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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author impure

Morgana, not all angels are good

impure Last updated on January 10, 2011
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There is a world far away where an ancient conflict still rages. Like so many wars, this war split families. One side called themselves angels, claiming to be beings of perfect order and justice. Those that fought against them believed the angels to be tyrants, creatures incapable of seeing the larger view. Morgana was one who fought against what she perceived as the tyranny of the angels, and for that she was branded ''fallen''. Morgana was not innocent, having taken to the practice of the black arts in an effort to fight against the general of her enemy's army - her sister, Kayle, who had long ago disavowed any filial connection. Then, as the two were locked in what might be their final conflict, they were suddenly summoned to Valoran. Morgana now fights in the League of Legends, but only with the goal of destroying her sister before returning home.

''While some call Morgana 'fallen', she enjoys more clearly defining this status to her enemies.''

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Hi all, this is my Morgana build. I came to this build by trying alot of guides that were already on mobafire. There were a few things I disliked about most of the build already out there:
- Mana problems early game
- Lower defences make for less stacks on mejai's
- Not very capable early game at all
- Very defencive playstyle, wich is no good for Morgana's Ult
- Needs clarity to somewhat create spammability

With these things in my head I started thinking, and I created this build. It is not even close to finished, but well, it's my first attempt. Please rate this build and comment why you liked or disliked it!

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Pros / Cons

+ Excellent farmer
+ Natural spell vamp
+ high burst damage
+ slow, stun and snare!
+ Shield
+ Great chaser / great escaper

- Skillshots, wich take practice to master
- Ultimate which requires a ****load of experience
- Often the target of focus fire (wich can net us more kills!)
- Slow movement
- Nothing to do while spells are on CD

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In my honest opinion full ap with some magic pen is the only way to go with morgana. I feel like flat mana regen only work for the first 5/6 levels and scaling ones aren't worth it late-game where you will not have mana problems at all. The fact that we will get a chalice of harmony in 99.9% of the games will make mana regen runes not needed.

I took the flat ap quints for a boost early-game and some scaling seals and glyphs for some extra firepower mid/late-game. The marks I took are magic pen, because they are definately worth there value even though you have a W skill wich will burn away their magic resist.

Flat HP Quints: Cheaper in value if used on more champs, and gives you survivability at start instead of raw firepower
Armor/dodge Seals: Could give you some extra defence against hard hitting champs but in my opinion they will not reach you before they are lying down being dead.
CDR Glyphs: This is actually a viable option. They can be used on every champion so they have a great value. They make Morgana's skills more spammable wich is a good thing as well. Both the flat ones and the scaling ones work, although I would take the scaling ones because you shine late-game, so do these glyphs...

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I took 10 in offence because the 15% magic pen is like the best mastery out there. I also took improved ignite so you get a nice 10ap boost to start with, combined with your runes this offers you about 35ap to start with! If we look further down the offence tree is see no masteries of use, except for the last one that gives more dmg. Good thing is we already burst the **** out of any champion, so we better get some utility...

Now for the utility tree. It's a real shame that we can't take the last talent, wich makes us able to teleport 15% faster and use ignite more often. It's actually not a bad idea to switch improved ignite for this talent. The masteries I took are the best choices and there are near to no alternatives, except for the summoner spell masteries. If you don't take teleport, move that mastery point. You will always choose ignite, but if you would not choose that for reasons unknown to me, take the last talent in utility.

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Now here comes probably the most important part. My focusses in this buils were:

- Burst damage
- Spammability
- Survivability

The first item we get is a meki pendant for some sort of spamability. After you get 500 gold you teleport back to get your chalice, unless you are doing really well without any mana problems get 350 gold extra and buy your boots while at it. After your chalice and boots you should be around lvl 4. This is where you're gonna farm alot so you can get a soulstealer. Once you have gotten your soulstealer you are around lvl 6. Maybe you even got ur cdr boots, wich would be awesome!

At this time you kinda completed your corebuild:

[Why Ionian boots wich everyone flamed on for being useless on the official forums? Well because you have magic pen from your marks and alot from your W skill, these boots are actually really usefull on Morgana. With blue buff you get 15+22% cdr makes 37%. Include 3% from masteries and you reach cap. Need I say more?]

