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Morgana Build Guide by overdrive18

Morgana the Fallen Slaughterhouse

Morgana the Fallen Slaughterhouse

Updated on July 1, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author overdrive18 Build Guide By overdrive18 2,263 Views 1 Comments
2,263 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author overdrive18 Morgana Build Guide By overdrive18 Updated on July 1, 2011
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This is a guide dedicated to carrying as Morgana. Many people are of the opinion that Morgana is a support laner, but she can be a devastating carry if you play her well. This guide has been tested for hours on end, and the result is something I hope you'll be able to use for great success.
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The items above are the build I attempt to go for each game. Realize, however, that these are all straight AP items. If you are not great at playing conservatively and last-hitting, I would recommend adding Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel into your build instead of Void Staff or Abyssal Scepter. Mejai's Soulstealer is also a gamble as well. If you aren't sure that you'll get the stacks necessary for it to be worth getting (5 or so), I'd recommend avoiding that and picking up another high AP item. It's always worth a shot however, as it is the most cost-effective method of building AP early game if the stacks are gained.

I will always say this: KNOW HOW TO MODIFY YOUR BUILD DEPENDING ON WHO YOU'RE PLAYING. As an AP carry, your build shouldn't vary too much from the one I've given you, but if you're constantly having to return to base, add some defensive items in that will help you survive better/longer. The main reason most carries lose the early game battle at mid is because they are forced to return to base and lose valuable XP while the opponent pushes their tower and gains more XP. If you can master modification of your build, you'll be able to take on anyone. However, if you can master this specific build with Morgana as a carry, you can run train all over mid.
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Skill Sequence

Max out Tormented Soil (W) first. This is Morg's most effective way of controlling mid. By positioning it perfectly between the casting and attacking minions, you can deal damage to all of them much faster than your opponent, which will result in you pushing their tower more often and giving them no room to push forward.

Dark Binding should be next, as it is your source of causing the opponent more and more damage. Your attack sequence should be Q + W early game, then tack on your ult when you get that to secure the kill.

Black Shield is worth getting one point in early game, but then should be ignored until later levels. It will allow you to save some damage early game, but as you will be playing offensively most of the time, you're better off putting your points into Dark Binding and Tormented Soil.

Soul Shackles: It's your ult. Max it asap, Duh.
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite. Hands down. The only other spells you should consider are Teleport, for if you have to go back to base and return quickly, or Ghost for chasing/escaping.
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Unique Skills

PASSIVE SPELL VAMP. THIS IS MORGANA'S GREATEST ASSET. She begins the game with 15% spell vamp. She is one of the most resilient champions, especially early game, and if you can position Tormented Soil well and hit all the minions in each wave, you will regain health much faster than anyone else, barring a health pot. Always use it to your advantage to increase your longevity while carrying mid.
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Early/Mid/Late Game

Early game you should be focusing on farming minions with Tormented Soil and pushing mid tower. Try to get kills if you can using Q + W + Ignite, just make sure you don't die and have to return to base. With Morgana's passive Spell Vamp, she is much more resilient than other champions early game, so if you are a bit low on health, don't fret. You can regain health much quicker than most of your opponents. Focus on last-hitting and progressing to Mejai's Soulstealer as fast as you can.

Mid game should be focused on maintaining control of mid while throwing in ganks where you can. Using Q and her ult on unsuspecting opponents, combined with the help of your teammates, will score you quick kills that you'll need to stack Mejai's and really get a big leg up over your opponents. Team fights will begin at this point, and you should be focused on trapping opponents that your team can take down, as well as dealing out massive amounts of damage with your ult and Q + W. Always stay conservative if you are stacking Mejai's; you shouldn't be initiating any fights and should have one or two people in front of you for big team fights.

Late game Morgana will take down lots of enemy champions. Pop Black Shield on yourself, hit Q + W, and Flash in to a fight and pop your ult to deal out tons of damage while your teammates hopefully clean up after you. Keep in mind your passive Spell Vamp; if you use it well, you won't have to return to base except to buy items.
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Morgana is a great carry because of her minion control and Spell Vamp. Experience with Morgana is very highly recommended, as you will need to be very cautious about getting killed with Mejai's. I put so much emphasis on Mejai's because it is truly a gamebreaker item; if you can get it early and build up some stacks on it, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your opponents, which will likely result in a win. I hope this guide helps you to command control of mid, and please leave any discussion/suggestions in the comments :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author overdrive18
overdrive18 Morgana Guide
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Morgana the Fallen Slaughterhouse

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