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Morgana Build Guide by hannylicious

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hannylicious

Morgana - Stop 'em & Drop 'em

hannylicious Last updated on September 8, 2011
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Morgana can be disgusting (and by disgusting, I mean it in the most pleasurable of ways). Early game she can harass amazingly well and she can solo a lane without a care in the world while pushing 2 champs back to their turret almost indefinitely.

Mana however, is always a concern for Morgana - but one that can be dealt with by being strategic with your usage of spells. Hit your snares, drop your tormented soil only when needed and keep enough mana handy for your shield in the event you get in trouble.

Later in game - she can also absolutely drop other players as well from full to dead in a few casts. So don't fret if you see a champ coming at you - you've got survivability, escape mechanisms and you hit like a truck. Take your time, play smart and enjoy knowing someone somewhere is going "OMG - She snared me and killed me before I could do anything!"

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- Spell vamp? As a passive? Yes please! When most folks would have to recall, you can play a bit more defensively and before long, be happy and relatively full of life again. Want to stay in lane for a while? This is a great way to be able to (and it's passive! yay!)
- Dark Binding - I can't say enough how much I love this. It is just a snare, so be careful where you are in relation to people when you use it (don't go stand next to a melee for example); but this allows you to "catch" fleeing enemies, "snipe" near-dead enemies who flash through a wall, or save your teammates from imminent death (or yourself!). So very useful - which is why I pick it up first. In the event you want that 'first blood', there is no better way to get it. Why slow when you can disable their movement all together?
- Tormented Soil - Early game you'll be knocking 6 minions at a time down about half health until around level 5/6 when you'll start clearing full waves of minions with one drop of this on the ground. Can farming get any easier? I don't think so. Drop this on the ground and then focus on your enemies (set it, and forget it!).
- Black Shield - A great shield that can keep you (and other teammates) safe from that nasty magic damage and immune to disables/CC. One of the best shields in the game IMO, you can get away from virtually anything!
- Soul Shackles - Your Ultimate. The beastly thing that not only hits hard, but also allows you to tag along behind your fleeing enemies (yes, multiple) because it slows their movement speed 20%. Once your ult 'goes off' they're stunned in place allowing you to barrage them once again (if they're not dead already) - killing them. It also gives your teammates time to get there if they're not around, and in cases of craziness it allows you to get away from multiple chasing enemies. So versatile and useful!

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Summoner Spells

- Teleport; so useful. You can get anywhere quickly and for those times when you blast away your mana but don't want to be gone from lane too long? It only takes a few seconds to be full health/mana and back in lane pushing their tower again. It also makes it easy to get to places that might be having a tough time with the enemy in a hurry. Trust me, once you're hitting like a truck, they'll see you and move onto another area of the map.
- Flash; Quick and easy. I prefer to use this because it allows me to push a little harder but also gives me an 'easy button' to get away in the event they decided to team up early to try and gank the solo-laning Morgana. Sure, I've got a lot of escape tricks up my sleeve as it is, but this is just one more that makes me that much harder to kill and allows me to stay around in lane so much longer.
- Ignite; Well, it has it's place. If you're against a team of people who typically 'barely get away', pick this up and do the job right! Against a team with some crazy heals? Probably another good idea to pick this up as it works great against them.

Other spells beyond 2 of these 3 are really not as useful. These are probably THE 3 spells you want to choose from depending on the other teams comp.

The ONLY other spell I would say is even remotely viable would be Exhaust. But even then you're better off with 2 of the above spells; I mean, you've got a freakin' snare for crying out loud.

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In this build I take a pretty aggressive approach.
I try to time this out accordingly and have certain 'goals' I try to reach.
- I start with Dorans Ring (obvious choice).
- I try to have these boots out of the way by Level 5 or Level 6. I typically try to stay in lane until I have enough gold to get these boots - then I recall for the first time (and tele back within seconds!)
- Rabadons Deathcap - Rush this. Now. Try have the entire thing completed between levels 10-12 - at that point you'll be hitting like a truck. Enemies will begin to avoid you at all costs unless they're traveling in a pack of 3-4.
- Well, you're a support (or a nuker!) and you'll be getting a lot of kills / assists - what better way to help ramp up your AP than this little gem? Cheap and effective.

