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League of Legends Build Guide Author faceyourend

Morgana - You too shall be judged!

faceyourend Last updated on August 25, 2010
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Hi guys and thanks for klicking onto this guide :).

This is my way to play Morgana and you can believe me: If you play good, you can kill every non-tank in 1 on 1 you want!!!

The first and most important thing: GRAB MID!!!! If someone else wants to, tell me to **** off and go mid. With Morgana i allways outlevel the opponent(exept Katarina... i really hate her in mid).

grab some ap at level 1 and than buy soulstealer.I allways get many kills and assists and i am in nearly every match around 15 stacks all the time. Now you can stay mid till you have enough money for sorcerer shoe's and cataclyst, or 40 ap.
after you have finished your roa you can watch the situation and choose the next item. archangel is awsome with morgana. i like to get this right after.
Than think about zonyas ring or void staff.
The ring is awsome combined with your ultimate and void staff is usefull against this anoying magic resist tanks(galio f. e.)

at first the big health quintessences. I take them with everyone because... well 100 bonus health is just awsome early on. The others are ap per lvl to increase your damage even more.

Early game:
grab your ap book and a health pot. Than go mid. The first decision you have to take is , wether you should take soil or binding first. i personally think, that soil is better because u cant kill someone till level 6 when u care solo. When Soil reaches lvl 3 it burns down the rangeminions from 100% and no enemy can push against u when u reached that point. When you reach lvl 6 u can start to kill your enemy. if u have an ashe against you, you can be happy. her ulti is useless when you are fast with your shield and you can burst her away from 100%:

1. hit with dark binding.
2. use soil.
3. soul shackles.
4. stay close to the enemy and if you have to time, shot.
5. ignite.
6. gj youre enemy is dead.

and allways remeber: if you killed your enemy and get low DONT go back when you have more than 200hp. you have spellvamp all the time and clarity keeps your mana up.

mid game:
you should have reached level 12-13 right now with something around a 4-0-0 quote.
when a lane needs help just go there and rip someone's ***!!! allways remember: an enemy with less than 2k hp and without cleanse should be an easy target for you!

end game:
There is one important thing: even when you have someting around 2,7k hp NEVER jump alone into 3 or more champs and start QQ-ing that your ulti is useless because u get killed to fast!!! stay behind your tank, wait that the fight starts and than soil and snare one of them and try to hit as many opponents as possible with your ulti. than chose one low enemy and follow him so he gets the second ultiburst. when your team needs you stay there and try to stun as much enemys as possible.

zonyas ring is awsome in combination with your ulti because it doesnt breacks it. if you get focused after you have activated your ultimate activate the ring and 50% of the time till the stun comes up you're invulnerable.

People you have to be afraid of:
At first everyones nightmare: TRYND
you can burst him down to zero, BUT if he has his ulti up you are dead!!!

Second: Olaf
His ulti makes himself immune to your snare and your ultimate... when you see him just RUN when youre alone.

third: a fed veigar
well when hes fed just wait till he used his ultimate and than kill him, but when his ulti is up dont get to close to him.

forth: early game katarina
its hard to lane against katarina in mid i think. i even prefer to fight against heimi or zilean. she just jumps at you and uses her ultimate and because u have to run away from her ult yours is useless and if her ultimate is on cd she can jump out of youre ultirange again.

HINT: when you are at the shop because you had to regg and you have 300g left get a blue pot. Its really really awsome.

That's it folks!!!

pls comment youre rates and try the best champ in game!!!!.