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Morgana Build Guide by Pambos95CY

Morgana : The Mid Ruler

Morgana : The Mid Ruler

Updated on November 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pambos95CY Build Guide By Pambos95CY 1,666 Views 0 Comments
1,666 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pambos95CY Morgana Build Guide By Pambos95CY Updated on November 2, 2011
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Hello there!!! This build, is for those who are sick of hearing that Morgana CAN'T solo mid. Also with this build you will be able to stay in mid for a really long time (after buying the first item you will have a 40% spell vamp) and do a ton of damage!!!

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With these runes you will have the advantage at the beginning and at the late phase of the game. You can put what you think it will work fine, but I suggest these runes.

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Masteries, are more what makes your game better. I will not say to you put your masteries like mine, cause they may not be good for you. I think that the masteries is up to you.

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Buying first the Will of the Anciests, will give you a 40% spell vamp. This means that you will not leave from the lane any time soon. With Sorcerer's Boots you will be able not only to be faster but also deal more damage cause of that +20 Magic Penetration. After you reach level 2, and learn Spoiled Soil, you will farm and get gold. Thus it will be easier to get Rabadon's Deathcap. Plus you 2 first items you will own em easily. The other 2 items you buy em not only for AP, but if some one get Magic Recistance. With your main build complete you will run out of mana easiy + you will get a ton of kills. Then you will buy the Frozen Heart, having more mana + 20% cooldown

Instead of buying Sorcerer's Boots you can buy Ionian Boots of Lucitidy, for even more cooldown.

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Skill Sequence

By learning the Dark Binding at level 1, means that you will haras your enemies. More probably get first blood easily using, both Dark Binding and Ignite, if your foe isn't leaving the lane. You are must be wondering why i skipped Dark Shield till level 13. Well, you do NOT need it till then, cause you are gonna be in level 13 in no time. You will learn Tormented Soil at level 2, in order to get more damage and FARM MININONS. when you got the chance + the mana do a well timed throw of a Dark Binding + Termented Soil to max the dmg and get your foe off the lane. Then go on with your farm. When you reach level 6 you should have about 3 or 4 kills. After learning your ulti it will be even more easy to get kills.

When you get your ulti you will probably have Will of the Anciests, and in that way in ONLY half blood you can both kill AND get blood easily.

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Summoner Spells

I choose those spells, to keep me in midle, for a long time and get kills + farm minions. If you want you can change them but if you are one of thise types, that do not go back a lot keep them.

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Pros / Cons


    Great 2v1 fight
    Easily getting blood
    Easy to learn


    Can be killed easily if you are not carefull
    Till level 6 it's 50%-50% to get a kill
    You are getting all the attetion of the enemy
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Creeping / Jungling

Morgana, iis not jungler. With this build, IF YOU DO NOT with the Frozen Heart, you can get the Bleu Golem Buff. Nothing more about jungling

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Team Work

Morgana, is a LIFE SAVER!!! you can get in a team fight and change it be just pressing R (trust me it works 0.o). Ina team fight you are probably gonna do the biggest dmg, but you are not gonna take all tha kills. Overall : morgana is great both in teamfight and in 1v1.

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You can start farming, after level 2. When you have mana use your Tormented Soil to get gold. If you want to take down the dragon ****** YOU SHOULD FIRST LEARN DARK SHIELD*****

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pambos95CY
Pambos95CY Morgana Guide
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Morgana : The Mid Ruler

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