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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maska7a

Morgana the supportive

Maska7a Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Morgana the supportive

I made this build just before a second when I realised that Morgana could be the best supportive unit.I actually beat my friend with her because she had so much mana (as you can see almost 3k and with 100 regeneration per 5 sec) and enough health to stand the time that she need.This build is not to go in the mele and kill all of your enemies.Actually if you're using this build you probably wont get any kills in 5v5 games,but if you're playing with tactic you may get more kills than you expect bacause you will have more chances to hit someone with magic than everyone else.
THIS BUILD IS ONLY SUPPORTIVE.So if you are not a team player you can give me + and leave :) But you actually have to stop playing LoL which nobody wants.

Tips how to play with this build

- Remember that Morgana dies first,or should die first because she can affect all other units and that's why your enemies will wont you dead first.So don't rush on your oponents.Stay behind the tank in your team and wait for the right moment to punish your targets
- How to attack:

You have to be very acurate so train your skills before jump in a real game!

- Press "Q" button and point at the right spot.
- After you have binded your enemy go as near as possible to him and charge TORMENTED SOIL
This was the first part of the attack.
- Then again bind your enemy and charge soil under his feet but this time wait and just before the bind is about to disappear charge SOUL SHACKLES,it will be better if your oponent is not alone but focus on just 1 of them,because they can run in different locations.
- After you have stun him with your ultimate first activate your Deathfire Grasp,and then again change the color under his feet with TORMENTED SOIL and just before he starts to run again bind him with DARK BINDING.
You'll be able to do this binding and charging tormented soil actually realy fast because of the ability cooldown which with this build will be realy low :) If after this your enemy is not dead,than you probably are trying to kill a tank champion alone :D I'm joking but really with this series your team should be able to kill almost everyone.

- How to escape
First remember that you have realy low ability cooldown so this is the funny part here you can youse your Black Shield every 8 seconds on level 5,but he's standing 4 seconds.So here is the exact way you should run out of troubles.
- When you see that someone start chasing you charge your DARK BINDING upon him,but be acurate otherwise it was all useless delay.
- After that activate your Shurelya's Reverie and you'll be 40% faster.
- Than use youre BLACK SHIELD but be sure you'll need it,because if he disappears after 4 second and than your oponent charge a spell upon you it will be ugly.
- After that repeat all of this and if you need you can HEAL yourself just to be sure :)
There're only a few heroes that can catch you but most of them are invisible and only Master Yi is that fast :}

If you have ever played with Morgana before this build you'll notice a few things:
First - Your ability power will be low,but that's why this is SUPPORTIVE build.
Second- You'll have Revive spell,which most of the players thing is useless and it's only for noobs.But I thing that when enemies reach your base it will be very useful.Of course you can choose any other :)
Third - You'll be more fed than usually because you'll have the needed mana and health (by your spell vamp) so you wont go that often to your base.

I hope you'll like this build and please don't give minuses just because you're not the "numba one killa" remember this is supportive build so you'll be MVP :)