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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xalrons

Morgana Support/Tank Build

Xalrons Last updated on October 13, 2010
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This is a basic Morgana Support Build, which is based on being one of the best initiators in the game. I usually run Ghost instead of Flash and get Soul Shroud instead of Shurelya's Reverie. I decided I wanted to try the team aspect of Shurleya's active, and dropped Ghost for Flash. The main idea of the build is too pop the active, Flash in, and ulti as many enemy champions as possible. Of course, you need your team to back you up!

I take basic caster masteries, 9/0/21, with the highlights being Archmage's Savvy, Archaic Knowledge, Awareness, Meditation, Quickness, Blink of an Eye, Intelligence, and Presence of the Master. I like Good Hands over Perseverance simply because I am a min/max type of guy, and the first point in Perseverance gives you more bang for your buck than the second and third points. Good Hands can easily add up to an extra minute or two in a long game.

Without Clarity, Mana regen per level Seals are a necessity. Take Magic Penetration Marks for extra damage, Glyphs of Focus for 40% CDR (with Elixirs), and Flat Health Quintessences for an extra boost in health. Dropping Clarity also frees up Ignite for more damage output, which is another reason why I like Shurelya's Reverie, for its extra mana regen.

You want to get a solo lane and build Rod of Ages as soon as possible, so I skip Doran's Ring. Start with a Sapphire Crystal and x2 Health Potions. I start with Dark Binding to protect myself against level 1 harassers (such as Karthus, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal). Don't spam Tormented Soil until rank 3, as you can easily run out of mana. The main goal at the beginning of the laning phase is to last hit enough minions to buy your Catalyst and Boots of Speed on your first bluepill. You can try for a gank at 6 if your minions are pushing.

Go back to farming and bluepill as soon as you have enough money for your Rod of Ages. 15 minutes is great. 20 minutes is fine. You can solo Golem easily at this point, but once you get Shurleya's Reverie, an Elixir of Brilliance is all you need to max out your cooldowns. Give up Golem Buff if anyone else wants it. Keep an elixir handy at all times and pop it before any team fight ensues. They are a huge boost to AP and CDR. You should be able to win any small team skirmishes if you can get your ulti off fast. Keep farming. After Rod of Ages, upgrade your boots to Sorcerer Shoes, then get Philosopher's Stone and upgrade it into Shurleya's Reverie.

You have a decent amount of health now, but you are still a pseudo-initiator. You can initiate, but try your best to kite with your ultimate and keep dps off you with Dark Binding and Black Shield. Your team can do the rest. Save Shurleya's Active if you don't absolutely need it in case you need to run away quickly.

Next, get Guardian Angel. You can definitely initiate a 5 on 5 team fight now when GA is up. Pop Shurelya's Active on your team (its range is kind of short) and then Flash in and pop your ultimate. Try to Dark Binding their main carry, and Tormented Soil as many people as you can right before your ultimate's echo pops for the stun. That's the basic idea of a team fight. Once you get Zhonya's, pop that if necessary. I pretty much never get to the Abyssal Scepter, but it's great last item to get.

That's the basic build, it is not at all set in stone. You will probably have to switch some items out if their team has too much magic damage or too much phyiscal damage. You can take out Rod of Ages for Banshee's Veil against a stun/magic team. You can take Merc Treads, or even Ninja Tabi. You can take Spirit Visage for magic resist or Frozen Heart for armor instead of the Shurleya's Reverie. For ranked games, you might want Ghost instead of Flash if you know you aren't going to get SR.

There you go! This is definitely my favorite way to play Morgana. It's too much fun initiating against a full team and chasing them down with my ultimate. Shurleya's Reverie is a great team support item for chasing or running. With this build, you are a pretty awesome tank, support, and nuker all wrapped into one evil package. Good luck. :D

Also, this is my first build post on the site, so rate/comment! ^_^