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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cekcu

Morgana Your Enemies will Fall Before You

cekcu Last updated on September 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, a few words at the beginning:

This giude is not the best, i just give you another point of view and share my experience collected while i played LoL solo 5v5 at middle line (x). By my opinion a few can stand Morgana at mid.


At start you buy Doran's Ring and a health potion, 200 hp at start can save you from minor mistakes.


This is your second item. 20 magic penetration + 10 from runes and you have 30 very early in game, all champions begin with 30, that means you do full damage with your spells which is your prime source of damage. With mastery in Quickness you will have 381 speed which is great and give you the mobility you need to fast going bot or notrh lane so you can gank. This two stats speed and magic penetration makes SORCERER'S SHOE invaluable to you.


This item is great and very cheap, its a must have. 20+20x8=180 Ability Power and 15% CD reduction for 1250 gold - invaluable to you.


This is a part from ARCHANGEL'S STAFF, you must buy it now so you can stack the mana bonus, always when you are at the fontain cast all 3 spells you have to stack the bonus mana, you need 250 casts to get the full bonus 1000.

Glacial Shroud 1675

This item is great for Morgana, 20% CD reduction (max is 40%, you have 9% from Mastery), so many times i missed a kill or was killed because the 2 sec cd before my Dark Binding. You gonna love this item. 45 armor is very good for Morgana, she stacks natural armor per level, and her weak spot is physical damage and 425 mana is very good. (Farm Blue Aura from monsters which gives you 21% CD reduction before you get this item)

Important remark:
you should never buy Rod of Ages 3035, you can amass that much at 21 mins of the game and skipping the items i explained above, and the full bonus needs 18 mins, this is 21+18=39mins, most of the games end at 40 mins. This item is tottaly pointless by my opinion. You better skip it and buy Majal 1250, Tear of the goddess 980 and Glacial Shroud 1675 Total:3905 gold
Never buy Banshee's Veil with Morgana, Black Shield makes this item for you useless.

I think that RYLAI'S CRYSTAL SCEPTER is no good for Morgana, because her ultimat already slows, and Dark binding stops the enemy, no need to slow.


Now you finish the staff: Blasting Wand 860 and a receipe 1000 gold.
Total gold till now: 6850

Zhonya's Ring 3460

Great item 25% more ability power is great, but i hardly can collect the whole item because the game ends. If the game is long you can collect Frozen hearth before Zhonya's Ring. And if the game is very long you sell Doran�s Ring and get second ARCHANGEL'S STAFF.


9x Greater Mark of Insight +0.95 magic penetration = 8.55
9x Greater Seal of Clarity +0.1 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (+1.8 at champion level 18) � i find myself even with Clarity out of mana sometimes before i collect ARCHANGEL'S STAFF, Morgana with no mana is no more.
2x Greater Glyph of Insight +0.57 magic penetration = 1.14+8.55=9.69 rounded to 10 in game
7x Greater Glyph of Potency +0.99 ability power = 7AP
3x Greater Quintessence of Potency +4.95 ability power =15AP
and 10 from Incinerate in cd and 10 from Doran�s Ring; Total at start: 42AP which is huge.


1.Offence: i personally skip Archaic offence and put the piont in Burning Embers. 15% magic resist penetration is rarely usefull, only some tanks stack much magic resist, i prefer the 10AP which is more of use to me early in game.

2.Utility: Expanded mind gives you 1,05x mana(ex. 3000mana)=3150 (150 mana bonus) no big deal by my opinion, better put this points in Utility Mastery and Insight. Never hesitate to use Clarity even you are full on mana to give to your team mates, they also need mana and may save you.


1.Buy Doran's Ring and go at mid at the tower, dont look in the bushes because you might be ganked. You can dance while you waiting your minions and check with F2,F3 your team, their items. You put your first point in Tormented Soil.

2.Till lvl 5 you cast Tormented Soil on enemy minions and harass the enemy champion, dont use Dark Binding unless you are certain you will score a kill. Save your mana. Check constantly the mini map for missing champions that might gank you, never relay on miss in the chat window.

3.When level 5 put the point in Tormented Soil, now you have 3 points there which is enough to kill the 3 enemy minions on the back. Now you can start farm the 2 groups closest to the center of the map on the high hills. They consist from 4 withes which give 70 gold per group and it takes only 10 sec to kill them, kill them while your minions are beating the enemy tower. This way you can collect money very fast. At the sixth minute or seven i have 1150 gold or more and no more mana and i go back to buy my Sorcerers Shoes, by that time you are level 7 with ultimat and one point in Black Shield. This item is crusial for at this time, it gives y the so much needed speed 381 which is huge and the 20 magic penetration.
You have 10 from Runes and 20 from boots total 30, 30 have all hearoes with no item for Magic Reduction. This means that you do full damage on enemy champs very early in game.

4.Its time for Ganking, you look the minimap and you choose where to go, best go north or south where two enemy champs are present for 2 kills, always use the forest to cover your assault. With that much speed you dont lose time to travel between the mid and bottom and top. In this game you cant do anything without moving, the 85% of the time you move around so Speed is the most important and gives you so much utility so y can fast outmanuvar your enemys, or to flank them. Always predict where the enemy might be when he is not on the mini map and counter gank him.

5.When you play in South team the realy good spot for easy kills is at the north enemy tower, there is a bush and forest wall and they cant see you commin, you can cast Dark Binding Through the wall, and hit someone on low health at the tower even if dont see him, i made lots kills that way. Always cast Dark Binding in the bushes, you dont know who might you hit.

6.When you got 1250 gold head back and buy Mejal's Soulstealer and contunue ganking to store souls :), of course if you are losing you can skip that item and go directly for Archangel Staff or consider surrender.

7.When you are with your team pushing and enemy champs are closing to crush you, pop up Black Shield and go straight to them, hit your ultimat for heavy damage, look if they are beating you or running scared, use your dark bind to catch someone (this is the time for Shen to ult you with his ultimat and to come to you to finish the low hp champs). Ofcourse most of the time you`ll be killed quickly if you dont pay attention on the current situation and their setup, with your shield up you can withstand masses of magical damage, but if Xin Zhao is close he will crush you for 2 secs.

Morgana is Great Champion and very funny to play with her.
LoL is the Best Game.