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Morgana Build Guide by Bombomaster

Morgana, The Exiled Harbinger

Morgana, The Exiled Harbinger

Updated on October 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bombomaster Build Guide By Bombomaster 2,199 Views 1 Comments
2,199 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bombomaster Morgana Build Guide By Bombomaster Updated on October 5, 2011
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Hey everyone,
Morgana is one of the single most hardest hitting ap supports in the game. Snaring enemies to secure kills and shielding teammates from cc and damage is only the beginning of what she can do.
I'm going to not only tell you how to play but how to win as the fallen angel, everytime.
1. Runes
2. Summoner spells
3. Items
4. skills
5. game stages

With this guide it will be your enemies who shall now be none as the fallen.
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As Morgana you quite frequently have mana problems. She also tends to little to no damage unless you're packing serious ap. These runes i have tend to fix these problems.

I use both Glyphs and Seals of mana regen. (6.5 mana per 5)
- I suggest this if you're prone to ability spam or simply want to stay in lane longer
- You could also go for Glyphs cdr, but that makes you use more mana, thus defeating the purpose

The best Marks I've come across are Magic Penetration, as most others are not great for Morgana (8.55 Magic Penetration)
-Magic penetration allows for your Q to hit for very large amounts of damage at a time, providing good cc and damage output is very nice.

For Quints the best route is flat Ability Power (15 Ability Power)
- As with the Marks, these stack quite well with the penetration, max damage output from the start
- You could substitute for movement speed or magic pent, but you lose your early game power
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Summoner Spells

The best combo of Summoner Spells I've found by far are Teleport and Ignite.

Why Teleport?
- Allows for some pretty amazing ganks with correct ward placement and map awareness
- Keeps your lane always in check and easier protection of towers
- If you're forced to b in your lane, you can quickly return and possibly pick up a kill

Why Ignite?
- We all know Morgana's attacks deal next to no damage, this allows for an easier kill.
- While the enemy is taking damage and losing magic resist from Tormented soil, the damage will increase on Ignite.
- Great combo with your ultimate.

I know most of you are saying, "Wheres the Flash?", or even "Wheres the Clarity?". Here's why:

Why not Flash?
- A proper hit with your Dark Binding and you can cover the distant to cast your ultimate
- If you're getting chased, it's easy enough to snare the enemy and throw on your shield

Why not Clarity?
- There's no use for Clarity late game (Obviously)
- What's the point in wasting a summoner spell for mana only, when you can b and then teleport back with full mana and hp.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bombomaster
Bombomaster Morgana Guide
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Morgana, The Exiled Harbinger

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