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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atomicblaze

Morgana : who needs mana regen?

Atomicblaze Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Chapter 1

Morgana : Who needs mana regen?
This is my 1st build on mobafire, and constantly playing morgana I felt it was appropriate to make a build for her. As this is my 1st build I would appreciate anyone that plans on voting down or even up to please leave a comment (doesn't have to be long) just so I have an idea of why you voted whichever way you did. I just want as much feedback as possible from this build ty all :)
-Good early game
-Nice range
-Great for ganking
-Awesome in team battles
-Great escaper
-Moves that work well with eachother
-If played right she will be unstoppable!

-"nerfed" recently
-Big gaps between moves
-Can be squishy
-Hard to "master"

-If played properly with a lot of practice she can change the outcome of team battles with her shield and ability to start the actual battle with her constant abuse of DB.

Summoner Spells you want...

-Clarity: Clarity is great for you and everyone around you as you see in my masteries i spec for the improved clarity as that gives your teamates the same amount of mana as it does you. That can be a huge game changer especially early game.

-Ignite: Ignite helps a lot especially with ganking. If you successfully hit your target with DB and tormented soil but your ult is down then you might not get the kill because the CD on those two moves might be too long and give your enemy just enough time to get away. Even if your ult is up that might not always ensure you a kill so ignite is always a plus especially for people who don't rely on the majority of their dps to come out of auto attacks.

Summoners spell that could work....but eh..

-Clairvoyance : This is a very under rated spell. Clairvoyance can be a great help to anyone but for morgana she is usually the one in the bushes so I find other spells more important than this one.

-Cleanse : Imo only works well with ghost and you don't want either of those because with the combo of your ult and DB You can get away just fine.

-Exhaust : This really can work well for anyone because of the blinding factor but its better for fast hitters then casters and she already has a move like exhaust.

-Heal : If everyone could have 3 summoner spells then I'm sure just about everyone would have heal, but we only have two and there are more important things for heal especially for morgana. Her passive is spell vamp also so heal at times seems rather pointless.

-Rally : Once again not bad for anyone really but she just has more important things then this.

-Teleport : Teleport again isn't bad for anyone it can help when friendly turrets are being destroyed or it can be used to save a teamate in the brink of time, but I find it not in the top two of spells needed for morgana.

Summoner spells that just don't work...

-Flash : I have a feeling that many people might disagree just because the fact that flash is the most overused spell in the game. Flash can help with getting away but as said earlier in the explanation of cleanse you have other ways of doing that. Flash is also good for going through walls as to get to your target quicker but this benefits melle more as morgana's DB can go through walls and thats usually where you want to stay.

-Fortify : Much more important spells than this unless you spec into the improved fortify way down in the defensive tree i believe it is, but no reason to do that as morgana. This spell is also more effective if you have a taunt.

-Ghost : Read Cleanse..

-Smite : Are u WW?...nope :P

-Revive : Ewwwwwwwwwwwww...

Early / mid / late game..

Before talking about these stages of the game I would like to point out that Morgana has a great role in each!

Early game : I always do my best in early game as i score some early kills by camping in the bushes constantly to pick off people that have no idea when a DB will be shot at them. Early game morgana simply does great for that alone as i can score an average of around 3-4 kills before level 6. If you look at my Skill Rank Order then you will see i max out DB for max dmg early on as practicing a lot with her I tend to hit my target a good amount of the time, and with the combo of DB and tormented she can abuse her opponents constantly.

Mid Game :] Mid game is when all the large team battles start to occur. Her role in the team becomes greater. As you see I don't get Black shield until level 10 because I feel this is when "Mid game" usually occurs. I also don't wait until the max of lvl 12 where it forces you to get your 3rd move because I feel that is to late in the game. Also I don't want to get it too early because I like to max out DB at lvl 9 for max dmg in my lane to get a turret down before 10 mins.

End Game : End game is hectic for everyone and the gear of each person on both teams starts to even out and no one has an edge on anyone. Morgana still kicks *** at this point but I wouldn't say her role is as great. In Late game u try and focus on pushing turrets slowly getting to each inhibitor. Morgana has very weak auto attacks so pushing turrets isn't her strong suit, but she can still help with fighting off enemies and protecting allies in order for them to push.

