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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by Nemitzu

Morgana - The DPS Support

Morgana - The DPS Support

Updated on August 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nemitzu Build Guide By Nemitzu 3,144 Views 0 Comments
3,144 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nemitzu Morgana Build Guide By Nemitzu Updated on August 21, 2011
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Welcome to my very first guide! I wanted a chance to share my personal Morgana build that I love so much. To me she's one of the best support, and one of the best ANTI-MAGE/mage carry. Capable of damage, and capable of superior single target support. Here I'll take you through how I play her, let's not waste any time!

THIS BUILD IS FOR THOSE WHO TEAM WITH, NOT SOLO QUE. You need a good team that knows you in order to pull off this build, otherwise she's rather squishy.
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8/21/11 - Shortly after release, changed the items since a lot of people find the previous build too squishy.
8/21/11 - Removed all item sections, because some people doesn't agree with any of my build suggestions at all.
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What makes a good Morgana?

In my opinion, a good Morgana is one that works well with her team. Surprising right? Morgana isn't a support that heals, or does incredible tanking, but rather denial and interrupting, and generally being an outright annoyance to the other team. That's how I play her, like a mage version of Blitz, trying my best to interrupt them and preventing them from doing what they want. This goes for any champ, but Morgana does this very very well.
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Pros / Cons

Here are Morgana's pros/cons

-Superb DPS
-Superb Support
-Excellent Anti-mage. Makes Karthas cry sweet QQ tears
-Well timed skills can completely change the outcome of a fight
-Did I mention she hits like a truck?

-Very slow base speed
-Easy to learn, difficult to master
-Mana hungry
-Focused frequently in team fights
-Ultimate can be really difficult to pull off and live without being focused
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Skill Choices

Why Dark Binding as a first skill? It doesn't farm as well as tormented soil!

My reasoning behind this is dark binding will land you a much more early kill than tormented soil. If a champ decides it's a good idea to overstep and get greedy, dark binding ensures that they STAY over that line, and that your team can wreck the champions face.

Why max Black Shield last, and max Dark Binding first?
As I said above, dark binding get's you early kills, and with a 3.5 second snare, it's one of the best snares in the game. Maxing this will allow easy pickings for your team, and will help tanks initiate more safely.
Black shield comes last because it's damage adsorb is nice, yes, but it's most useful feature is it's denial of ANY CC on the target.
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Summoner Spells

My question is, WHY NOT? Flash is an amazing spell, for both offense and defense capabilities. Flash out of danger, or flash to get a good land on your dark binding.

I love teleport, if I just revived, or need to immediately get back out into the field, this will ensure I'm there when my team needs me. Also perfect for getting to other turrets in need of assistance with minions.

Other viable spells

Ignite isn't too bad, helps you kill that champ that's near death, or prevent someone from being healed. If you aren't taking teleport, this is a good choice.

I know right? Doesn't do damage, but it's a massive asset for scouting when you need more map control. When combined with both mysteries, at 41 seconds you can have a mobile flashlight to check bushes, or other places your team dreads to go. Superb for extra support.

Meh spells

Ghost is an alright spell, and can help with landing dark binding a lot easier than flash can, but it's downfall is you can't go through walls with it. If your summoner level one, and need some help with getting away or chasing, picking this up isn't too bad of an idea.

This isn't really needed since Morgana already has 2 awesome CC spells, but if you find yourself unable to land sucessful dark bindings, use this to make it easier to, or an emergency escape.

We aren't a healer, this spell does terrible healing in the end game, but it's better than Clense or smite.

Not too bad of a spell. If you don't think your getting a Guardian Angel, this may be a good idea. It really depends. But with a minimal of 430 seconds CDR, this takes FOREVER to recharge, and provides no bonus unless you put the mastery point into it.

This is meh because by late game, we'll be using the blue buff to keep our mana needs under control mid-late game.


We have black shield to prevent any CC in the first place.

Uneeded for my build.

No one uses this, and certainly not Morgana.
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Skill Sequence

Here's the sequence.

Dark binding, then go IMMEDIATELY into tormented soil. But there's a trick to how/what you need to use this. First, calculate the area. Is there only one champ? Two? More? How much health does this champ have?
If the champ has low health, place it as far back as possible behind them, as in, so the VERY EDGE of it just BARELY touches that champion. What this does is it both deals it's usually DOT on the champ as their bound to it, AND it forces them to run through it in panic as they retreat, OR go around it, wasting time.
If he champ has a lot of health, same thing as above, but opposite, make sure that it's at the most VERY EDGE of the tormented soil so the champ has to deal with the damage or back off.
If there's multiple champs, you can either place tormented soil in front or behind the champ depending on health. OR wait. Sometimes waiting is a good choice, as it conserves mana and the spell for when you really need it. Example: If the enemy team is trying to push, putting this down so that it encompasses as many of them as possible, it'll kill creeps, and kill their moral for destroying the turret (Unless their super tanky), making it difficult to push the turret.

And that's all to skill sequencing.

And now for support sequencing, or rather, support reflexes.
Using the black shield at the right time and on the right champ takes tons of experience in the game, and I can't put all the info into the guide to make you perfect on the spot. Here's some tips:

Don't shield random champions who LOOK like their about to initiate, DO shield the ones that ARE going into battle, or already are in battle and are low on health UNLESS the champion attacking your ally is physical DPS without much CC, don't shield, it won't do you any good (Such as Catylin). Using your shield at the right time is VITAL to a support Morgana, as if you waste it, then it's on CD, meaning your far more weaker to attacks.
Don't just shield yourself, your job is support, make sure your TEAM is safe before you start wasting your shield. Remember, you have dark binding to stop advancements, along with flash (If you took it).
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Why did I choose these runes? Well allow me to explain

9 Flat Insight runes: Allows for making your spells do more damage early game.
Flat Mana regen: Helps GREATLY with early game mana, Allows for beastly laning capabilities.
Flast AP Runes: More AP early game means better spell vamp, meaning better laning.
1 Fortitude: Morgana is squishy, but +25 health is all she needs in my opinion. I never need more than that.
2 Flat AP Quints: Again, more AP = greater laning.
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I went a general 9/0/21 Mage build. We don't need to build very far into the offensive masteries, the utility does us much better.
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I know this may sound weird, but SO NOT USE TORMENT SOIL IN EARLY GAME. Why? Because that's a WASTE OF MANA (Unless you have the tear of the goddess). When your just starting out, you need all your mana for dark binding to help with keeping enemies at bay and helping getting your team kills. Plus, tormented soil does **** damage at level 1. And not only that, your support, you need to let your team do the farming.
I'd recommend using it towards more mid-late game for farming, when your other team mates have done a good amount of farming. Now farm the jungle creeps and the minions in the lanes. She's a beast when it comes to farming. Just lay your soil as between the melee and caster minions as you can, this way it'll get both of them (This also teaches the all important skill of getting champs at the most VERY EDGE of your torment soil.)
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And that's the end of my first ever guide. I hope this helps some people. I love morgana, and she's a GREAT champion. I'd like to hear POSITIVE or CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, I'll just ignore anything not adding to the content.
Also any tips for improving the looks of my guide are much loved, not sure how to put in icons or the likes.
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