/back ontopic
If you have gotten your corebuild the fun start. You will be ganking and killing everything you see if your ultimate is ready. How when and where is explained later.. Anyway, you will be farming gold quicker than before with lvl 3 tormented soil and probably some kills. Now you can choose. If it really goes as well as described above you get a needlessly large rod to get the new Zhonya's hat, also known as Rabadon's Deathcap. If you still have absolutely no problems with survivability you can get a Rylai's crystal scepter for the slow and ap, with added bonus health, or an abysall scepter for some more magic pen (decreased magic resist for the enemy) and probably a lich bane for ability power, a new burst and even movement speed... although it is highly unlikely you won't need any defences I'm just giving you the option..

Burstalicious build:

Although this above build looks great, you will not often use it.. Most of the times you will need a little bit more defence. To add this in a way that you will still be able to do serious damage, we have the abysall scepter and the new item Zhonyas Hourglass These offer magic resist and armor, while still adding ability power for our damage capability's. For the extremely defencive build I am going to remove the Mejai's Soulstealer from our core build. Why? If you are being owned that hard that you need this build you will not be able to get any stack on the soulstealer...

Defence only(balanced enemy team):

This too is an extreme build. You will not use this either. Why do I post them? Because you take note of good defencive and offensive items, in a specific order. When you are in game now you can decide on what build you will create yourself. Remember the following:

Build advice:

Chalice of Harmony (can be sold later if game goes on for like 50+ minutes)
- Mejais Soulstealer (sell this if you can't get above 4 stacks)
- Ionian Boots of Ludicity (Maybe, in 1% of the games change to Mercury's Threads if the enemy team has more than 5/6 slows, stuns, taunts etc)
- Rabadon's Deathcap (A good item to boost your mejai's AP, buy early if you keep getting 10-15+ stacks, and later if you got below 10 stacks)
- Abysall Scepter (Basic resist against magic heavy teams, don't be afraid to buy 2 of them if the enemy deals alot of magic damage)
- Zhonya's Hourglass (nice against physical heavy teams, only ever buy 1 of it. Nice active as well, especially if they focus you in a teamfight when you are charging with ur ult)
- Rylai's Chrystal Scepter (Gives your armor/magic resist more value, adds ap and gives a slow. Nice item, not often in my build but if you have 1/2 abysall scepters and an hourglass and still having problems this can be a nice extra)
- Guardian Angel (You will not be buying this, because your team will have surrendered at 25 minutes if you need this)
- Lich Bane (I don't like it, test it sometime and maybe you can use it as a 5th/6th item)


Elixir of brilliance kan be bought at all times if you have completed the core build. I do however advice to do this only if you feel like you really need the extra damage. The cooldown is not necessary if you get blue buff with the boots, as you already reach the cap. If blue buff is more usefull for someone else on your team you should buy there more often

Elixir of fortitude can be bought if you have completed your build and you have the money

Oracle can be handy if the other team has alot of wards placed, or if you have a stealther against you. Normally the tank has the duty of buying oracles, but if they don't you should, so you do not get ganked by that anoying evelyn or twitch...

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Skill Sequence

The one stated above is usual.
lvl 3 on tormented soil to farm caster minions with only this skill.
after that your dark binding to give you a more powerfull nuke
one level in your shield early to stop disables and more at the end

If the enemy team evades all of your dark bindings level tormented soil to lvl 5 before leveling dark binding above lvl 1

If you get owned by magic damage during laning get some more levels in shield, as many as you need.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a must. Why? because it gives you 10 ap, it burns down fleeing enemy's, it stops mundo's using their ult (or any healing champion) and because morgana does not really need more escapes.

Teleport is my second favorite, so you can quickly get your chalice in the laning phase, you can get boots and mejai's without missing any xp or gold... Late game you can add to some map control, teleporting to wards if you will be doing baron, defending towers that are being attacked, offering a quick return after you get killed. It has so many uses I can't think of a reason not to take it.

Alternatives :

Flash - Offers an extra help to position your dark binding past minions or enemy champions.
helps you catch up as well, how often are you running after an enemy champ knowing that your dark binding will not make it that far?

