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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by Jo5h

Morgana, Tanky Caster

Morgana, Tanky Caster

Updated on September 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jo5h Build Guide By Jo5h 2,825 Views 1 Comments
2,825 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jo5h Morgana Build Guide By Jo5h Updated on September 9, 2011
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Morgana is such a fun champion to play, one of the best laners, harasser, support, tanky casters in my opinion. She also has one of the best shields in the game which negates all cc's even exhaust. She also has all high AP ratios so her damage is good. Blah Blah. I'm assuming you've looked at the other guides so I'll just cover the basics. If you want pictures... use google or something.


One of the best farmers
Has the best shield in the game
Very strong Ult, I'd say game changer if used correctly
Her snare is 3 seconds maxed... plus really good damage.
Passive spell vamp.

Long cooldowns
Mana hungry if you like to spam skills
Wears a dress so... she moves slow.
That's... about it.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash is a must.

Morgana technically only has two main damaging moves. Dark Binding and Soul Shackles. Ignite becomes part of her combo.

Flash is a must on Morgana. Useful for escaping ganks, and initiating fights. Morgana has one of the best initiates in the game if used correctly.

Do not get any other summoner spells. Ever.
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Whatever, my AP runepage is all AP per level + 9 Red mPen. Works for me.
You can get cdr, mana regen, whatever you want I guess.
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Start with an early Doran's because it gives you everything you need to outlane your enemy. HP, AP, and Mana Regen. With the boosted AP and Mana Regen, you should never run out of hp as long as you use soil properly to spell vamp. Next grab your catalyst and you never have to leave your lane. Next grab your level one boots because... everyone is faster than you and that blows. Then finish up your RoA. Rod gives you the tankiness you need and decent AP. Everything a mid-game Morgana needs. Next grab cooldown boots. Yes cooldown boots. I see alot of Morgana's grab mPen but she doesn't need more damage, she needs lower cooldowns. Utility > More Damage for Morgana. More CD = More Snares, More Ults, and best of all More shields. Next, grab your Zhonya's Hourglass. This item is a must on Morgana and the earlier, the better. After these three items, you can initiate like a boss and rape face. The last three items I find to be situational. If your doing well and not dying, I would grab a Rabadon's for the extra damage. The other team is heavy AD? Grab a Frozen Heart, or Randuins. Heavy AP? Grab an abysmal scepter or Force of Nature. Morgana should be in the front lines, shielding the tank so he can initiate, initiating fights, and harassing the hell out of the other team.
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Skill Sequence

Your first skill depends on whether or not your a solo or a duo lane. As a solo lane, prioritize in leveling up W, tormented soil. As a duo, get Dark Binding for the snare.
Do not... use Tormented Soil until it is atleast level 2. At level 1, you only waste mana and it ends up pushing your lane at low levels. At level 2, it leaves the minions one auto attack away from death. Farming is simple with Morg. Wait for the minions to stop moving, place a soil where you can damage most/all of them. You should also try to harass with your soil. Deny the opponents of last hits by making them regret stepping on your soil. Soil does damage every second, even the first second. If you can place the soil on the enemy champion and a majority of minions, then go ahead. You can also soil under the turret. The best thing about soil is you can place the soil and walk away. After your soil reaches level 3, it does enough damage to kill minion waves and now you want to focus on more damage. After hitting level 6, I prioritize in maxing snare. By the way, if you think Annie is the only champ that can nuke at six, you've never fought a Morgana.

At level six, if you've been harassing correctly. Wait until you can get a snare on the enemy champion. Immediately walk right next to them, shield yourself, and use your Ult and ignite. If they flash, you flash with them. The most important part is predicting where the opponent will be when the snare procs from the ult. Put your soil when they get snared and use another dark binding to finish them off.

After getting your RoA, you can now initiate team fights! Always toss the first shield on yourself, snare somebody and use your ultimate. Chances are, the enemy team will run away from you or blow the massive amounts of CC on you, which of course you will block with spell shield. Use your ignite on the squishy's/carries/ or people that can heal. In other words, Snare, Shield, Ult, Zhonya, Ignite, Soil, Snare is your combo. After that just kinda spam everything and hope everyone dies. Use your shield on whoever is in front of the battle, tank or carry. Everyone can use the CC Block. Remember, you are not a carry, you don't deal enough constant dps to kill the other team. Your role is to initiate, save lives, and snare so your
team can get easy kills.
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Hope you learned something new or something... whatever.
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Random things.

Hotkey your shield to cast on yourself. Makes it so much easier.
So fun to get jumped by Pantheon, block his stun, Q and W then giggle away.
So fun to eat Ashe arrows and giggle away.
So fun to have Malz blow his ult on you and giggle away.
So fun to get dragged by Skarner then ult and giggle away.
So fun to have Warwick jump on your back and giggle away.

Save your shield for yourself... unless the other dude really needs it.
but dying sucks so... it's totally their fault for overextending.

Oh yeah, your ult when it's not on CD can facecheck brushes, check thru fog, and be a stealth detector for you. Like let's say twitch is jus talking you, your ult will light up and you can press it.... and just look at the lil chain thing and you can tell where he is. Yup. And if somebody is doing blue or something, just stand next to the wall and it'll light up. Pretty handy for bush checking too. You don't have to walk in to know somebody is there.

K bai.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jo5h
Jo5h Morgana Guide
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Morgana, Tanky Caster

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