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League of Legends Build Guide Author Louen

Morgana, Safe angel

Louen Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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With this build you get to play Morgana in a safe way. You have good survivability since pretty early and you'll also hit hard. It's not a full AP build like many people like to do, I believe Morgana shouldn't just go full AP, survivabilty and CDR are also important.

Not much to explain here, other spells might be useful too, I personally like these 2 for the following reasons:

- Ignite: can often mean the difference between getting a kill or not.
- Teleport: it will allow you to move around the map much faster, and gank when needed or defend.

Other options:

- Clarity: If you have no runes yet (or not enough of them) your mana can be an issue at lower levels, clarity greatly helps you stay in the lane longer and it allows you to be a bit more offensive when needed.

- Flash: Good for chasing someone who is just about to die or mainly to escape from a gank.

- Ghost: Similar to flash, can't pass through walls.. but can pass through creeps.


I like to play Morgana a bit defensively the first few levels.

First thing to get is Tormented soil, it's great for killing minions in a lane and also pretty useful to harass thanks to it's range.

Then I get Dark binding more like a weapon to scare than to actually kill, that's why I don't max it out so soon.

Another point into Tormented soil so the enemy doesn't kill mobs much faster than you and makes you retreat too often.

Black shield goes next, just 1 point until pretty late, but it can make you decievingly strong and I believe it's perfect to get some kills early, as enemies will believe they can kill you more often than they actually can, also, it will help you escape many ganks.

At lvl 3 Tormented soil already hits hard enough to kill a wave of minions with a single spell, so I think it's time to go offensive, you already have your Ultimate at level 6, so now it's time to max out Dark binding. If everything works ok, you will probably start getting some kills now.

Dark binding + Tormented soil + Soul shackles hits pretty hard, and you'll also have your Black shield in case you didn't manage to get the kill and you have to risk a bit more.

If the game is going well for your team, perhaps buying other items as Mejai's Soulstealer might be better, but this way it works out pretty well too and it's less risky.

The items go like this:

- Doran's ring
- Sorcerer's shoes
- Archangel's staff
- Zhonya's ring
- Glacial Shroud

This is the core, I'll explain why I choose this items:

- Doran's ring: gives you everything you need at start, it's a great starting item.
- Sorcerer's shoes: well, just standard caster shoes, self-explanatory.
- Archangel's staff: I like to build this first because it takes some time to charge, so the earlier you buy it the sooner you'll have it at max power.
- Zhonya's Ring: it's the most powerfull AP item (excluding a fully charged Mejai's Soulstealer). Once you build this and the Archangel's staff, you'll hit VERY hard.
- Glacial Shroud: Morgana is a character with one of the weakest auto-attacks, so when your abilities are in Cooldown, you're pretty much useless. I believe it's really important to get as much CD reduction as possible. Also that extra armor will make you a bit tougher, and some more mana is never bad, it will give you more AP too thanks to your Archangel's staff+ Zhonya┬┤s ring.

After the core items, the next items greatly depend on the game you're playing.
Some of the options are:

- Void staff. (AP + spell penetration).
- Abyssal scepter. (VS heavy magic dmg teams, you get some magic resist + more AP + a nice Magic penetration aura).
- Banshee's Veil. (If you feel you are too squishy, this item is great. Some HP, some Mana (more damage again), Magic resist, and a great unique which added to your Black Shield will make you really hard to CC).
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter: AP, more HP so you don't get killed that easily and a passive which will make your Tormented Soil slow enemies.
- Rod of Ages: A bit of everything. HP, AP and Mana (extra AP again).

If the game is a veeeery long one, you can also upgrade your Glacial Shroud:

- Glacial Shroud --> Frozen Heart

Apart from this "wearable" items, I recommend buying Elixir of brilliance whenever you fall back to buy if you have some spare money after buying the item you went to buy. If you can spare the extra money, be sure to buy an Elixir.


- I basically chose primary runes in all of the 3 categories.
- Red: Magic penetratiom. (Self explanatory, also, if you check some calculations people have done, they are more benefitial than AP runes).

- Yellow: Manareg/lvl. (Without them, you'll run out of mana pretty fast, if you don't have them, it's a good idea to choose CLARITY as a summoner spell).

- Blue: Here there are 2 options. AP/lvl or CDR.
In other caster's I might choose AP/lvl in Morgana though, I believe CDR is very important, as she is pretty much useless when her skills are on CD.

Quintessence: There are many options here... it's probably a matter of taste. As I said before, CDR is very important in my opinion when using Morgana. So I chose CDR runes. Still, many other Quintessence might be usefull, specially AP ones probably.

If you have any doubts about any of my choices, please feel free to ask. I hope you like this build and find it useful.