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Morgana Build Guide by Jodai

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jodai

Morgana , The Unstoppable Force

Jodai Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone I am jodai, and this is my first guide on Morgana. Morgana is one of my most played champions, even before the buff on her ultimate. I loved her for her playstyle, which is unique because she can change a game in a matter of seconds. I started playing LoL in December 28, 2010. My first played champion was Morgana and I love her from my first game. She was easy to play in beginner levels because people didn't know how to play back then. I want to make this in depth guide to show people how to play Morgana to her full potential.

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These are my Caster runes I use for any AP caster. Most people would say ''Why get mana regen'', well I take it because it can make you stay in lane longer and for beginners on Morgana, conservering mana is a serious issue. All of my other runes are standard; Flat AP Quints , AP/lvl blues, and Flat AP reds. Having alot of AP in the start of the game can give you more damage and better pushing / farming.

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Items are pretty standard for Morgana. I dont really rush zhonyas because you dont really need it until late game because the enemy players will realize how much damage you actually do. I like to get Dorans Ring is because your passive [Soul Siphon] can give you great sustain, so you dont really need to start with boots and pots. I like rushing Rod of Ages because it gives alot of mana, health, AP, and it heals you for a good amount if you cant sustain hard enough. My next item is Rabadons Deathcap. This is a strong AP item for any caster, it gives you a whole lot of damage in teamfights as well. When you start getting into late game that is when you get Zhonyas Hourglass. Like I said earlier, people dont really target Morgana until they realize how much damage you actually do. A tip from what most Morgana players do when they have Hourglass is to use your ultimate and proc Zhonya so you become immune. The last 2 items are optional you can either get void staff and abyssal scepter, but I like Will of The Ancients better because of that extra spell vamp. Overall your core items should be, Rod of Ages , Rabadons Deathcap, and Zhonyas Hourglass. This will give huge amounts of damage and just about everything you need. Edit: If you are getting targeted early rush a Zhonyas Hourglass right after Rod of Ages.

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Skill Sequence

This is the reason I love Morgana, her skills are all very useful which is what I like about a champion. I max tormented soil for her extremely good farming ability. By level 5 you should be able to kill caster minions with level 3 tormented soil. When you max tormented soil farming and pushing your lane becomes a breeze. You really excel at all these attributes, so use them to your advantage. Get your dark binding at level 2, and use it when you see your opponent out of position. Always try as best as you can trying to snare them and getting a couple auto attacks and try to put tormented soil for max harassment. For me personally I like balancing my skills for max damage, I get level 2 dark binding by level 7 while leaving tormented soil on level 3. Max dark binding by level 14. Put a point in Black Shield by level 4, this will make you immune to ganks from some of the hard cc junglers [Lee Sin, Udyr, and Rammus]. Put another point by level 13, because you start getting into mid game when people get more damage and level 1 black shield can be easy to break through. In teamfights you should always use your ultimate first, after its duration choose a person to stun and put tormented soil down. This will ensure a kill for your team, but always remember you dont always get kills with Morgana

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are standard for a AP caster. Ignite can insure you a kill when you use Soul Shackles. Flash can be a engage / lifesaver. Mostly you want a tank to initiate first but you can engage if you get cocky, which I don't recommend you to do. Not really much to say here but this is standard and I think people will get the point.

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Team Work

Morgana can work with a lot of comps. But she really excels at having a lot of CC on the team other then her. You can use a Amumu jungle or solo Galio to get your ultimate off easier which can assure a win in a teamfight. A good team comp for Morgana would be Amumu, Miss Fortune, Galio, and Sona. Notice there I chose a lot of CC / AoE which is what Morgana needs. In team fights you always want to use your ultimate right when your tank initiates, if you are getting targeted early just wait until the CC is gone then you flash ultimate. But remember tons of CC can shut Morgana down, so make sure you take a close look at their team in the loading screen. I recommend playing Morgana with a AoE team comp, so just grab some friends tell them the comp and you automatically win.

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Farming is one of the easiest things to do with Morgana. Use your tormented soil on the caster minions and last hit the melee minions. Like I said by level 3 tormented soil you can auto kill the caster minions, So this will make farming a breeze. You should mostly get 100 cs in about 14-15 minutes. One thing I would like to conclude is that you should get blue buff every time its available, ask your jungler or go get it your self.

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Well this is it, Always have CC / AoE in your team comp and farm well in the laning phase. This is my first guide and I hope to make many more. I would like this to be one of the top Morgana guides on MobaFire so please leave a comment and upvote this! I give all my credits to Riot for buffing this terrific champion and making her viable in competition! I will see you all next time and tell me what I need to improve because I would love getting critics to look at this.

Jodai ツ