Ghost - can be usefull to rush to an ally in need, although teleport can do the same from a longer distance...

Cleanse - can be usefull if they always stun/snare/slow you when using ultimate. Although I do not have this alot since they mostly use their disables earlier, and these things often have pretty long cooldowns.

Do not take:
Clarity - you have a chalice
revive - no (except for when ur superpro and use revive+teleport to have revenge. No still don't, you should just kill them first!)
heal - no, if you get focussed you die, no use of healing

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playing Mid:

Play carefull if you do not see every enemy champ in his lane. Keep making last hits with your auto-attack and later with tormented soil. Does the enemy champ come too close? Sucks to be him, use dark binding and tormented soil then watch him hurt himself. After having done this you will know what damage ur combo does. If you think you can definately get a kill and if you are not too close to their tower feel free to play more agressive. Still do not cross the enemy minions unless you have dark binded him. If he gets snared, trow a tormented soil on top of it as usual, use ignite if available, and maybe autoattack him once or twice. If you have teleport ready just get ur next item with the money he gave you and get back before him... If you are level six and your enemy in mid is dead or recalled the fun starts:

Ganking as mid lvl 6:

This all starts with communication. Tell your teammates not to play more agressive, neither tell them to hold back. Why? Because it will be so damn obvious someone's coming! If ganking go stand in the brushes from mid river. Wait untill you are absolutely certain your dark binding will bind one. Shoot, run in, use ult only if you know you can get the stun on the other one as well. If you pull this off correctly the first one that was binded should be killed by you or the ones on the lane. Since your dark binding has its cooldown refreshed at this time. Wait for the stun to end, and snare him immediately afterwards. Now you should be able to cast another tormented soil, and kill the remaining one by autoattacking, applying the tormented soil damage, and some assistance by the ones in the lane. There you go, 2-4 stacks on mejai's and some extra money!.

Playing on a sidelane:

When assigning lanes try to get with a though guy, ideally with a stun/slow/snare. This makes sure you can keep people where you want them. Before minions-spawn you can easily check the brushes with dark binding, if noone is there go stand somewhere in the brush. When the minions and the enemy champion come, try to get the hit with dark binding. If there is 2 squishies, you might be able to get the first blood with the other disable and ignite. If you do not have a great lanepartner of though enemy champs you can still put that first dark binding on him and then start last hitting creeps. As soon as you get tormented soil you can start harassing.


Make sure your teammate knows that when you darkbind, he can attack as well. When you see the opportunity bind one of them to the ground, pop a tormented soil below him and keep last hitting minions or auto-attack him a few times. Do not try to kill or overreact if they have nearly full hp, you won't make the kill and probably get killed yourself. In general, never get past their creeps. You can easily harass from behind your own creeps while staying really safe yourself. If they have less than half hp, you can communicate with your teammate to kill him. Again dark bind him, torment the soil below him and auto attack him, maybe adding your ignite if you have it and think it will finish him. If your teammate does something as well, you will be almost guaranteed to have the kill. When tormented soil hits level 3, you have a chalice of harmony and you can easily harass with it even without dark binding. When he's autoattacking your minions, just put a tormented soil on him and the caster minions. You will get 3 minionkills and he will get some damage.

Ganking as a sidelaner

Again, communicate with your lanepartner before doing anything! Stand in the brushes and when they dare to come too close, dark bind him, torment his soil and let your lanepartner attack. If he has a stun or slow as well it's important for him to wait untill your snare ends. Too often have I seen a panth wasting his stun while I have got the enemy snared. After the Q+W combo use ignite if you will need it. Also use ignite if you are against a champion who can heal. Now again you have to make the decision wether or not to use your ultimate. Only use this if it makes you kill both! Just like ganking with midlane you should stun the other one, then snare him and put tormented soil on him and auto attack to finish him off.

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This is my first guide so please give me constructive critism if you vote negatively!!!
Also English is not my main language so I guess there will be some mistakes. Just read past them or tell me them so I can correct them. I will try to keep this guide updated at all times!

Like said in the title, 'Not all angels are good', but if you follow my guide, you can become really good at taming this bad angel to torment each and every one of them out there.

To do list:
- pictures
- videos