Champions you want to lane with...

Early game you are always thinking about who your lane partner is and how you two will do together. Well, first of all I would like to add that I never go mid with morgana as it is pretty difficult to hit your target with DB without the help of bushes and such. Now when going top or bottom in the start of the game I always prefer a strong melle class with a slow such as shaco. This is because after u DB and torment soil early game that won't be enough to take anyone down even after used on your target a few times, but when you do successfully catch an enemy in DB you want a melle class that can throw some quick hits in there and follow up with another movement imparing attack to get early kills. DB is a very team friendly move as its unique ability can help out greatly in team battles.

Champions you don't want to lane with...

I really shouldn't say "champions you don't want to lane with" but these are champions that might not do as greatly as a strong melle class. Tanks...not so much when u catch them in your DB you want alot of quick damage to be thrown out. Range....not so much as if there are two range then the focus of your enemies could be on either of you. As morgana you tend to stay in the back throwing out your DB and tormented soil constantly harrasing, but with two range that might be harder to do. Ezreal on the other hand or champions like him it might be good to lane with them as you actually have to aim their attacks such as your DB...and when you entrap them with DB it makes ezreal's job a lot easier.

Champions to watch out for...

Morgana usually does very well 1v1 but the most challenging type of champion would be a champion with quick ranged auto attacks (ashe) because of the fact that when you entrap your enemy in DB they are still able to attack so it comes down to who can dish out more dmg first aside from your shield and items. People with moves or items which allow them to get out of DB such as olaf and Alistar's ult or shaco's decieve and then dish out alot of dmg quick you should watch out for, but your ult will usually make them retreat or if by the time it ends they will get stunned and then followup with a DB, TS, ignite gg :)

Champions ***' you can kick :D

Haha anyone really, you just have to play it right. Melle classes that can't get out of movement imparing effects that don't have ranged attacks or constant slows will be ez mode for you if kited properly.


As morgana you are a support mage. You are here to support your team with your shield and the entrapment of DB. You never want to be the target so chill in the back as much as possible. If someone does decide to go for you kite them and let your team handle it, and at the same time assist your team with your moves. Also if you get ganked use your ult to slow all the "gankers" and put on black shield and just run. In the case there are to many that this slow and stun at the end doesn't save you...pray you have Zhonyas to live a few extra seconds until your team can push farther or come to save you. Your ult can be used defensively as I just displayed up there by running away and slowing at the same time, or offensively. Soul shackles (your ult) is a great team battle move also as it slows everyone within its range and at the end of the duration stuns them and also does alotttt of dmg. throughout. Overall as morgana you want to be sneaky, stay in the back, harass the other team with your combo of DB and TS and in team battles shield your targeted ally and be aware of everyone's HP on both teams and use soul shackles at the proper time.

My build!

My build starts out with doran's ring a well priced item and well rounded item for morgana as it has some HP in there 10 AP and yes mana regen hehe...Next i like to rush Mejais as I know I will be getting some early kills. Still I like to get boots of speed first then mejais then finish of my boots with the 20 magic pen. Then I like to rush Rod of ages as it is also a well rounded item with mana HP and AP. Also every minute the stats on it increase so it is good to get it early game. Next I like to go for some CD reduction as stated earlier : her moves have large gaps and you might find yourself sitting there at times when not in team battles. So deathfire's grasp is perfect for her as it has some CD reduction and a decent amount of AP. I like to get fiendish codex 1st because that is the side with the actual CD reduction. Also Deathfire's has an "Activate" move that is great for morgana because it hits very hard and another move for her is perfect. End Game if the game is pretty long I like to go for zhonyas to stay alive and get that huge amount of AP which makes her hit extremly hard, as there are more important things for her, zhonya's ring is towards the end of the build. The last item is the rod as you can see. I never usually get to this but if I do I would just replace my starting doran's ring with it. There are other options such as spell vamp and other AP items but as I tested this build I never find myself Ooming or dying a lot at all or having a lack in damage and I seem to get a full build every game with an average of a 3-1 kill death ratio sometimes better sometimes worse.

Endinggg :)]

Items, Builds, and masteries obviously help but the greatest help is your ability to play Morgana or anyone who you enjoy playing effectively. Practice makes perfect!