If you want to go flat out AP crazy - you could probably start building another Rabadons at this point if you would like. There are arguments for and against it. But if you do this, you'll be mean. Downright vicious... but you'll also be missing out on a bit of survivability - which will be important at this point in the game (unless of course you've been just dominating the other team, in which case they'll be surrendering about now).

- Rod of Ages - as I said; it adds that survivability and gives you some added mana benefits. Good heading into the later parts of the game.
- Abyssal Scepter - AP & Magic Reduction, what a great benefit!

You could probably/should probably switch this out for Thornmail if the team you're facing is very heavy AD (and probably should get it earlier in game - after Rabadons perhaps).

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Well, rushing Rabadons means that you'll be hammering people like a truck around level 12.

"Ummm, did you just say 'rush Rabadons'? I need mana and life!
Yes, I said to rush Rabadons over grabbing the mana & life giving Catalyst the Protector. Why, you might ask? Because as long as you're focusing on last-hitting minions with your auto-attack you can manage your mana nicely. Drop a tormented soil if their minions are starting to push too close to tower and clear out a wave, then go back to a nice defensive play style focusing on last hitting. Save your mana for when you want to engage and you won't be dealing with that constant mana strain so many people complain about. This is especially useful if you're playing beside a nice burst DPS champ. Then when you guys get the chance, lay down a snare & tormented soil and the DPS will take care of the rest!
If you're really concerned about this, or find it difficult to manage your mana - then go ahead and go for Catalyst, but otherwise try and save it for later.

Once you get Rabadons, you will be able to start moving about the map, placing wards and helping to get ganks. This should really help with the money for your next items so you can get to that Catalyst (if you haven't).

But Mejai's? Really?
Yes, really. You'll be running around helping with ganks, getting tons of assists (because you hit like a truck making DPS cleanup super easy!) as well as snagging kills here, there and everywhere - you'll have 20 stacks in a short time (you should have this around mid-game, plenty of game to build stacks still) which will give your AP a nice boost while you are building for your RoA.

Grab some wards and don't feel scared to go place them wherever you want. You've got enough escape abilities to get you out of most any situation (or at least hold a couple/few players at bay long enough for backup to arrive!).

I think it's best to plan your recalls around your purchase order and your timing of teleport. With teleport you can recall and be back in lane before they even know you've went back.

The skill shot for the snare can be tricky for some people to master, but once you get it down you'll find it to be so useful. Able to snare people who flashed through a wall can allow you or your teammates the ability to 'catch up' and get that kill!

Your snare should always be followed up with tormented soil.

Lets say you were running up river to help someone out - a rotation might look like this:

Odds are by this point, they're so close to death all they want to do is get away from you and run off - but then your ult goes 'pop' and they die (or are stunned and a teammate one shots them). Hence the name of this guide "stop'em and drop'em", and that's how it's done!

In team fights? Somewhat similar but no use for the snare - so drop your tormented soil, wait for the right moment and strike with your ult (which can hit their entire team! A huge disable for them!).

Morgana is mean, I've been telling you this!

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Farming with Morgana can be simplified down to one spell.
- Tormented Soil.

That's it. If you place it correctly, you can drop that once and wipe out an entire creep wave. Giving you tons of gold, and allowing you to be a mean lane pusher. You can walk around, drop that and be guaranteed some gold. Very easy to do, and very easy to farm with. Also farming is ultimately VERY important because this build is relatively expensive.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great solo lane
  • Amazing pushing power or laid back farming power
  • Can do amazing damage
  • Great for team fights at any point in the game
  • Tons of survivability with skills
  • Great ability to 'catch' other players who are escaping from fights
  • A bit squishy if you get too close, or get focused
  • Expensive build
  • If not allowed to farm, can be difficult to build her strong
  • Long cooldowns

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Morgana is a champ who can escape damn near everything, hits like a truck and can help tremendously in team fights or solo fights.

She can solo lane, or lane with others; she can mid-lane just fine as well!

She's a mean champ that is often underestimated at the start of a game allowing you to get some early kills/assists and start to get fed. A fed Morgana will have another team running in fear and wasting all their time buying magic resist (which will allow your AD carry to just go nuts all over them).

Be prepared for a lot of surrenders at 20 minutes with a good team comp and a strong Morgana.