Once you're in late game, you want to build some defensive items, rather than even more ability power. However, there's a little loophole with this rule :)
Armor, AP, and Stasis. Omg. Yes, please :)
If you've taken flash as one of your spells, while your tank is being focused (normally he wouldn't be focused, but there are special cases such as: Rammus' taunt, Shen's taunt, Cho Gath's freaking huge so it's possible to miss click, Jarvan's ult, etc.) you can use your Q and W on at LEAST two of your opponents, activate E on yourself (preferably yourself) or your initiator/carry, flash in the middle of them, use your ult, then stasis lock. By the time your stasis lock is over, they should have used up all of their skills on your stasis, your tank, or your sqiushy carry. Once two seconds have been passed, *boom* stun, and then free kills :)
I prefer to get this if my team is AP heavy. The spell vamp helps out your passive, as well as giving 80 AP to yourself, and 30 AP to surrounding allied champions. Seriously, when is more spell vamp every a bad thing? :D
Get this if their team's DPS are getting a little more cocky/aggresive. 99 armor, 500 mana, 20% CDR, and 20% reduced DPS for enemy champions. However, you should only get this if you got an Archangel's Staff. A Frozen Heart's 500 mana gives around 15 extra ap from the Archangel's Passive, so hey, why not? A little extra AP & CDR? As well as stopping your opponent's fed as hell dps champion? :D
Get this if the enemy's assassins are 1v1'ing you. And are winning. 30% Hp gone in an instant, CDR, MP Regen and AP? Why not?

Get this if the enemy's DPS are being smart and are targeting you. Hopefully, if your team is smart, while their dps is targeting you, the 30% reflected damage is keeping him at bay long enough for your team to kill him.
Get this if your opponent's team is CC/Caster heavy. Blocks a spell, gives health, mana, and magic resist.

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Team Work/Gameplay

Early Game

Mid Laning
This can be difficult since you have mobility problems. If you're getting harassed, then buy boots and hp pots. No problem in deviating from the item build a little ;) Stay to the left or right of your melee minions, and harass with your Q & W. When you use your W, make sure to get the ranged minions in the soil as well. Harassing and Minion farming at the same time? Yes please :D
Duo Laning
Check the bushes with CV. If you're duo laning with a burst dps, or someone tanky, head into the bushes and head all the way to their side in the bushes. If you see them coming towards you, you can retreat, or use your Q and attack for a first blood. Pay attention to the people that have flash. If they both have flash, then aim for the squishier one, or the one that's closest to you. Hopefully, if they're close enough and they DO flash away, hopefully you can chase them down, getting first blood.

Mid Game

Mia, Mia, Mia.
If you're mid, then get your boots. Once you kill the other mid champ, get rid of the minions and head for a gank. Have your teammate initiate. If you can perfectly aim your Q, you can easily get a kill. Push the lane that you just gank'd, and you should hopefully get their turret. Provided that the lane you gank'd has a dps in their lane.

Late Game

Moar Team fights plox.
Use your E on your tank, or anyone that initiates. If someone is dying, quickly pop your E on them. Remember that since your Q and W have amazing ranges, stay behind your teammates all the way in the back/middle of the group spamming your Q and W as much as possible. While the other team is HOPEFULLY focusing your tank, (Shen's taunt, Rammus' taunt, Cho gath is freaking huge so people can hopefully miss click, Jarvan's ult, etc.) E>Flash into the middle of their group>R>W>Stasis from Hourglass>Q then while they're stunned, get the hell out so you don't die.

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Unfortunately, I get matched up with A LOT of feeders. So I can't really post a lot of good games where my KDR is greater than a 1:1 ratio ._.

2.8:1 KD ratio. Pretty good I guess xP
I'll make sure to post games I get that are good =P

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following people:

Fox Rage, for positive feedback and helping me with my guide.