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Not Updated For Current Season

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Morgana Build Guide by Masdog17

Morgana the Fallen Angel

Morgana the Fallen Angel

Updated on September 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Masdog17 Build Guide By Masdog17 4,175 Views 2 Comments
4,175 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Masdog17 Morgana Build Guide By Masdog17 Updated on September 3, 2011
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Morgana Build by Masdog17

-Soul Shipon Morgana has 15-35% spell vamp

Goes great with her Aoe Tormented Soil
-Dark Binding Morgana releases a sphere in a straight line wich the 1st target it hits will be Snared for 2-3 sec

Does lots of damage and I mostly use it at the start of fight to hit them then the end when they are running away
-Tormented Soil Morgana throws a patch of soil at a target area doing damage to people who stand on it also reducing magic resist

Great AOE for farming try to cast it int he middle of a caster and meele minion
- Black shield Morgana Puts a shield around an ally Absorbing magic damage

Great for absorbing stuns and snares
- Soul Shackles Morgana deals damage to enemies around and slows them for 3 sec after 3 seconds they will be stunned

Great for team fightes cause i will get every 1 on there team also good for running away peaple
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- Greater Quintessence of potency The more Ability power the better right?
- Greater Mark of Potency Ap
- Greater Seal of Replenishment Mana regen
Greater Glyph of Potency More Ap
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Team Work

The 1st thing 1st in a team fight is to use her ult...It will do massive damage while if staying close stuns them for 1 sec witch teamates could take use of that dealing lots of damage ..When teamates pick a person out the best thing is to start with the snare wich all the way upgraded last 3 seconds in turn your team should be able to kill that person easily.If a teamate is taking lots of magic damage try to put the shield on them to keep them safe.
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Solo with morgana

I think being able to solo is the best part about morgana.The fist thing i usally do is pop a snare on them then lay my soil wich should do bout 1/2 their hp then while there getting owned by soil physical attack them..if they run away do your ult wich does massive damage and slows them for 3 sec after 3 sec ul stun them leading to there death...
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Summoner Spells


Flash- good use to get outta deaths
Ignite- does lots of dot damage and make sure they dont get out alive
Teleport- I would totally use this in 5s but not 3s


These are not to bad either
Clarity - If u manage your mana shouldn't need it but if you don't it could be helpful
Cleanse- if you get caught in lots of stuns this is helpful
Ghost - could use it for a replacement for Flash
Revive- Helps at end games but not so much start
Heal- shouldn't need it if u kill fast but is kinda nice


Exhaust- You do have a snare remember?
Fortify- No.. for tanks
Smite-your not a jungler
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I go with a 9-0-21 for reduced cooldowns and longer buffs
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Spell Sequence

I like To max out Dark Binding as soon as possible because up grading it will make the snare go for 3 seconds

The next spell i like to max out is Tormented Soil because it is a great minion farmer and works well with Dark Binding
And finally i max out Black shield because if you kill them quick you should not need this

And of course i do a point for Soul Shackles ever time i can...
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Masdog17
Masdog17 Morgana Guide
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Morgana the Fallen Angel

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