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Morgana Build Guide by AnusBeer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnusBeer

Morgana - The dark game changer

AnusBeer Last updated on May 31, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 7

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Hello everybody, today im writing a build : "how to play with morgana". I think morgana is one of the most OP champions in this game, she could outfarm every champion and in my opinion is that one of the most important things a champion must can. in this build i show how you can play really aggressive with morgana so dont blame me if you think she isnt tanky enough or whatever. pls rate this guide and i hope you guys will enjoy reading( and trying )

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as my masetries I picked 21-0-7 . 21 for the basic ap masteries and 7 in utility. I'll explain the last. I think most of the people think you can better pick some armor or magic resist to fill up your masterie page. I dont think she needs it, her passive and hear W ensure that you dont lose too much health by staying in lane for too long. nevertheless morgana is still a mana hungry champion that is why I prefer the extra mana regen masteries.

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for my runes I picked Flat AP quintessences , AP per lvl glyhps , AP per lvl seals and magic penetration marks. I think this is a bit of a standard AP rune page but i will explain it. i chose AP per lvl runes cause i expected i dont stay low level for a long time. AP runes are just better at higher levels so i picked them. for the quintessences i picked flat ap. I think it really is important that you buy some flat ap for the start so.... and i think i dont have to explain the marks ^^

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the most common game
I always start with a dorans ring. It gives you at lvl 1 the best chance to stay at lane for a longer time. as i mentioned earlier morgana is a great farmer ( i cant say that too much ) the first time you have to go back is after you decieved more than 2K by that time you can buy your boots of speed and a needlessy large rod and maybe an extra dorans ring for the extra health and mana regen. at this point you are required to have your sorcerers shoes ( or whatever ) cause you are doing great damage and most of the champions doesnt want to enter your range. after this buy go get you rabadons you are doing more damage now , in this point in the game you could start making kills cause you out leveld/farmed everyone ! after your rabadons get the new item "athenes holy grail" I think this item is really OP on almost every AP caster. this item is also the reason that you dont need mana regen runes . i think this is your core build. after this id like to get some more tanky items cause if you are OP you get focused. get a abbysal scepter an hourglass and a rylais and i believe your build is complete.
so summarized:
the core build
sorcerers shoes
rabadons deathcap
athene's holy grail
my suggestion
rylais crystal scepter
abyssal scepter
zhonyias hourglass
other possible items
banshees veil
guardian angel
rod of ages.

I think lots of people will wonder why i wont use rod of ages. i just prefer the early damage from a rabadons. in my opinion you can also stay in lane without rod of ages.

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Skill Sequence

it is the famous snare from morgana at max level it snares a enemie for 3 seconds amd deals great damage.
- you can gank very well with this spell its snares for a long tim so your enemy cant escape.
- you can discover the brushes, if the bullet stops it hitted an enemy.
- great damage
- the bullet hits minions ( I hate that :( )
- you must hit this skill shot otherway you couldnt set your combo

W - Tormented Soil
tormented soil is the tool you ll use for farming at lvl 3 it could destroy a whole minion wave. a minion wave comes and stays if it meets a champion or other minion wave , you must try to place the edge your circel exactly at the edge of the fighting minions ( the melee minions and the casting ones)
- great farming tool
- does great damage over time ( their is a chance the other mid champion doesnt notice ^^)
- it uses much mana

E - Black Shield
this shield is the reason why you cant be ganked easily you get a spell shield and you cant be disabled if your shield is on. some build prefer too level this up after your W but i prefer the damage of my Q first.

R - Soul Shackles
this spell allowes you to win almost every team fight . you shoot a kind of binding too all your enemies nearby and deals damage and slows them after a few seconds it deals damage again and stuns them if the binding is still up. This is one of the best ultis in the game !

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Summoner Spells

as my summoner spells i picked flash and ignite.
igntite is always a great spell to do that bit extra damage you needed so hard.
flash is great for escaping but also for setting up teamfights : flash in use your ult and TAAADAAA you won !
possible other options are teleport ghost and exhaust
teleport is great for staying at lane but i dont think it is better than flash or ignite
ghost is also a option , i dont really like ghost cause you just can cast your abilities form a distance and you dont need to stay with someone
exhaust is a great option too but i believe my snare is enough

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at the end I want to thank you for reading my first build ! i hope you guys enjoyed reading it and you want to try it , sorry for my english i know there are lots of grammar errors :(
but after all i hoped you get my aggresive build of morgana and plz like it !

PS: farme like a boss , you ll need it !!!!