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League of Legends Build Guide Author VvJulianvV

Morgana: Queen of the Wasteland

VvJulianvV Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey everyone, VvJulianvV here and this is my first MobaFire guide! I've been using MobaFire for a while now and it has helped out so much when I start using a new character. I hope this helps you out with getting Morgana to be the witch she really Is. Feedback is appreciated!

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Basically these runes are good for late game, but they also can be somewhat useful when leveling up because you get the same amount of AP added every time you level up.

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First off when putting in your masteries you want to make sure you put your points into the utility side first if your not level thirty. Now there are some obvious reasons to fill the tree out as I did. Putting points into 'Good Hands' allows you to spend less time dead and more time farming and ganking. As for 'Perseverance', 'Awareness', 'Expanded Mind', and 'Meditation', these all give mana/health regen, increased experience gained, and maximum mana. 'Quickness' is useful because you'll be able to get away from sticky situations and getting to your teammates side much faster. Putting points into 'Intelligence' and 'Presence of the Master' you will get reduced cooldown time of your spells and summoner spells so you with be able to pull out more damage with quicker attacks. Once you pass that level 21 mark you should start using those points for of offense. 'Archmage's Sawy' will help you out with your total AP as you level and just for that fourth point in offense put it in 'Deadliness' because crit chances is much better then summoner spells that aren't the best of choices with Morgana. Then move onto 'Sorcery' which leads to 'Archaic Knowledge', these two masteries help you with more cooldown reduction and spell penetration. I find this the most powerful way to fill out Morgana's mastery tree.

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The first item to get when the game first starts in 'Doran's Ring', you get just enough money for this item at the start of the game and its stats are pretty much in all the useful stats for casters. Next are 'Sorcerer's Shoes' this item has magic penetration and enhanced speed. Then for 'Lich Bane' it is the easiest to build in parts because of its cost. 'Sheen' would be a no brainer because of its passive of when you use an ability your attack damage is basically doubled for the next attack you do and this can happen every two seconds. From there you can just save up for the rest of the item. 'Rod of Ages' follows for its health, mana, and ability power. As for 'Deathfires Grasp', its active is very useful against casters because not only does have a damage as big as 30% of there remaining health, for every 100 AP the enemy has 3.5% is added to the 30%. 'Rabadon's Deathcap' is pretty much a must have for all casters. It has a massive amount of ability power and its always has an amazing passive of increasing your ability power by 30%. The last of your items to get is 'Zhonya's Hourglass'. Before getting this your must sell 'Doran's Ring' to make room. This item is very useful for it AP and armor, but what makes it a real keeper is its active. When you use it your become invulnerable and untargetable for two seconds. The downfall of it is that you can't cast any spells, so just use it for getting away.

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Summoner Spells

I chose 'Clarity' and 'Ignite' because for 'Clarity' you get your mana replenished so you never really seem to be in need of mana. As for 'Ignite', it is extremely deadly early game especially if the other team is under leveled because it gets stronger the higher your level is.

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Team Work

Morgana is very useful for team fights. She can start off a fight with her stun, 'Dark Binding', and put down an AoE, 'Tormented Soil', to do damage to other enemies. Then use her ulti, 'Soul Shackles' and do a great amount of damage and if you can get the enemies to be close enough the chain will break, doing the same amount of damage before and stun. You can use her shield, 'Black Shield', to shield enemies from all spells, this will block any stuns or slows. Just keep repeating your stun and AoE.

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Unique Skills

'Black Sheild' is very unique because it blocks spell damage along with blocking any stun or slow. The only downfall is that it won't protect from attack damage or turret damage. It is your best friend when up against just about any caster.

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Overall this is an AP build for Morgana. Just remember to lay down your AoE right under your opponent as you pull of a stun. When farming just keep your AoE under the creeps and you be able to get loads of money. If you follow this guide you should find yourself being a real asset to any team and pull off some wicked kills. I hope this guide helps you get better with Morgana. This is my first guide of hopefully many to come. Thanks for reading!